Who Thinks Before Marrying? KABHI ALVIDA NAA KEHNA


Excuse me… Excuse me… Please don’t mess the garden. I have just cleaned it up… [Maya]

Are you the gardener? [Dev]

What do you think? [Maya]

I think you have stolen the bride’s clothes… Should I inform inside? [Dev]

Could you please leave me alone? [Maya]

Of course not, it’s your wedding and you are sitting outside here…why? [Dev]

Do you have a problem? [Maya]

Not directly… But indirectly I do…. my mother has a problem. The faster you go inside, the faster my mother can leave from here… (he sits beside her on the bench and she slides down and away from sitting too close to him quickly) [Dev]

You are a strange man…you sat down? [Maya]

Should I lie down and chat? One to one discussions always happen sitting down…DISCUSSION? Yes… I know you have a problem… Come on… Talk to me… tell me your problem… [Dev]

Why should I discuss my problem with you? [Maya]

So you admit you have a problem. By the way, I don’t take advice from anyone…. but I’m always ready to give advice to others… You should always listen to strangers… sometimes they know better than our own… [Dev]

Are you married? (he holds out his left-hand ring finger) [Maya]

Einstein… it’s five years today… [Dev]

What did you think before marrying? [Maya]

Who thinks before marrying? Just kidding… Rhea and me are friends from college… So we thought we’d give our friendship a new meaning… besides what can be better than spending… your entire life with your friend? [Dev]

At times friendship replaces love and then there’s no space left for love… [Maya]

Yeah…yeah… By the way, the guy waiting for you inside… is he your friend or your love? You can’t take that long… (she smiles) [Dev]

I have known Rishi since childhood… after my parents died, Rishi and his father have been my family… [Maya]

Oh… what a sweet family… But that’s not the answer to my question… Do you love him? [Dev]

I do… But not the way I thought I would… [Maya]

Like how? Like in good books and bad films? That kind of love? [Dev]

No… The way love ought to be… That kind of love… [Maya]

That kind of love… But where does it exist anymore? Listen to this… The sagas of everlasting romances have gone past long ago… Just learn to make do with tiny love stories… [Dev]

Does that mean you don’t love your wife? You can’t take that long… (she smiles and he laughs) [Maya]

We are happy… We have made our little world together… [Dev]

That’s not the answer to my question… [Maya]

The question here is more about your life than my answer… You are at the crossroad in life where there are two roads… One that leads to happiness, which I think you deserve… and the other that leads to an endless wait… Wait for love… Which you may never find… [Dev]

What if I find that love after marriage? [Maya]

If you don’t look for it… you won’t find it… And you are definitely not finding it sitting on this bench… (she smiles and looks him in the eyes) Go inside and get married… The wedding is waiting for you… and here you are sitting with a stranger making small talk… You should be ashamed… What will people say? Shame on you… Go on… go…. go and get married… Go… (he stands up) [Dev]

It was nice talking to you… [Maya]

Well… I’d rather be playing football… But it was a pleasure to meet you, Ma’am… (he bows to her, then she stands) [Dev]

I’m Maya [Maya]

Dev… Dev Anand…. bad one… Now go fast, get married and be happy… Goodbye… Sayonara… Goodbye… [Dev]

Not goodbye… Goodbye kills the hope of meeting again… And who knows? We may meet again…  [Maya] (he looks at her with a smile and salutes, then they go their separate ways)


~Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna  ~

lyrics (English translation)

Just like fragrance merges into breeze…

and fades away…

Intense moment, with time…

Have a way of seeming like dreams…

Who knows? We may meet again yet…

You should never say goodbye…

Never say goodbye…

Never say goodbye…

Never say goodbye…


(as he is walking into ongoing traffic, he gets hit by a car

as she is at her wedding and the groom applies vermillion to the part in her hair)


Narrator: They say time heals all wounds…

But in some relationships, some wounds only get deeper with time…


~Shah Rukh Khan as Dev~

~Rani Mukherji as Maya~




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