Loving God

Orthodox Jewish women must


I am so thankful for the foundation that was laid early on in my life because it helps me want to keep on striving to be better in my walk and service to God.

As a young teen, I had a very strict church upbringing while living in New York. I am so grateful for having that experience because the pastor stressed the importance of following God’s laws and commandments. I loved singing on the choir while wearing a long white pretty dress and head covering. It was the most amazing experience.

As I grew in Christ, my relationship with Him continued to grow as I learned more of what God required of my life, but even back then the pastor only skimmed the surface of what it meant to be in Christ. And I realize it’s a step by step journey. Along the way I stumbled a lot and of course made many mistakes and failed. But even so, I never wanted to stop trying. It is so good to hold God in the highest regard and acknowledge the importance of having Him be the main focus of my life.

So my more recent goals are to:

1. To continue with having removed pork from our diets.

2. Stop and remove all shellfish (scrimp, crabs, lobster, crayfish) from our diets.

3. To wear no more pants, but only woman’s apparel and in modesty.

4. To remember the Sabbath Day starts on Friday evening into Sundown on Saturday and to keep it holy.

5. To keep letting go of any sinful behaviors and attitudes.

6. To study to show myself approved unto God

7. To grow in respect for my husband and to honor and respect him as the scripture says in Titus and in Proverbs.

It’s so strange to me now when I think about how I used to believe that the Sabbath day was to be only on Sundays just as so many other believers who follow Christ do. But now I’ve come to realize that the Sabbath actually starts on Friday evenings and ends on Saturday at sundown.

Although I’m so disappointed that there are absolutely no churches in our area that honor the Sabbath Day on Saturdays. I am ready and willing to do what is right and keep Saturday’s Sabbath day in the privacy of my own home and on my own until I can find a church that does. I love the idea of spending the day in quietness, prayerfulness, meditation and in God’s presence, while reading the Bible and having Bible study is something amazing.

For Sabbath Day means a day of rest. So cutting out doing any form of work and no driving, no cooking, no TV, no radio, no phone nor music will take some getting adjusted to doing for a full day and a half, but I will allow myself to go online to hear a few uplifting sermons on Saturday afternoon.

Now the part about not wearing pants will be easy because my old church in New York required it’s women to not wear pants or makeup or earrings. So for many years I didn’t. But in the past few years I picked up and would wear the occasional pants every once in a while, but now I made up my mind to go back to that way once more and so I will have all pants removed from my wardrobe altogether again and have those pants sewn into long or mid length skirts to wear when out of the house.

So this Sabbath Day I hope to light a few candles, pray for my husband and family and starting the evening with these prayers is the best way to start the sabbath off.

All cooking will be done on Thursday’s or early Friday mornings and kept on warm in a crock for Friday night’s Sabbath meal.

So I hope to post a little more about this from time to time and how things are moving along.

Jesus said:

If you love me, you will keep my commandments…..

John 14:15

knew Jesus was a black man

(This image is at: http://www.tireo4christ.com/jesus_christ_was_a_black_man)

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