I Just Love Monthly Subscription Boxes

Idea: The Subscription Box

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Don’t you just love those UN-boxing videos on YouTube. I really like to watch them before I make any type of purchases because you sort of get to sample the products thru another persons eyes. But I especially like those monthly subscription food box videos the best.

We joined up with at least three to four subscription boxes and ours are Nature Box, Nature Box Breakfast (we will join soon) and Orange Glad Sweet Box and Good Mouth.com subscription box. So it’s like Christmas all year long. LOL!

it into a box. Read on.

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1. Nature Box: My favorite five (5) stacks from them are the coconut cashews, yogurt pretzels, whole wheat figgy bars, berry fruit peels, mango orange fruit chews and my extra snack that I love the most is the ranch style kale chips.

Nature Box Breakfast (is next on our list to join)

We are considering the nature box breakfast at $35 per month and you get 30 breakfasts meals and that to me is a steal! Especially since they have a lot of those good tasting nutritious breakfast bars that my husband loves and I like the delicious flavors they have in the oatmeal cups and the granola. All I have to do is boil the water and breakfast is done! Amazing! I cannot wait to join this one too very soon.

that sends a monthly box

(this image is at: http://www.girlmeetsbox.com/missioncute-review-october-2014/)

2. Orange Glad Sweet Box: These gourmet sweets are out of this world!

And last but not least is this good mouth subscription box we started getting. This one is amazing too. We need this especially with all these sweets we enjoy.

3. Good mouth.Com: You get to choose quality tooth brushes, toothpaste, lip balm, dental floss and breath mints. They deliver every month or every two months or three.

So I have in my query 2 toothbrushes, Tom’s (peppermint toothpaste) and 2 Plackers micro mint flossers. We like to buy our chewing gum and lip balm from Walmart so I didn’t order the breath mints nor the lip balm from them.

The main reason I like this subscription is because it’s a reminder to change our toothbrushes since we tend to forget sometimes and although we do soak our individual toothbrushes daily in small cups filled with a bit of peroxide, you still want to change the toothbrush often. And you really don’t want to brush with a bacteria filled toothbrush (urgh) because I think that it has to be no good for your gums. Plus another good thing is that they donate to a good cause every time you buy a toothbrush from them.

So I just wanted to share this bit of fun stuff today.

May Everyone Have An Amazing And Wonderful Weekend!

(this image is at: http://www.mysubscriptionaddiction.com/monthly-subscription-boxes)

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