Money House Blessing: The Sweetest Of Fragrance

Home Blessing Kit - 3 Candles

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This isn’t one of those instant “luck producing, mojo money making potions” but back in the day I used to know people who really used to believe it could work in that way.

I remember friends I knew who used to spray it in their homes with the hopes that a huge windfall of money would come their way and “Mrs. Houston” who lived next door used to buy special green tall “money candles” and burn them in her house all the time to create wealth. But you know what for her it must have worked because that lady always seemed to have windfalls of money for some reason and used to do very well financially. Figure that!

Anyway….. for years when expecting company we’d tidy up and then spray the house with “Money House Blessing Fragrance” I tell you it is the most long lasting, exotic and sweet smelling fragrances in the entire world in my book! It seems this stuff has been around for as far back as I could remember.

Even “Glade” and all these other “so called fragrances companies” out there have nothing on MHB. I’ve only tried two kinds “Indian Fruit” and the other is “Cherry” and OMG! OMG! It leaves your house, car, bathroom or office space smelling so, so incredibly delicious and sweet. It only takes a few sprays and walla! But the area or house just cannot be funky to start with or else you will have a sweet smelling stink you cannot believe. So it works best in a clean and airy space.

And whats so cool is every room in the house need not be sprayed. So I just target the four corners of one bedroom in the back of the house, the four corners of all the bathrooms and the four corners of one room in the front of the house and that fragrance is so amazing that it travels through out the air quickly and the entire house smells wonderful. Especially if you turn on the fans or the air conditioning too.

Magnet Works, Ltd. Bless This

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I must be honest….. I do enjoy trying all sort of things when it comes to making the house smell nice, like burning my favorite candles, incense sticks, putting a few drops of essential oils on an oil lamp, boiling orange, grapefruit or lemon peels and boiling cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. All these fragrances leave me intoxicated, LOL! But there is just something extra special about “Money House Blessing.” It’s one of my all time favorites that I like to quickly spray around at least a few minutes before the door bell rings with guest arriving.

It’s too bad you cannot readily find it in the stores like Walmart or Target. It’s one of those old school fragrances that is incredible.

So when people give me compliments about my house being so sweet smelling. I always grin and love it, but I never tell them. Well, except till now. So my secret is out. LOL!

4oz Money House Blessing

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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