What We Teach People


Blue Rose Blue Rose (Photo credit: LenseXES)

Many times our actions teach people that we are not important.

We keep serving ourselves up to everyone with whom we are associated.

They gradually learn from our actions that we have no needs. That’s not true,

…..its an illusion.

Even the most giving person has needs.

As you go and as you grow there are other needs that all of us have, like the need to be affirmed,

the need to be appreciated,

the need to recuperate.

~Bob LAW~

Black Radio's Betrayal: WURD in Philadelphia - NAM

(This image is at: http://news.newamericamedia.org/news/view_article.html?article_id=32864d35d52dc3f16d5c1b21300aee13)

English: Blue roses 日本語: 青いバラ(束) English: Blue roses 日本語: 青いバラ(束) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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