HELLO PRATIBHA: One More Amazing Fresh New Hindi Soap To Adore

Pratibha (Binny Sharma) is an innocent, sweet and middle aged housewife with her husband Mahendra (Sachal Tyagi,) two school aged older children, a contrary mother in law Kashi (Sangeeta Panwar,) a brother in law Sanjeev (Tarul Swami) and a conniving sister in law Sunidhi (Snigdha Pandey) and luckily her amazing maid Shalu (Jinal Jain,) all living under one roof.

This is one fresh, new and exciting Hindi soap that I am adoring these days. Hello Pratibha on Zee TV has more then enough drama and back stabbing activity all under one family roof. It’s unbelievable how much adversity Pratibha has to endure from the so called members of her family. But thank goodness she has a maid who has her back most times or I am sure things would be much more difficult for her.

So when she met and befriended Pushpa (Sheeba Chaddha) who later turned out to be related, it was the best thing that happened to her.

Pushpa is the catalyst, the one who helps to encourage Pratibha to gain more backbone in dealing with her disrespectful family members and so she guides her in learning to say no to them, especially when they are not treating her fairly.

It’s been Pratibha’s desire to be a part of a loving family and so she mimics the way in which her mother cared so well for her and her father and so she has it in her mind to be the best in every way and to be as devoted and loving just like her mother. But the problem is that Pratibha’s family and in laws do not appear to appreciate her as they take her for granted.

So at the expense of her over doing everything and excessively caring for her family and in laws, trying to be the best, she’s lost her identity, self esteem, self confidence and self respect along the way. Basically she’s allowing her family to run over her and has the habit as most housewives do over time of putting their families cares and needs far above that of their own personal cares and needs.

So far this soap has had it twists and turns and keeps you wanting to tune in each day just to see how Pratibha is doing. You just want to know if she will find her way back to her old self. You wonder will she re-gain the qualities of the strong personality she once had and re-gain some back bone in dealing with her impossible mother in law and sister in law. Because it seems she lacks the confidence needed to deal with the constant shenanigans by these two female in laws who seems to team up together against her on a constant basis.

I really enjoyed seeing the development and wonderful relationship shared between Pushpa and Pratibha though. It was so wonderful watching how those two women teamed up together and became close and how they really did help each other.

So now that Pushpa has left the house once her daughter’s marriage ceremony was achieved in the house as per her wish, she wind up giving her part of ownership of the house over to Pratibha. It will be interesting to see how that act of kindness by Pushpa helps Pratibha’s standing in the house.

I am just adoring this new show and cannot wait to see how this story unfolds.

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