When It Comes To Marriage Opposites Do Attract! Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (My Hindi Soap)


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Title Song

Coffee! [Ishita]

Wow, Sister-In-Law (S-N-L)! Nobody can make better coffee than you! [Rinky]

There is some one who can! [Ishita]

Who is it? [Rinky]

My mother. [Ishita]

I can try that as well, but let me praise you first. [Rinky]

Yes, please continue. I love it, when people praise me! [Ishita]

Well S-N-L, I think you impressed brother with a cup of coffee. [Rinky]

Not at all! He prefers chai, he finds coffee bitter. He never liked it. Oh God. [Ishita]

That’s so bad [Rinky]

No, in a way it’s good, I think husband and wife should have different choices. [Ishita]

Yes they should but, generally the choices aren’t different. [Rinky]

Have you heard the saying opposites attract? That’s true. In fact, if they both have similar choices then the married life will be too monotonous? Imagine there will be nothing new! Everything would be laid back. Same and known. Raman and I have very different choices like, he eats non-vegetarian cuisines and I don’t. He never compels me to eat it or cook it. Similarly, I never force him to not eat non- vegetarian food. You know we respect our differences and that is what marriage is all about. [Ishita]

Sorry, wrong topic. [Ishita]

No, S-N-L, I can talk to you about anything under the sun, you know S-N-L, I am not against marriage! My problem is that Mom doesn’t realize, its too early. I mean I came back from Australia for her. But I want to have an independent life of my own. I want to have a successful career. You know what I think, S-N-L? Brother and you are individuals, no one is the others shadow or a follower. Your successful in your career and so is brother in his. I also want the same S-N-L. [Rinky]

Who told you that this isn’t possible with you? Rinky, I’ll tell you something rather, I would like to share this with you. You know my mom. The day I completed my studies mom was after my life! Get her married! and I used to feel why should I get married. That’s the reason I started practicing, once I completed my studies. I was earning well. I had great friends. There wasn’t any dearth of either money or anything else. I was a happy with myself. Why do I need a man to make me happy? Moreover your brother… Mr. Arrogant. Who is so rude! I was just wondering, why? But the moment I met Ruhi (step daughter.) I realized I needed Ruhi. You know, where our life is smooth and stable, it is an independent and well settled one. That makes you happy, no doubt. But, after a stage, it becomes monotonous you require a reason to live the life. I found my reason in Ruhi. When I came to this house after getting married. I don’t know when it became an inseparable relation. Besides what is a relation. It is just a name. Husband and wife. It can be also boyfriend and girlfriend. But we give life to these relations. We give them life and breath, by trust, faith, care, love with understanding and then it becomes inseparable. I know like we girls, always imagine that a prince charming will come on a horse and we will live happily ever after. But there is nothing as such in a real world.

You know. You can fall in love in a mere second. But you need years of perseverance, patience and understanding to maintain that love & relation. You need to nurture it. Similar to tree. A relation also grows deeper, slowly and gradually. I was happy without Raman. But you know, after marrying Raman I got a different bliss. I don’t think I would be this happy if I were single.

Okay, lets come back to you. Your worried about your career, am I right. If you get a nice and supportive partner, you can pursue your career. I’ll tell you, I have a lot of friends who have completed their studies even after getting married. They completed their graduation. Did their masters degree. Many of them are great achievers in their careers. After marriage because after getting married they got that support from their in-laws, which they didn’t get from their own families. Even Raman and I go to attend emergency cases, even at midnight. And Raman never intervenes. My career is going stable and I’m a very content person. Because I have everything in my life. I am happy when I’m around people. Not when I am alone.

Your fear is justified. You’re bound to get scared. But no one is forcing you. It’s not like you were introduced to a boy and they are getting you married to him already. They are not saying that. Right? It’s up to you. What’s the great deal if you meet someone and go out? And who knows, what if this boy whom you’ll go and meet turns out to be your ideal partner? You might miss out on something great in life, if you don’t go and meet him. So, it’s OK. You can meet him once. And tell you what. When you meet him tomorrow. Tell him about all your career plans and your ambitions. Put forth all your conditions. Tell everyone about it. If they agree to it with respect then we’ll make merry in mother-in- laws style. If they don’t agree to it we’ll wish them a goodbye. Its not a compulsion. [Ishita]

S-N-L your the most understanding person in this family. You’re so sweet. I love you. [Rinky]


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Partial Cast

Karan Patel as Raman Kumar Omprakash Bhalla

Divyanka Tripathi as Dr. Ishita Rama Kumar Bhalla

Ruhanika Dhawarn as Ruhi Raman Kumar Bhalla

Resha Konkar as Rinky Omprakash Bhalla


Hindu wedding ("Var Mala") with trad...

Hindu wedding (“Var Mala”) with traditional dress, Ahmedabad, India. The cloth tied between the husband and wife (godh bandhan) represents the life-long link between the couple created by the marriage. The man between the couple is a brother of the wife, who traditionally presents his sister to the husband. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Title Song

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