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herbal medicine

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It’s always been my dream to become an herbalist one day and so, for now, I am fine with just learning all I can by reading about herbal medicine and experimenting all the time with mixing herbal remedies and concoctions. It’s such a nice hobby. My husband teases me that I should become a crazy scientist. LOL!

But I have always been in love with the notion/idea of helping to heal the body safely and as naturally as possible. I dream of the day I could grow my own medicinal garden one day.

So it’s that time of year again when I get busy preparing herbal concoctions/remedies for the coming fall and winter months because it takes a while for herbs to steep. Most of the ones I like to blend and prepare, require at minimum a six (6) to eight (8) week period for them to set before you can start using them.

Herbal medicines are made

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So, thus far this week I prepared two-quart jars of regular “Old Sour Puss” and of “Everything Old Sour Puss.” I added at least ten herbs to the everything OSP recipe and just add up to three herbs to the regular OSP recipe.

Plus I prepared for my neighbor a quart jar of “Pine Honey” again this year, she manages to catch such horrible colds during the winter months for some reason. I think it’s because she stays on the go and runs her body down.

We are so lucky because around here is a huge abundance of pine trees to harvest the pine needle tips. We have a couple of huge and beautiful pine trees out back and I always get my husband to snip some up for me to wash, dry and prepare.

I have a few of my mother in laws cold and flu remedies too and I remember what she used to say about her remedies “it will either cure ya or kill ya!” LOL! Sorry but I am sticking with only the ones that cure… LOL!

So we were lucky because over the past ten years my husband and I rarely catch colds/flu’s and I am really surprised about it but except for last winter, I caught a really bad cold/flu and it was the worst one I had yet. It was really horrible and lasted for weeks, but considering the fact that I haven’t had one in over a ten (10) year period, I guess it was not so bad.

But this winter I vow to be more organized and to have all my herbal concoctions/remedies all ready.

(this image is at: http://www.herbalremediesinfo.com/best-herbal-remedies.html)

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