Are You Serious? Beautiful Quilts On Floors? Yeah…. Seriously! (Part Two)

my new (new to me) antique quilt! i lurve it.

my new (new to me) antique quilt! i lurve it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love bare floors so much that even to this day I still enjoy sitting or laying on bare cold floors for a spell in the hot summer months.

Doing so just seems to cool my body down when it’s a super hot and sticky day at times and most times while on the floor I take the time to play a game of old school jacks while leaning my back on the sofa.

Each time I play with jacks it brings me back to the good old days when my sisters used to bet pennies on a game or two and even my brothers was in for a game when there was no girls around to play. I know my brothers secretly liked it when I used to beg them to play a game with me.

What can I say…. it was considered only a girls sport back then. But my poor brothers were such clumsy players and I used to win each game every time, LOL!


this image is at:

Oh gosh did I bring someone back in time…. well today I never hear of anyone playing with jacks anymore. Not even these little kids today. But I still own at least two sets of jacks, yep….. and I always have at least two or three hand sized spaulding balls to play with the jacks so when one rolls too far out of reach I have another one to continue my game uninterrupted, Ha, ha ha!

English: Quilt with triangle pattern

English: Quilt with triangle pattern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So yeah there were times when I did have a new carpet installed in the living room area, a room that was occupied very rarely and if so only on special occasions.

I also recall having had Berber carpet installed in our master bedrooms too.

But we never put carpet in the children’s bedrooms, play areas or in high traffic areas because we knew these were cleaning disasters just awaiting to happen and more work on us.

I tell you, everyone likes having pretty, clean and shiny floors. Even my mother was a very peculiar and clean woman who used keep the floors in the house extra clean. She was amazing. I also like to reflect back to the time when as a teenager when I knew this older lady who’d get down on “all fours” just to clean all of her floors in her entire house every single day! I couldn’t believe it at the time when I first saw it! Nor could I understand why she felt she needed to do all of this hard work every single day because to me the floors appeared spotless and I thought they couldn’t get no cleaner, LOL!

Patchwork quilt

Patchwork quilt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway I guess being around those types have put something in me that makes me always strive for ways to keep my home environment and floors clean and the home comfortable, but for now this quilt idea really works for us.

And so every time my neighbor comes by for yet another cup of coffee or to borrow a cup of sugar or flour and says “Why you put those beautiful quilts on the floors, are you serious? I’ll just continue to smile brightly and un-apologetically say yeah…. seriously! LOL!

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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