As Luck Would Have It Sikander (Ali Kazmi) Met With An Accident: Jackson Heights~ Serial

English: Looking northeast across 74th Street ...

English: Looking northeast across 74th Street at Jackson Diner on a mostl cloudy midday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


……..Nothing in life can compare with being financially secure,

living in a nice luxury apartment, being in good health, married and

in love combined with having great sex too!

All in one breath I say this.


In total shock, with mouth wide open in unbelief, I watched as fate perfectly timed his demise.

A speeding car ran down Sikander (Ali Kazmi) right there at the exact moment, in the middle of the street as he ran up on Salma (Aamina Sheikh) and Mr. Bhatti (Norman Ejaz) as they were meeting on a street corner. He had his brother sneak around and follow Salma. Then his brother called him to the location so he could run and be there to catch them together and kill Mr. Bhatti. But surprise…. surprise! As he showed up aiming his gun at them his evil intentions were thwarted.

Who would’ve thought Sikander could have been stopped dead in his tracts, getting what he deserved and so quickly too. I was thinking it was too bad that he couldn’t realize his mistakes earlier because actually, he was responsible for Salma’s needing to seek refuge in Mr. Bhatti in the first place. Well as he ended up in the hospital with broken bones, I kept thinking how amazing it was to watch evil being thwarted and punished at such a speedy rate. It doesn’t happen everyday y’all. But for him, it happened in a split second yo!

But yet and still Mr. Bhatti saved that fool from further harm, like him being arrested if the police had found the gun on the scene.

A typical residential street in Jackson Height...

A typical residential street in Jackson Heights, Queens. April 24, 2005. Attribution 2.5 You are free: to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work to make derivative works to make commercial use of the work Under the following conditions: For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Your fair use and other rights are in no way affected by the above. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mr. Bhatti is good, really good for doing things the way he does. He even had his friend get a hold of and hide the gun from the scene before the police can find it and he did it to please and protect Salma’s interest of course.

I tell you, Salma and Mr. Bhatti are looking so adorable together lately and I for one am so happy to see the two of them realize the feelings that are growing between them. It looks as if they are going to give their budding relationship a go.

But I was shocked at Kathie’s reaction to their relationship as she’s been spying on him a great deal and with her suddenly showing an interest in his likes and dislikes is beyond me.

I was really surprised when she picked up his phone as he walked away from the call for a second trying to get in the good graces with his mother back home. But on the day she blurted out she loved him was the worst yet, as she is toying with the man. But he has the good sense to know, she doesn’t really love him and he already knows he doesn’t love her either. It is way too late for all of that. Her efforts are nauseating as he sees right through them all. He knows she doesn’t want him except to help make his life more miserable. She definitely doesn’t deserve that good man is all I have to say.

So with the sneak peek at tomorrow’s episode, Kathie was letting him know that no one leaves her and she went further to say she plans to ruin his life if he walks out on her. Well, it’s all ego I say. Her huge ego’s being bruised is all because he found relief and love in Salma.

But it would be so nice to see her evil intentions being thwarted as she’s stopped dead in her tracts too just like Sikander.

English: Shopping District on 82nd Street betw...

English: Shopping District on 82nd Street between Roosevelt and 37th Avenues, Jackson Heights, New York. This is within the NYC landmarked Jackson Heights Historic District. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But in the meantime, I am also really loving on the relationship between Michelle (Marina Khan) and Jamshed (Adeel Hussain.)

It looks like Michelle has found the real deal in her old age. LOL! (I’m only kidding) But it appears that they are really in love with each other.

As it was really refreshing to witness as he popped the marriage question to her and she responded with a yes.

One nice thing is that she has no problem with the huge age difference between them and most important is that he doesn’t mind being with an older woman either.

I tell you, there’s no shame in her game as she gave Jamshed the top position in her restaurant as a manager, even over the guy who had been loyal to her for over six years. Well, it was too much for the man’s ego to have Jamshed over him, then bossing him around and so the guy walked away feeling humiliated and betrayed. He walked away from the dream job he’d put so much effort in. I even felt bad for the guy that all his hard work, dreams and efforts had been in vain. As he walked out he bad mouthed Jamshed warning Michelle that he will be the cause of her restaurant business being destroyed one day.

So all I have to say is with the moves she’s been making lately, her nose is definitely wide open! Wide-open I say! LOL! She openly admitted to Rizwan (Adnan Jaffar) that Jamshed makes her feel alive again. Well, that’s what it can feel like when your under the hypnotic spell and the magic that goes with being with a much younger man.

Well, all I could say is Michelle is bound for some lovely days and amazing nights once they do get married and the fact that marriage/relationship has its challenges of course.

I think when most people think of a younger man and an older woman getting together you tend to think how she will deliciously be getting “her back banged out” by him! Henna? LOL!

Nothing in life can compare with being financially secure, living in a nice luxury apartment, being in good health, married and in love combined with having great sex too! All in one breath I say this. Because other then that life can be quite boring or seem difficult right! LOL! (I’m devilish, yep I know)

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve really had the chance to enjoy watching such an amazing show as this one lately. I adore everything about it. The theme music, the acting, the cast and the street scenes of the Jackson Heights area. And especially since I am still just getting over a broken heart about missing Ek Veer Ki Ardass, one of my most favorite Hindi soaps. Jackson Heights serial is helping to fill that little empty void over my old show. So here I am once more adoring and loving every minute, impatiently waiting and looking forward to upcoming episodes.

Love & Peace!

Jackson Heights 1

Jackson Heights 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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