Swara Wore An Amazing Red Gown as Sanskaar Proposed! ~Swaragini Jodein Rishton Ke Sur~

OMG! Swara (Helly Shah) looked so amazing wearing that long, elegant and beautiful flowing gown in a stunning red. It was like something out of a magical fairy tale. She looked stunning I say, absolutely STUNNING!

And Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) made sure that thousands upon thousands of bright vibrant red rose petals were at her feet for each step she took along the runway/walkway to the proposal venue.

Rose Petals

Rose Petals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were red rose petals galore! I’ve never seen anything like it.

At first Sanskaar took her up for an amazing helicopter ride and when they landed on a small deserted island, the girl could not help but feel like the awesome Princess that she knows she deserves to be treated like, while he just pampered her in a way that only a man in love could and would do.

He swept her away as he held her in his arms singing sweet melodies as he wooed her to no end.

That was the most beautifully romantic scene ever! Outta this world it was! This is the kind of lovely girly girl scenes I certainly can never do without.

English: Rose petals in scented water

English: Rose petals in scented water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there any harm in making a memorable moment even more super-special than it already can be? Well, Sanskaar did just that for Swara by creating such a beautiful memory.

This is the kind of love that makes memories pleasurable and just hangs around in the heart for years to come…. never ever forgotten. You know that special kind of love in which a person can live dreaming about it for the rest of their God given living days!

Everyone knows that such great memories are super powerful and one can cherish them long after they’ve grown old and gray because they can give life to ordinary days.

Just imagine a slightly aged couple where the woman’s ankles are a bit swollen and she’s gotten kinda plump yet they are still together side by side, she loving him and he loving her just the same although his teeth are in now a cup and they both are a bit on the wrinkly side!

Reminds me of “Veer- Zaara” with SRK (Veer) and Preity Zinta (Zaara) in that scene when they finally found each other after so many lost years, they came together in their old age. The yummy scene when they stood facing each other in the courtroom, switching in their minds back to the times when they were young, vibrant and in love. They both were feeling alive again in those memories of that same old love again…Oh gosh, I just love, love, love that movie and I still cry when I see it, but let me not go there now because for that great movie I can go on and on. Ha…ha ha!

So even I too wanted to cry right along with Swara with her happy tears. The love she was feeling and was getting after so long a wait. It was so overwhelming and overpowering as she reciprocated simply by the way she made him feel as amazing when she referred to him as her darling Prince.

Well they just pranced, romanced and sang my most favorite song “Gerua” (color me in the color of love) to each other as I couldn’t help but to blink and wipe my eyes a couple of times because the spirit of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol was surely on them while at that little romantic spot, LOL!

It’s so nice to see how Sanskaar has turned out to be such a romantic and loving type of guy! You go Swara you lucky girl. Woo hoo!

A promotional Washington Mutual

A promotional Washington Mutual “Whoo hoo!” bumper sticker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~Swaragini Jodein Rishton Ke Sur~

~Swara Sanskaar Maheswari (Helly Shah)~

~Sanskaar Ram Prasad Maheshwari (Varun Kapoor)~




“Same Ole Love”


Flashbacks of the times we’ve had

Some made us laugh and some made us sad

We used to break up to make up

All the fun that came from those love games

Oh, when, I think I need someone new

No, it just won’t do because I think about you, baby


From beginning’ to end, 365 days of the year

I want your same ole lovin, baby

And all I wanna do is keep on lovin you

I want your same ole love


There’s a reason I feel this way

All the things you do, well, it might be the things that you say

Your love never changes

It’s like a picture in a frame and it remains the same

Your undying’ love for me

Oh, it keeps me strong, keeps me holdin’ on


From beginning’ to end, 365 days of the year

I want your same ole lovin, baby

And all I wanna do is share my life with you

I want your same ole love


Slowly love me

All is forsaken, I love the love were makin

Cause it’s truly lovely

I’ll never leave you, you know I need you, baby


From beginning’ to end, 365 days of the year

I want your same ole lovin, baby

And all I wanna do is share my life you

And the same ole love


From beginning’ to end, 365 days of the year

I want your same ole lovin, baby

And all I wanna do is share my life you

I want your same ole love


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