Heart & Soul~ Jackson Heights~ The Final Loving Episode~

English: Looking northeast across 74th Street ...

English: Looking northeast across 74th Street at Jackson Diner on a mostl cloudy midday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


KENNY G- Heart and Soul (Instrumental)


...Mr. Imran Bhatti might have been

the loving heartbeat…

but, my lady Salma was

with utmost certainty

the soul of their love story.


This was a tale of love that ended way too soon. Jackson Heights has become my number one serial love story of the season but, I must explain it’s no ordinary tale of love but, different in that it’s so refreshingly raw and mature.

Michelle took a chance on new and young love in spite of her past failed marriage and hurt feelings. Hers was a mature love because although Jamshed was selfish and wronged her, she knew deep inside exactly what he did do for her. She appreciated how incredible he made her feel, she was changed for the better, even if it was just for a short while. She felt happy and came alive as she was head over hills with a blind infatuation for Jamshed.

In the end, she saw what he needed and wanted to give that to him. She forgave him although he broke her heart. As she was leaving for London to make a new start, she wore a bright red scarf which said a lot about how much she’d changed.

But listen, I will always wonder just exactly what was in that envelope she gave Jamshed as she met up with him for one last time. I am guessing it had something to do with his ability to have continued living in America and to attend college because he only had two weeks left on his visa. So I think it was a really very sweet touch to their love story. I agree, why be nasty and mean with someone just because things did not work out.

I am kinda happy for Jamshed in that he seems to have learned a deep lesson in all of this. I think he really did have feelings for her though.

Anyway who knows what the future holds? Although she left for London, maybe they will meet up again one day in the future. You know ex-lovers sometimes are fortunate enough to find each other again. So I dream about the possibility of a Jackson Heights Part Two in the makings. That sure would be nice.

Lilium bulbiferum in habitat, Tyrol, Austria

Lilium bulbiferum in habitat, Tyrol, Austria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Now with regard to Salma’s vulnerability, it was very well portrayed by her, the moments she cried and became so emotional made it apparent that she was always trying to do what was best. But her heart was breaking each day she remained without Mr. Bhatti in her life.

Thank goodness Iman gave Salma back her life and released her by handing Salma a divorce decree signed by her father Sikander and assured her that she will do alright without her presence there. So as mother and daughter hugged and cried together, I too could not help but to shed a few tears for them.

Also when Mr. Bhatti signed over his share of the house to his brother after his mother died, I knew his generosity knew no bounds. Especially since it was his brother and sister in law’s neglect that caused their mother’s death. He didn’t hold back on expressing how he felt about things, so as he was leaving to move into his own place he told his brother not to take care of the house in the same way he took care of their mother. Wow! He sure left them with much to ponder over.

So I just loved it when Salma walked up to Mr. Bhatti as she was shinning, glowing, smiling and so happy! YES! I adored that moment! So when she walked in asking him for his driving services. He must have wanted someone to pinch him because he was shocked to see her there with him. Still, he sheepishly pretended not to care but, the truth is that he really did care while being a little protective of his heart for those few seconds. Because he had to be sure, or else how was he to know that she was there only to be with him. So he coyly asked her (in front of his fellow employees) just for how long will she be needing his driving services then she unabashedly said in one single word…. (uh how about) forever.

OMG! No she didn’t! She had the gumption to say forever! It was a pleasure to see Mr. Bhatti’s face light up in happiness. Salma’s presence caused him to dream again because immediately his mind traced back to the wonderful moments they shared.

I tell you, Mr. Imran Bhatti might have been the loving heartbeat of their growing relationship but, my lady Salma was with utmost certainty the soul of their love story.

Hmmmm, hmmmmm

I love you a lot, my dear

I love you a lot, my dear

my heart has been broken

my heart has been broken

I’m broken

my dear, I’ve lost you


I lost the world of

happiness when I lost you

now I would never have

tears in my eyes


I’ll swim with you

and drown with you


I’ll live with you

and die with you


don’t measure

the depth of my love


don’t measure

the depth of my love


my heart has been broken

my dear, I’ve lost you


Jackson Heights Title Song- “Laiyan Laiyan”


Jackson Heights Cast

~Michele (Marina Khan)~

~Imran Bhatti (Norman Ejaz)~

~Salma (Aamina Sheikh)~

~Jamshed (Adeel Hussain)~


Jackson Heights 1

Jackson Heights 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I give thanks and send good wishes to the cast and crew for creating such a sweet drama, leaving memories of an amazing show in my heart. I like to think about the times of seeing Salma walking on her way home from work, Sikander and Jamshed walking down the busy bustling streets and that time Jamshed was passing that American flag in lights. And for all the amazing scenes of Mr. Bhatti driving his cab throughout the city and especially for that time, he walked down the street carrying those beautiful flowers to meet up with Salma. Scenes I grew to love of the streets of Jackson Heights.


I don’t think it’s a crime,

asking you to be mine…

body and soul (body and soul)

that’s the way it’s got to be

Ooh, baby come to me

Cause I’m ready to say I do…


~By SOUL GENERATION~That’s The Way It’s Gotta Be (Body and Soul)


English: A red rose with dewdrops Français : U...

English: A red rose with dewdrops Français : Une rose rouge avec des gouttes de rosée (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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