Prepping With Oil Lamps

Oil Lamps are so beautiful and leave your space with such a warm glow. Well I decided to purchase one to add to the rest of our lighting preps should we find ourselves with out power which seems to happen a lot around here in the South.

I chose it because it is supposed to be a little bit safer then a candle because the oil is contained. Plus its suppose to burn longer hours then a candle. Although I do have plenty tall pillar like candles too but this lamp is supposed to burn so much brighter then a candle too. I like that they give more light then a candle and so you can read by them as well so I like that you can adjust the flame from brighter to dimmer with the little switch on it that brings the wick up and down. The wick lights right away once you allow the oil to absorb into the wick so when you put a match to it it lights right up and then goes right out when you blow it out. I love that the glass lamps and they are so pretty.

Types of Oil: So I purchased some extra cloth wicks and some bottles of oil. The first night I burned it the oil smelled terrible and the whole house smelled like the oil. So I went back online and found an oil that burned so much cleaner. Now I could barely smell the oil at all and it burned a whole lot cleaner. So being careful in the types of oil I purchase is a must so there won’t be much dark soot on the glass too. Now it cost a little bit more but I prefer it to the oil I first purchased. As I care about the amount of pollution that is going out into my air space. That’s why I have aloe plants and a Himalayan rock lamp in the bedrooms and I plan to buy even more himalayan lamps to put into each bedroom in the house for the purpose of cleaning the air.

Also we picked up a case of matches and the kind of matches that burn if water gets on them too.

Having many different alternative lighting sources available is important for us. So should the grid go down or we have a black out for an extended period of time, we have our oil lamp in our lighting stash.

I’ve only purchased one of these but I do plan to buy at least two more and put them away and into our storage for when it might be needed.

*Remember to keep a fire extinguisher at home (in the kitchen) at all times when using an oil lamp.

Here’s some video’s you might want to look at:







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2 Responses to Prepping With Oil Lamps

  1. triplejanes says:

    I have an oil lamp on hand at all times. I love it!

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