Can You Stop The Rain? Jackson Heights

English: Looking northeast across 74th Street ...

English: Looking northeast across 74th Street at Jackson Diner on a mostl cloudy midday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Won’t you chase my clouds away?

I’d give anything to see the sun again

Only you can stop these tears from falling

I can’t face another day…. Can you stop the rain?

Everywhere I go I feel you there

Following my footsteps like a shadow

Of my broken heart

~Can You Stop The Rain by PEABO BRYSON~

Mr. Bhatti’s lost everything dear to him, first Salma didn’t show, as he went back to Pakistan alone and to stay for good. Then a few days after his arrival his beloved mother passed on.

Salma is miserable because she couldn’t walk away from her step daughter’s life so she’s left with a husband who may have really changed and a mother in law who may have realized the error of her ways, but all too late because Salma’s heart is with Mr. Bhatti who is long gone now.

Jamshed’s finally been exposed as Michelle now knows the truth, that he was only marrying her for citizenship and all the benefits he’s been enjoying being Michelle’s husband to be.

Yeah so I guess there is some validity to the old saying that “when things go wrong, they really can go wrong” as life throws curve balls at a rapid pace sometimes and hearts get broken.

Misfortune seems to have spread like a plague and happened all at once and so quickly, because it’s been one bad incident right after the other.

So now that Mr. Bhatti is grieving over his losses as he and Salma are worlds apart, Jamshed and Michelle’s relationship is a thing of the past, so you just wonder what could possibly be in store for the rest of the show or is there still hope. Is it possible that these romances are not quite yet over but that they’ve only just begun?

There’s so much more we can do….

let me show you. We gonna do so many things together.

~We’ve Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over) by GLENN JONES~



~Can You Stop The Rain by 

Jackson Heights Cast

~Michele (Marina Khan)~

~Imran Bhatti (Norman Ejaz)~

~Salma (Aamina Sheikh)~

~Jamshed (Adeel Hussain)~




English: 'Singin' in the rain', a floribunda r...

English: ‘Singin’ in the rain’, a floribunda rose. Belongs to Rosa. Garden origin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes when things go wrong

it’s because they would have turned out worse

if they had gone right. ~Mark Amend~



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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