Let’s Talk Over Some Tea: Being Your Own Best Friend

When we spend copious amounts of time with people we wind up neglecting ourselves in one way or another. That’s why it’s good to have alone time more often then not. Learning to be your own best friend is an art.

I used to always wonder why most people fear being alone and this is something you pick up later in life. People act as if being alone is something awfully bad, harmful to self or negative and synonymous with not having “a life” or not having friends. Well I beg to differ, really I do.

When there are the “quiet seasons” when not a good friend can be found what’s a person to do? Just sit around and be sad about it or do something better. I am so grateful that my mother taught me by example a thing or two about life. She once said that being alone does not always equal being lonely or sad.

Actually there is a difference. A person can feel lonely when their unhappy with being alone and solitude means you are happy with your alone time. I know some people can get bored with their own company after a while and so want to be around someone else for a time and that’s OK, it’s normal. I think our natures are designed that way.

I am also a believer in that being busy has it’s own blessing in it, because if you can get busy you forget where the time went. Finding contentment within ones self is a must for peace of mind and having the ability to have an inner joyful spirit about yourself period is the best thing.

So learning to be your own best friend is in your own best interest no matter where you are. Especially when being around undesirable or negative people is the other option, then alone time is even better. I like to use my alone time to get caught up in some amazing hobbies or to do whatever is pleasurable and that I find joy in doing.

For instance I love, love, love…. collecting tea cups of all kinds, those pretty, dainty little things are so amazing to look at and display around the home. I love decorating the table and settling down with a beautiful tea set and drinking tea with some delicious snacks to go with it.

So I’ll make some tea and set the table with a full tea set on display. The pot, cup and saucer. Also it is amazing what a bright tablecloth, place-mats, and a tea set can do. I love it because it looks so cute and it feels amazing while indulging in drinking the tea.

And not only having tea but there is so many other possibilities of things to enjoy doing like for instance, listening to uplifting music, romantic music, soft music, all kinds of different music. There’s nothing like having a good workout by exercising every part of your body or watching a favorite TV show or comedy show.

There are so many hobbies in this world to try such as curling up to read a really good book that can take you away, making a painting (I love dot to dot painting and adult coloring books galore) sewing clothes, making dolls, or different things to pretty up your home, and then there’s the crafts like knitting, crocheting, also playing video games, doing crossword puzzles, or putting together a jig saw puzzle, meditating, studying a certain topic such as art and the different eras and art periods. Also becoming an expert at almost anything by reading up on different subjects. Gardening, OMG! gardening is the most ultimate high, then there’s cooking, up keep of the home by cleaning, organizing so that you can find things you need. And then there’s self pampering by doing your own pedicures, manicures, facials, and good smelling bubble baths and massages. I also love putting together nice outfits to wear and wearing pretty clothes and dresses just does something amazing for your inner being. I love decorating home the most and giving it personal touches, tending to personal laundry, and then there’s watching YouTube videos. OMG! I love YouTube! And there’s planning some interesting meals to have or make, writing a blog, keeping and writing in a diary, traveling places you never been before, go to see a live play, go visit a museum, doomsday prepping, cultivate the art of napping, and always stepping out to try something new really does keep you alive, kicking and loving life! All of this without pressure and can be enjoyed alone.

I know this amazing woman who lives in my area, she’s faithful and passionate about gardening as she spends up to eight or nine hours a day puttering in and around her garden and oh my!…..

If you can only see her garden it would make your jaw drop! That woman keeps herself occupied in that joyful way. Her husband brags about the wonderful work she does too. And she does it alone.

I always love my mother’s good advice of not to letting another person’s poor moods spoil your inner happiness. She said try not to let anyone or anything unsettle you too much if you can help it. And to try to stay above the fray by staying focused on the positive solutions to things. And even if someone does not respond to you in the way you would prefer well just keep it moving baby!

She’d go on to say don’t let people’s awkwardness, backwardness and rudeness get the best of you. And to try your best to ignore sarcastic people.

That’s why I try my best to not allow my inner negative feelings to over take my thought process and my spirit, rather to shake them off. I prefer to do the best with what the good Lord gave me, even if it seems like it’s not a lot to some people but I can tell you that it’s more than what some people have.

So be your own best friend, buy yourself an amazing tea set and have some tea! Because being your own best friend means realizing that making your own happiness is your responsibility.


About lovelyseasonscomeandgo.wordpress.com

I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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