Jagtar Jaggi is a Punjabi actor whose job is to interview Indian business owners along with their patrons on his show Hafta Vasooli/Wasooli which is found on the Indian channels JusTV Punjabi, JuscoTV Punjabi and Jus 24X7.

It’s such a joy watching him as he stops by Indian businesses such as Indian food restaurants, sari shops, truck driving schools, children’s classrooms, insurance companies and all kinds of various businesses all across the USA giving them the media exposure their businesses want and need. I really do like watching as he walks all around the inside of these places letting you see what each business has to offer. It’s almost as if your watching one of these shopping networks on cable TV but in a way even better, because you get to see real/normal people as they are working, shopping and interacting with each other in these places of business.

I really enjoy his funny and lively personality and he is also a very good looking and handsome man. He always opens his show with such liveliness and excitement. He’s either riding on a scooter, or on the back of some truck or walking in the snow, or sitting on a park bench, but always happy, doing a little dance and holding onto that stick! What’s so nice about his show is that he always seems to bring a smile to the peoples faces as he interacts with the customers and the business owners.

I have to say that I just adore him when he breaks out his cell phone all the time and starts randomly talking. He is comical as he is always on “that cell phone” chatting up a storm, his famous words are “ha gee, ha gee and boli, boli, boli, boli” LOL!

As he always carries a microphone in one hand and a huge stick in the other, wearing a blue and maroon colored turban on his head, a khaki police uniform and a pair of cool shades, bringing smiles to many people faces as he interviews them wherever he goes. Most often in his restaurant interviews he is always asking random people to pay for a meal for him. He says “you pay for me!” and of course most people are more than happy and agree to pay for his meal, but he’s only teasing. And what’s even more hilarious is watching him as he collects his payments for interviewing each business as he is on his way out their doors.

During intermission you are well entertained with some of the most amazing Indian music videos. I only wish they would list the titles of these songs so that I could buy the music I like best. I noticed that a couple of times they showed a few of my most favorite actor Shah Rukh Khan’s music videos on there as well.

But anyway here’s a few links below to catch his show, but go there quickly because there’s no telling how long the link will be available.

I enjoy learning the language and I am learning bit by bit, but what would be amazing is that the show was broadcast with English subtitles. Who knows maybe one day they will do that. In the meantime, I want to send a shout out to Jagtar Jaggi……..

You are Amazing! And be sure to keep it coming!

(catch him as he is quickly interviewing the ladies at the cash register in a local Indian Supermarket named Apnar Bazar in Jackson Heights, New York, causing them to giggle and smile. I love it as he walks through out the store so you could see all kinds of foods and items that are on sale at the store. )

HAFTA VASOOLI @ Apna Bazar Cash & Carry

Jus Punjabi TV


hafta vasooli by Jagtar Jaggi @ Delta Truck Driving School Stockton CA3 nov 2014




(Jagtar Jaggi in his street clothes and without a turban)

(I have no idea what he is talking about on these few links, maybe someone would be nice enough to translate it, because his accent is very strong here, but I just wanted to show him without the police uniform that he wears on the show)

jagtar jaggi at jus punjabi in jalwe jaggi de in USA






Info about JusTV channel and Jagtar Jaggi




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  1. Hey there Betty!Sorry I haven’t been active on my blog lately but I did post a couple weeks ago.I have two new posts from a couple of weeks ago so u should check those out.:)😄So how are you?We didn’t talk for a pretty long time.What’s new and how are you liking Saathiya lately?:)

    • Hi There Stranger, LOL! So glad you are back blogging again and stop by my blog too. Yes I been loving the show. It is so amazing. Especially today’s show. I was clapping and jumping up and down when Gopi slapped Meera. Meera is out of control. I am loving the new Gopi for sure. She has some amazing spunk to her for real! I was saying “you go girl!”

      • Haha!:)Yup,but honestly Tanya is such a sweet girl.Don’t worry,pretty soon Meera will turn good and find out everything herself.The upcoming track is that Kinjal will reveal to Ahem about Koki faking the heart attack and he gets so angry!:)Koki pretends she is on her deathbed and says her last wish is for Ahem to accept Gopi but then Ahem finds out about her lies and creates a scene.Kinjal is starting to become the second Radha!LOL!:)😄So how are you liking my new look after the leap?:)

      • It’s good to know that Meera will change, whew… thank goodness for that bit of news. And of course you always look so amazing….but a bit too young to be a mother of two grown boys. But I see you are sporting the look of being a little worried for them.

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