~Gopi’s Daughter’s~ Meera & Gopi’s Relationship Is Finally Restored: Saath Nibaana Saathiya

Well on today’s show, that wise old bird Kokila (Rupal Patel) does in no way believe Meera (Tanya Sharma) has changed her ways and won’t let Meera live her poor behavior of a past down.

Although it did bring tears to my eyes when Meeraa finally broke down and called her mother Mom. It was like sweet music to poor Gopi’s (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) ears and you have to give it to Gopi, she is one strong admirable lady who has learned how to deal with whatever life seems to throw her way. I tell you life has thrown her so much misery and at the same time a lot of joy too.

It’s was so good to see how Meera finally broke down and her negative thoughts are clearing up a bit about her family. It’s as if the girl was in a long, long deep sleep and she finally woke up especially after what she believes Dharam (Amar Upadhyay) has done to her. The poor guy has no clue as to what really happened though and it’s really all his mother’s fault. It’s understandable at how Meeraa would team up with the enemies of her family, the girl was so confused and unhappy for a very long, long time though.

But I am so worried about what Gaura (Vandana Pathak) has in her mind to do to the Modi family next. That lady is so wicked. And as far as Ms. Madu (Jaya Ojha) is concerned, I cannot believe my eyes that she is now teaming up with Gaura to carry out some crazy scheme of a plan to harm Meera and Vidya (Sonam Lamba) in some way. I just hope nothing really bad happens to Gopi’s girls though. One thing is for sure that Kokila Modi doesn’t trust Madu and that’s a good thing because she will keep a close eye on her. Madu has a lot of nerve. I cannot believe she has planned to join in with Gaura to harm her only granddaughters just to get to Kokila for taking her place in Gopi’s life. Kokila and Gopi have gone through a lot and have come a long way in their relationship and so they deserve the fruits of their labor I always say. Kokila is one wise old bird who is doing what she always has done which is to standby, protect and love her family in the best way she could.

And another thing this girl Sona (Rashmi Singh) is a strange one, she seems kinda adorable on one hand but extremely dizzy on the other hand. LOL! Where in the world did they find this girl? And I cannot believe they got her married into the Modi family so quick too. But it would only take someone as crazy as Madu to bring her into the Modi clan at this stage of the game. But I can tell you one thing that Hetal (Swati Shah) is not hearing it! Ha, haha…. she isn’t too happy with Sona because it appears that Sona just rubs her in the wrong way. This girl has got Hetal pissed! She’s done!

And before I forget to mention, by the way…. can someone please tell me what in the world has happened to Madu anyway? She’s been looking so wild since she came back into the show and acting all crazy and whatnot. Hell I know she can’t be doing all this due to crazy Radha. Hell, we all glad Radha is gone for good. But that’s old news.

Well anyway let’s see how things turn out for this amazing Modi family I adore.

~Saath Nibaana Saathiya~

~Hetal Modi (Swati Shah)~

~Meeraa (Tanya Sharma)~

~Vidya (Sonam Lamba)~

~Sona (Rashmi Singh)~

~Gopi Modi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee)~

~Kokila Modi (Rupal Patel)~

~Madhu Kapadia (Jaya Ojha)~

~Gaura Suryavanshi (Vandana Pathak)~

Français : 2 roses

Français : 2 roses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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