Ain’t That Just Like A Man! Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

Imagination (Gladys Knight & the Pips album)

Imagination (Gladys Knight & the Pips album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Neither One Of Us”

I am still in shock that Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) had decided to part ways with the Modi family when Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) was forced to be away for ten years, serving time for killing her evil sister Radha (Bhavini Purohit.)

Now that she’s back home, Ahem is still an angry heartbroken man, holding grudges against her and the rest of family for what he perceived as her personally leaving him and his daughters all alone and on purpose.

He has to be in denial because he should know better. Looking at what the circumstances have been, he should know Gopi couldn’t just ignore the problems going on in the household nor could she walk around with tunnel vision, caring only for him and their daughters alone while Radha was putting up a fuss, causing havoc in the family and whatnot.

മലയാളം: Rose

മലയാളം: Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So with Gopi being the eldest daughter-in-law, she had to step up to the plate and try to deal with the issues going on. Everybody knew how crazy Radha tried to kill Gopi and baby Rashi and would have been successful if it wasn’t for the intervention of the Goddess possession. But baby Rashi is a big little girl now and is adorably pudgy and cute. The Modi family has survived but has not thrived because it’s so obvious that everyone is suffering from a broken heart since Gopi left.

One thing I still cannot believe is how Ahem went up against his mother Kokila (Rupal Patel) because this is a first. He was always walking in his mother’s shadow, doing as he was told. Kokila ruled back in the day but lately is looking really bad and worn down from suffering from her broken heart. She lost her son, her daughter in law and her grandchildren all at once. I am surprised that she wasn’t the one who lost her mind but instead, it’s Urmilla (Vandana Vithlani) whose elevator is not going all the way up and I am trying to figure out how this happened to her, how in the world did Urmilla lose it. But she is playing her role to the hilt. Urmilla is a riot! She has me cracking up all throughout the show at the things she has been doing since the time leap. It was so funny when she showed up at the police station when Rashi’s boys were arrested for hacking into Ahem’s bank account to get information on where he resided. I tell you the way she was waving that gun was so so funny and how everyone was dodging from getting hit with a possible bullet. LOL!

Français : 2 roses

Français : 2 roses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, for now, Gopi wants her rights and it’s obvious she is getting her strength from her strong-willed mother in law. Kokila talked to Gopi making her realize the truth and the gravity of her situation. So Gopi walked up in Ahem’s house and argued him down powerfully for her rights as she realizes that she is the biological mother of her daughters and that Ahem is still her husband. I had to give it to her, she did not hold back any punches. I am loving it when she stands up for her rights because I know she felt bad when she showed up to the Holi party and saw Ahem with this so-called other woman in his life. Then she realized that those ill-mannered girls were her daughters, what a shock. It’s a good thing Jigar (Vishal Singh) was there to support her too.

It is my hope that Gopi won’t stand back and allow this woman to take what is hers so easily. It’s a shame because Ahem is not trying to hear what she has to say. As a matter of fact, when she showed up at his home to discuss this, his favorite words were…… Get out! Leave! Go away! Now ain’t that just like a man! He just never wants to deal with his emotions about anything.

He knows deep down inside he still loves Gopi because she surprised him while standing at his doorstep. It left him speechless for a moment, then all those old memories of their sweet loving moments came flooding back into his mind and body whether he wanted them to or not. It was so much so that he smiled, he reached out, he wanted to touch her and I am sure he wanted to hug and hold her so tightly but he resisted his first feelings.

I sure hope that they will get through this trying time because it seems like every so often they have to go through a rough period and then later they find each other again.

Hopefully one day they will look back on the current events, fall back deeply in love one more time and let all of this become another thing of the past.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to snuggle up in bed and watch all of the excitement and drama and love every minute of it because this show is hot!





I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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