Jaggi Parag Modi (Mohammad Nazim) Is Having A Love/Hate Relationship With Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee): Saath Nibaana Saathiya

Every night she walks right into my dreams

since I met her from the start….

I love you more then he, love you endlessly…

“The Girl Is Mine”

~Micheal Jackson/Paul McCartney~

OMG! I cannot believe it but Jaggi (Mohammad Nazim) has been confined to a wheel chair after the accident and so he’s in the mode of having a love/hate relationship with Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) which is a miracle to see because the man has been nothing but in love and crazy about her right from the start.

So once again I am feeling for Gopi because now Jaggi is really treating her unfairly and right about now he is reminding me of the way Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) used to treat her by being a little rough with her.

I know it’s true he’s in a lot of pain right now and it’s understandable but once again Gopi is in the place of having her heart broken. He cannot see how his behavior is breaking her heart just by the act of him pushing her away from him.

I know he is trying to maintain some dignity and retain his manhood. But goodness gracious of life! He keeps saying he doesn’t want her sympathy. I really am so surprised to see him acting toward her in this way. Then the way he grabbed her close to him, basically he was letting her know he is getting tired of waiting. He wants her more now then ever before. Wow that moment was hot! Wasn’t it. LOL! What woman on earth don’t want to be loved by her husband. Come on Gopi you better recognize!

But who knows, maybe this will be the catalyst to bring Gopi to a place of finally accepting him. And start letting go of Ahem and what once was. You know steadily living in the past. She has a live man before her now and he looks just as amazing and handsome as Ahem. So maybe now she will realize how much he means to her and they will come together and act like their marriage is a real one instead of just a friendship. Come on Gopi! I hope with all of this she will start to see that it’s time to really love him.


~Michael Jackson – The Girl Is Mine~





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