Are You Serious? Beautiful Quilts On Floors? Yeah….. Seriously! (Part One)

All winter so far, each and every time my neighbor stops by for a cup of coffee or to borrow a cup of sugar or flour, she pretends to notice for the very first time that my pretty quilts are on our bedroom floors. So she always smiles and says “Why you put those beautiful quilts on the floors, are you serious?” and I smile brightly and un-apologetically say yeah…seriously!

Most people who know me well, know that there’s one thing I prefer in life and that is to live with bare floors. Why? Because it just seems they are much easier to keep clean.

And I know it sounds weird but now with it being winter and the weather being very cold we have resorted to covering our hard bare floors for the past two winters with some of our most pretty and colorful double sided quilts.

They are placed mostly in the bedrooms so we can walk around with our feet bare and not freeze off our itty bitty little toes because these hard floors get to be unbearably cold.

And what’s so remarkable is that the thick but flat quilts help to make walking on cold floors more bearable and help to keep the rooms so nice, warm and cozy looking. Not to mention how soft and smooth they feel to the bottoms of our feet. I just have fallen so deeply in love with that comfortable feel.

I have to tell you that the idea of putting quilts on the floors instead of carpet came to me from all the times I used to put one or two down on the floors to prevent babies heads from being hurt by bumping their little heads on the hard floors while playing.

Back when my step mother hand quilted two of the most amazing quilts and gave them to me is when I fell in love with quilts.

Oh how I used to love laying babies down for naps on those old quilts on the floors in the middle of the day and even I loved it as we played in the middle of the floors sitting on some extra soft and large pillows too back then.

So I figured why not do the same even today for us since carpets of any kind is still not my cup of tea. I get my husband to cut in squares with a razor one large rubber mat per quilt and place the rubber squares underneath some of the quilts that slide across the room while walking on them. But most seem to stay put.

But I will be honest we do have one area rug. It’s in the living room. Only because when guests come they won’t think it weird to see quilts in there. And no one is allowed to enter in the house with shoes on ever! No I am serious because I don’t want to have to keep sending this area carpet out to be cleaned or have to get my husband to shampoo it with the carpet shampooer machine which I believe is still not as effective as being able to be put in a washing machine as I can do with the quilts. Because with wall to wall carpets, for some reason I tend to see deep carpets as harbingers of dust mites, bug nests, fleas homes and dirt deep down inside, yikes! So this is my pet peeve I guess you can say.

I love that some of our quilts are old hand stitched quilts and some are brand new purchased from the store, quilts that can easily be tossed into the washing machine at anytime and I can add lots of my homemade detergent and a bit of white vinegar to the rinse cycle which makes them soft, then toss them in the dryer with my new wool dryer balls I love. Then back they go down on the floors clean and fresh again. Walla! Looking so pretty. Especially I like to place them bedside so when you get out of bed your feet are the first things to hit them.

I read so many times about how harmful VOC’s can rise from new carpets and various types of flooring causing allergies to act up and makes us sick, adding to poor air quality in the home and so with better air quality we also get to save the thousands of dollars in carpet purchases, carpet cleaning supplies and energy in it’s upkeep.

Quilts are so durable, especially the flat ones and they are so soft and cushioned, especially if you fold them in half. They come double sided so you can change the look as we get ones that match our rooms color scheme. So I guess you can even say our covering at least 90 percent of the floors in the house this way makes the house a whole lot greener too. Yay green!



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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