Prepping: Laundry Stick

I’ve decided to add this “Ball Clothes Washer Portable Washing Machine” stick to the rest of my laundry preps should I find myself with out power. I chose it because it is supposed to work much better then a scrub board and two handles on the one stick looks like it will be much more easier on the hands and arms as you push down on it. They tell you to put aside two five gallon buckets, one for washing and one for rinsing the clothes items.

So we are so far so good in the laundry department. I know that should the grid go down or we have a black out for an extended period of time we can wash a small amount of our clothes.

I’ve only purchased one of these little thingee’s but I do plan to buy a second one and put them away and into our storage for when it might be needed.

Here’s some video’s you might want to look at:


Doing Laundry by Hand- Breathing Mobile Hand Washer






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