Hot Wings Flavored Rice Recipe: Get Ready For The Burn!!!

One meatless night we had a bowl of hot wings rice and it was very delicious if I must say so myself. I tell you, every time Chicken is baked in our house we always save the liquid and oil left over from the bottom of the pan to make the rice more flavorful. But this is a first, using the liquid from baked hot wings. Well let me tell you that my husband and I fell in love with it. It was sensational and very tasty, really very hot (so get ready for the burn!!!) and hit the spot since we weren’t having any meat but only a salad and the rice. So feel free to try it and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Hot Wings Flavored Rice Recipe


1 -1/2 cup of left over liquid/oil from fully baked hot wings

3 cups of Basmati rice (washed and strained)

5-6 cups of hot water

Directions: Bring water and left over liquid/oil from hot wings to a boil in a medium sized sauce pan.

Add in rice and allow to cook on high flame until most of the water has evaporated from rice, yet the oil is left only. Stir while adding in 2 to 3 more cups of boiling hot water and then turn flame on low and allow to simmer until rice is well done.



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