Why Do People Marry The One They Don’t Love? Swaragini Jodein Rishton Ke Sur

English: Indian wedding, rituals

English: Indian wedding, rituals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My heart goes out for Swara (Helly Shah) because she has no luck with keeping the man she loves.

At first she tries to keep but looses her first love Laksh (Namish Taneja) to her hard hitting and ruthless sister Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) and so moves on.

So when she finally falls for Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) then out of the blue, here comes his old flame Kavita (Nikita Sharma) back on the scene.

Now Kavita is coaxing Swara to back up and let her have Sanskaar for herself since she was first in his life. So I guess being first is supposed to mean something, well I don’t think it’s enough. This girl Swara is about to loose Sanskaar too if she does not act soon. And what a shame because everybody knows Sanskaar is no way in love with Kavita anymore, his feeling are gone for her and he is just being kind because he doesn’t want to hurt Kavita’s feelings. Well I say later for Kavita’s feelings and let that girl keep moving right along without Sanskaar.

It’s all so amazing because even Laksh still is not in love with that Ragini character either, he is sort of there bearing it all, sitting there just as miserable as he could be. I guess this type of relationship is something that will never be understood by me.

Anyway, it’s so plain to see the obvious affection between Sanskaar and Swara that was felt by everyone at the engagement ceremony, it’s so huge that their vibes of love is like the “big elephant” in the room!

Photo of my bridal set (engagement and wedding...

Photo of my bridal set (engagement and wedding rings) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The moment when Sanskaar dropped the engagement ring meant for Kavita onto the floor and everyone had to search around the room to find it, heck that should have been their biggest hint and a half for him to not proceed with getting engaged to her, especially with Swara standing right there watching the whole thing and she did not even say one word as she was looking all heart broken.

So immediately after Sanskaar and Kavita put the engagement rings on each others fingers, Swara then decides to get all emotional and runs over, hugs and holds onto Sanskaar with all of her might. I couldn’t believe it, right there in the middle of room after watching them finish putting on their engagement rings on each other.

I know this is going to cause quite a stir and the crazy thing is that Sanskaar gives in to Swara and does nothing to stop her, he doesn’t push her away nor does he resist but responds by holding onto her just as tightly too. I mean they were getting into that thing, LOL! Tears was falling and that hug was so passionate! I mean they held onto each other for a while there and for dear life. And it was just the other day when he cornered poor Swara as she was passing him by in the street. He was trying to convince her to change her mind about them being together.

But anyway, so this drama causes me to wonder what in the world is Kavita thinking the whole time standing there watching them hug on each other right after their ring ceremony was done. What is her reaction going to be? I know she don’t like it and it looked like she was about to raise some sand. I tell you she just needs to back up, give it up and let Swara and Sanskaar’s love continue to blossom because she lost him a while back due to her absence anyway.

But I don’t know about these women because it seems they are just so bent on holding onto these two men. I never could understand the logic of keeping a man once you’re sure he’s not love with you anymore. These two women seem to be more than willing to settle for whatever morsels their men are willing to give them which do not make much sense. I tell you, living with a man who does not feel passion or love for you can be quite boring for sure. But I guess they don’t seem to think so. Imagine a one sided love like that, hell I’d rather live alone. But their ok with it I guess just as long as they have the man there in the physical.

And the men seem so miserable in a way. It’s like they are being held captive, LOL! Could you imagine a man being held captive, LOL! He’s there in order to be accommodating in it all. They accept these women that love them while dreaming about the one they truly love all the time while sitting there. It’s such a self defeating way to accept living life. Could you imagine being with the wrong women or being with the wrong man.

I tell you I’d rather spend my life loving passionately and it going both ways til the day I die or live alone making room for love to come one day.

Well I guess you have no choice other than to ball this mess up and say…. That’s Life!

~Swaragini Jodein Rishton Ke Sur~

~Swara Sanskaar Maheswari (Helly Shah)~

~Sanskaar Ram Prasad Maheshwari (Varun Kapoor)~

~Ragini Laksh Maheswari (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar)~

~Laksh Durga Prasad Maheshwar (Namish Taneja)~

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