Indian Lassi Is Better Than Your Ordinary Shake

English: Lassi from nepal

English: Lassi from nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first time I tasted “Indian Lassi” I was so amazed at how really good it tasted.

I don’t know why I thought it would taste like buttermilk, but it’s pretty close and then it’s sweetness, richness and thickness is comparable to having a milk shake but only better, because it means no upset stomach for the lactose intolerant.

So I made us both a tall glassful for a breakfast drink today and the recipe is really very simple and easy.

Indian Lassi Recipe


6 cups homemade plain yogurt (made with full fat milk)

1 tray of Ice cubes (crushed)

6-8 cups ice cold water (or can use milk instead)

2 Tablespoons Coconut Sugar or Stevia (or white sugar)

1 Tablespoon of vanilla extract (or vanilla flavored stevia)

2 pinches Himalayan salt

2 pinches of allspice


A blender, or a whisk

1 medium sized bowl

2 tall glasses

Directions: Blend ingredients in a blender or with a hand whisk in a medium sized bowl until the mixture becomes frothy. Then serve over a couple of ice cubes in tall glasses. *If you like a thicker drink then add a little less water or for a thinner drink then do the reverse. Also when adding fruit, like banana, mango, berries or strawberries just blend the fruit first in a blender or food processor then add the rest of the ingredients.*

English: Mint Lassi

English: Mint Lassi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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