A Favorite Place: New Life Christian Book Store

Some of my fondest, happiest and lovely moments were spent in one of my favorite places. New Life Christian Book Store, located on Queens Blvd in Queens, New York. I used to frequent the place regularly and on a weekly basis. It was my time to browse and shop for whatever my heart so desired. Not to mention the fact that I’d meet up with friends there, go it alone or I’d be blessed to meet some of the most beautiful Christian people in the world.

The last time spent there was around the time they’d started having live concerts in the basement, also it’s where you’d go to buy various genres of Christian music Cd’s and sit at the cute little cafe too. So I’d spend many a days, sitting there drinking coffee and having few snacks while reading a good Christian book. Sometimes I’d go there alone or meet up with a few of my favorite Christian friends or family members.

Mary Mary (album)

Mary Mary (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One weekend I was there when “Mary Mary” sang their top song “Heaven.” It was such an exciting moment as they stayed around clicking photo’s with their fans and people lined up to get their signed autographs. It was truly an amazing day.

One weekend Ben Tankard was there and I missed it. Aw shucks…I don’t remember what happened that I could not make it but I am so sorry I didn’t get to meet him that day.

I tell you I used love it and spent so many enjoyable hours in that place. They had so many rows and rows of interesting books in all kinds of sectioned off categories, beautiful christian gifts of all kinds, so many beautiful bibles, bible cases and purses, chocolates sold with Christian scripture on the wrappers, top Christian magazines, Christian DVD’s and beautiful plaques of all kinds. It seemed like they had almost anything and everything a Christian could ever want in that store and the shelves were always well stocked.

At the front door you could find lots of free christian newspapers that kept you in the know as to what was going on throughout the city in all the Christian circles. And the staff was just amazing! They seemed to be so very courteous, helpful, kind and was some of the sweetest people you would ever want to meet. You knew that they hired people who knew and loved the Lord.

It was exciting times and wonderful days in which I will always, always cherish. I know if and when I do visit New York again I will head there first and stay a while. The only thing missing was parking for their customers. If they had parking I guess some people would have never left that place. 🙂

The other book stores I used to love to visit was the Barnes and Nobles chain book stores. It is so amazing how they are able to make those places so friendly and inviting. I sure do miss all the hours of browsing, shopping and spending time in these places.

Books on how to live a Christina life at Focus...

Books on how to live a Christina life at Focus on the Family’s headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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