Knowing My Roots

African-American soldiers marching in France D...

African-American soldiers marching in France During World War I. “African Americans during World War I” . . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great grandmother was a slavegirl, she was taken away from her parents. She was married by age twelve (12) to my great grandfather, he was a free black. He’d saved up enough money to purchase her from her slave owners by the time he came back home from WWI.

Mother was named after my great grandmother and she used to tell me these little details about our family roots which I have treasured and keep recorded in a neat little book. So lately I’ve decided to draw a family tree and have it framed to hang on my living room wall.


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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4 Responses to Knowing My Roots

  1. I saw this post in april when it came out and it’s tugged at my heart ever since. See, I’m an amateur genealogist (meaning I do it for fun, not for money, but i do have access to a lot of databases, newspaper archives, etc.) Email me if you’d like me to see what I can find on this incredible woman!

    • Oh wow! You are so nice, thanks so much….but I wish you would have come to me earlier because my family has gone ahead and hired someone for this. They are so excited just as you say it is something you just want to know because it just tugs at you. You are so amazing! Thank you so much for the offer but if we run into difficulty I will remember I have you to turn to.

      • Well I’m so happy you did! It seemed to me to be a bit of an odd offer – it is something some people are very excited about and others very suspicious! I’ve made an offer to many people before and only had one take me up on it.

        I guess I look at people differently than most. Each individual, to me, isn’t just a result of their own lives and experience – but we all carry on, maybe unknowingly, a bit of an invisible “tail.” We might have Aunt Emma’s ears or the genes from Great Grandma for diabetes, but we might also have attitudes about life passed on by the unique collective experiences of long dead relatives we never knew.

        I’ve always loved fairy tales and started collecting book long before I had children. When I worked on my family history I found out we were related to the Brothers Grimm! No one in my family knew this. Coincidence? We’ll never know!

      • How amazing! You say your related to the German fairy tale writers we all have grown to love and adore, Brothers Grimm! Well I am sure that must have been a special moment to have discovered this for you and your family.

        Well, my father was a very sociable, outgoing and loving type of personality and so he’d bring us as kids around our relatives quite often. And because of that we learned where one of my brothers gets his weird personality quirks. Turns out one of my fathers eldest brothers have those same exact quirks. If you saw them together you wouldn’t believe how they are so much alike. It’s really very funny. And so did grandpa’s eldest brother.

        So yeah, it’s fun finding out about those long ago dead relatives and how we are connected to them.
        I enjoy knowing these types of things too, it’s fun and so I look forward to and will post shortly about a few more details my parents shared with me regarding our family roots soon.

        But I am surprised that you haven’t had more takers, especially when you say you enjoy doing it for fun and have taken it further in that you enjoy doing actual research. That is truly amazing.

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