Sweet Tooth Cure

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Miss J’s Sweet Tooth Cure Recipe


3-4 cups of Cottage Cheese

1-2 cups of fruit cocktail (in light syrup or juice or water)

2-5 packets of Stevia

1 teaspoon of honey (optional)


1 medium sized plastic or glass container with a lid

1 spoon


Pour all ingredients into a bowl, stir and mix together well.

Eat and enjoy.


I keep some of this gooey delicious stuff in the fridge everyday so it’s ready to eat when a sweet tooth attack arises like Miss J did. I’ll eat a spoonful sometimes or I will sit and enjoy a decent portion of it as a dessert.

I also use different kinds of fruits. I used canned or fresh fruit like bananas, or strawberries, peaches, pears, mango, watermelon, etc. And I sometimes top it with one crushed cookie like graham crackers.


Miss J was a close family friend who used to love sweets but not how they wreck a figure. So her remedy was to snack on cottage cheese and fruit cocktail with tons and tons of artificial sweeteners poured into it. So I tasted it one time and OMG it tasted so very very sweet, gooey and almost like candy. So the trick was that she’d always keep a bowl of the stuff in the fridge ready for whenever she had a sweet tooth attack. I recall her eating just a spoonful or two at times and then say “ah yeah that’s the cure.” LOL!

Back in high school I hardly used to eat a lick but when I did it was only one small meal at suppertime and even that meal was eaten by force because my mom made the whole family sit down together for dinner. So yeah, I was the skinny mini and was quite shapely. I remember having the hunger pains every now and then but it didn’t seem to bother me, I got used to them growing up. However these days hunger pains do bother me a whole lot and so I am always having to grab some kind of snack or to drink something to calm them between meals.

I certainly tweaked her recipe a bit because I don’t consume any artificial sweeteners ever. So yeah, I am a witness to the fact that this recipe will definitely help kill a sweet tooth. And it’s easy to make and only requires three ingredients.

So don’t be bashful and don’t feel shy, if you try it feel free to let me know how it went for you.




Candy at a souq in Damascus, Syria.

Candy at a souq in Damascus, Syria. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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