Country Young Mothers vs. City Young Mothers: Nutrition

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A little while back I was in the supermarket shopping with my husband for a few much needed items when I noticed a group of young women doing some grocery shopping as well with their little ones sitting in the carts. And yes I am nosey….(lol) I admit, but I wanted to see what they were buying.

To my surprise their carts were filled with all sorts of nutritious foods and not too much junk foods. I saw all kinds of various vegetables, fresh fruits, meats, eggs, milk and butter. I also took a good look at the children s appearances. They looked so well fed, well dressed, bright eyed, bushy tailed, clean and happy. And these mothers spoke so affectionately to their children as they walked around the store. Which to me is just as pleasant to see because when I was living in the city I rarely saw this.

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Most of the time in the city the children almost always looked tired, fussy and whiney as their mothers were filling the carts up with so much processed and junk food. It really used to bother me. And then I almost always noticed the child holding onto a McDonald’s meal box on top of that and the toy that came in the box. Not that I have anything against having McDonald’s every now and then and I noticed that if the mothers had milk and cereal in their carts it was because they had used wic vouchers.

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So I think the young women in the south do a much better job at feeding their children with the right kinds of foods vs the young city women and both were using food stamps. I may be wrong but it’s what I have observed over many years while I shopped and I did much more shopping while living in the city then I did since moving here to the country.

It was always my desire to reach out to the young women I saw while living in the city but I was not ready for the negative reaction I thought I might get. So I kept my opinions to myself but secretly wished they’d one day realize how much healthier their families would be if they cooked with fresher and more wholesome ingredients instead of buying all processed foods and ate the majority of their meals at home. And I know the problem for a lot of city dwellers is time. For some reason time sure does fly when you live in the city and it’s so easy to get real busy and be forced to grab food on the go. So I always thought to myself the these mothers don’t have enough time or didn’t know how to plan their meals very well.

Well since my older sister retired (she still lives in the city) it seems she is spending all of her free time with her grand kids these days, she’s such a sweetie. But at least the kids live in the same city as she does and I like that she really does a good job with making sure kids are well taken care of, nurtured and eat right. So I know she is spoiling them and they are so blessed to have her.

But again back to my topic I love it when I see children here in the country with their moms. Most that I see are very well taken care of, some kinda on the plump side but nevertheless pretty healthy looking. And it seems the mothers actually are cooking at home which is so refreshing to see.

Sometimes I make a quick stop over to my neighbors house as I go for a stroll and I get to see the job she is doing with the children she baby sits for. One thing I don’t like is that she keeps them pent up in the house the whole time they are in her house and it doesn’t seem to matter what season it is. So one time I encouraged her to take them out for some fresh air and for walks and she did it for a while but shortly after she fell back into the rut of keeping them indoors. Oh well what can I say…..I did try.

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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