Michelle (Marina Khan) May Be Jumping Into Marriage Feet First… Mr. Bhatti (Norman Ejaz) Leaves Kathy (Monsoon Bissell)! Jackson Heights

English: Shopping District on 82nd Street betw...

English: Shopping District on 82nd Street between Roosevelt and 37th Avenues, Jackson Heights, New York. This is within the NYC landmarked Jackson Heights Historic District. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…no more tears

No more tears

No more tears

I’ve had it, you’ve had it, he’s had it, we’ve had it

Enough is enough is enough is enough…

~Donna Summer~




On Jackson Heights this week Mr. Bhatti (Norman Ejaz) said goodbye to Kathy’s son and daughter. I admire him for even bothering to explain to her children that it was time for him to go.

Sometimes people just walk away (disappear) from relationships and say nothing, you know just bounce! But not with Mr. Bhatti, he faced them and was gentle as possible with them before leaving for good. But what was shocking was Kathy crying and asking/begging Mr. Bhatti not to leave her. I almost felt sorry for her too. I tell you she and her daughter were way too dysfunctional for him to continue to stay there. And common sense should have told her that she woke up way too late, the damage was done. She treated him badly for way too long. Did she really expect him to hang around for more? Especially after getting a fore glimpse of what life could be like for him with Salma’s (Aamina Sheikh) love instead. So this is one time I was happy to see a man walk away from a woman and family. Because enough is enough is enough!

Français : 2 roses

Français : 2 roses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So as he walked out closing the door behind him, he took a deep breath as there was relief in leaving. He looked so tired, beat down and burdened too. He was kind enough to have left her the house and everything in it. I guess he realized it was not going to be worth it to fight her for the house and the fact that gaining American citizenship is not everything, especially if it meant losing his self-respect for it. I admire his bravery and strength as he gave up everything to move on with the woman he now loves. Salma is such a gentlewoman who is respectful towards him. She herself is in the middle of winding up the loose ends of her relationships so she can move on with Mr. Bhatti. Now she has to deal with her husband’s huge hospital bill after his accident and trying to find the right time to break the news to her stepdaughter Emaan (Elmaas Hussain) that she is leaving Sikander (Ali Kazmi) for Mr. Bhatti. This is one relationship I am so happy for and so looking forward to Salma and Mr. Bhatti getting the happiness they deserve.

English: A red red rose with dewdrops on it. I...

English: A red red rose with dewdrops on it. Italiano: Una rosa rossa con gocce di rugiada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now as far as Jamshed (Adeel Hussain) is concerned, this guy is young and a bit aggressive. He is determined to get what he wants. He is being super possessive over Michelle (Marina Khan) and is busy working his way to getting rid of every single male that threatens his relationship with her. I’d say he has alpha male qualities. He and Rizwan (Adnan Jaffar) had a few words when Michelle stepped away into the kitchen as they were having dinner together at her place. Jamshed didn’t waste no time nor hold his breath when warning Rizwan that if he ever came between his relationship with Michelle after they were married there would be no more Mr. Nice Guy in him. This guy is not taking no prisoners!

Then he turned around and convinced Michelle to marry him within three weeks and did it right there in Rizwan’s face. The poor man was left speechless. And it was obvious that Rizwan didn’t like this for one bit as he feels that Jamshed is moving way, way, way too fast in wiping Michelle off her feet. I guess anyone looking at this could say that Jamshed sees a good thing and don’t want to take a chance on letting anyone else move in on his good thing! LOL!

I just hope Michelle thinks this through a bit more before jumping into this marriage feet first. So I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one for Michelle’s sake anyway.

I can’t wait to see more of what’s in store.



Imran Bhatti (Norman Ejaz)

Salma (Aamina Sheikh)

Sikander (Ali Kazmi)

Michelle (Marina Khan)

Rizwan (Adnan Jaffar)

Kathy (Monsoon Bissell)

Emaan (Elmaas Hussain)

~Jackson Heights~


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