What Precautions Do You Take In Public Restrooms?

How to Wash Your Hands Properly to Kill Germs | Regents Park Boca Raton


While in the public restroom the other day I saw this little boy struggling to fix his little pants while coming out of a stall. He must have been only two years old. The adult with him did not go into the stall with him as she was waiting at the sink and was yelling out to him to hurry. I tell you my heart went out for that little darling. I wanted so much to help him if I could.

Anyway the little child went running out of the stall and as they both proceeded to walk out of the restroom, I stopped the lady at the door and asked her to at least help him wash his little hands before leaving please. She looked at me with a look of surprise that I said this but at least she did turn back to the sink and began to run some plain water over his hands. So then I said please don’t forget the soap. I had a serious look on my face because I felt bad for the little child. I gave her a piece of paper towel to dry his hands with. It took a few seconds out of my time but I hoped it will cause her to think the next time.

And yes I know there are more important things in the world to be concerned about but even the little things such as this do matter.

Later I told my husband what I witnessed. I thought the child was way too young to be left to manage in a stall by himself in the first place. I tell you that I am amazed at how some people are unaware of how unsanitary the public rest rooms can be. And this is not the first time I saw something like this happen. I see people do it all the time. I hate to see how some people don’t wash their hands after using the facilities. So I figured why not post about it. So this is for the people who need a quick eye opener and lesson on what not to do and what to do when using a public restroom.



Never sit on the toilet seats.

Never touch with bare hands door knobs/handles.

Never touch with bare hands toilet handles/buttons.

Never touch with bare hands toilet locks or lock switches.

Never touch with bare hands sink handles/buttons.

Never touch with bare hands soap dispenser handles or pumps.

Never touch with bare hands paper towel handles or buttons.

Never touch with bare hands toilet paper compartments.

Never touch with bare hands the trash cans.

Never touch with bare hands diaper changing stations.

Never touch with bare hands the floors or put anything directly on the floors.

All of these don’t do without taking hygienic precautions beforehand.

I prefer and travel with my own hygienic supplies to help lessen my exposure to some nasty bacteria and harmful germs. I keep these seven (7) items in my car at all times.

(1) Clorox or Lysol disinfectant wipes, (2) hand sanitizer, (3) a roll of toilet tissue, (4) strong paper towels, (5) paper toilet seat covers, (6) Liquid hand soap, (7) Personal Wipes.




(1) Once I enter a public restroom I grab their paper towels if available about ten sheets. I check the stall and avoid walking or stepping into puddles of water or any kind of spillages. I use the paper towels to throw down on a very small area that is wet if it is close to the toilet. (Or I will just go ahead and report it to the janitor and sometimes they will come in and clean up the area quickly or I will go else where.)

1. I’ll use one paper towel to open and lock the stall door then dispose of that piece.

2. If I don’t leave my personal belongings in my vehicle, I’ll cover a diaper changing station or sink with a bunch of paper towels so I could lay my belongings there. Or I’ll pick the cleanest and driest area on the floor to cover with paper towels but only if in a disabled stall or a private facility so my belongings don’t get stolen.

3. Next, I’ll flush the toilet at minimum twice, being careful to use a paper towel on the flushing handle and discard.

4. Next wipe the toilet seat with Clorox or Lysol disinfectant wipes and discard. I’ll also use one or two wipes on the metal safety handle bars and safety grips located on the wall.

5. Next dry off the bars/grips and then the toilet seat with a couple of paper towels and discard.

6. Next, I’ll cover the toilet seat with a couple of toilet seat paper covers making sure to use enough to cover the entire toilet seat from front to back.

If the sink is located outside the stall

7. Before leaving the stall area I’ll be sure to remove and dispose of the toilet seat covers.

I will again lay fresh paper towels over the sink so I could lay down my belongings while I wash my hands.

8. I wash my hands and use a couple of paper towels to dry off my hands, then use another paper towel to turn off the faucet and another paper towel to open the door as I leave (so that I do not recontaminate my hands) and dispose of it.

9. Once I am completely out of the bathroom I’ll squeeze a bit of hand-sanitizer onto my hands just in case.

So each one of these steps takes a little thought at first if your not used to doing them, but they become automatic and habit once done often enough.

Also, another option to toilet seat covers is long strips of toilet paper or paper towels and if no disinfectant wipes to clean the seat or nothing to cover the seat then the ole squat method will work just as long as to not let any part of the skin touch the toilet seat at all.

I like when I run into the facilities that have motion sensors and automatic everything in them! From the doors opening and closing, hands free toilet flushing, hands free soap dispensers, hands free paper towel dispensers or warm air blowers to dry hands to hands free water flowing sinks.

But in any case I still carry in a small pouch the things I need. Now if I walk into a rest room that is way over the top in that the stink is unbearable and it’s obviously a filthy grime pit hole, I’ll walk right back out and go else where.

And even with the ones that look fairly decent, look and smells a little nicer, it is still a contaminated area. Anything that is for a large scale populations use, it should be used with precautions and considered contaminated with lots of nasty bacteria and germs not visible to the naked eye.



~In A Nut Shell: Basically Avoid Touching Anything In A Public Restroom With Bare Hands Until You Leave It~


Here’s an amazing link on how to properly wash your hands so that germs are not spread all over the place.



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