Kokila Says: Take Radha With You! On Saath Nibaana Saathiya

Oh Gosh, I had a huge belly laugh today and loved it when Kokila (Rupal Patel) said “then take Radha (Bhavini Purohit) with you!” to that huge band of women who came running to Radha’s side, as she lied telling them Pari (Lovey Sasan) was trying to seduce her husband. What a crock! Radha is a huge piece of mess! I just fail to figure out how she gets away with so much crookedness. She just tried to kill poor Pari this week and got away with kidnapping and attempted murder.

It seems the longer she hangs around the Modi family the deeper in a mess the Modi family gets. So tonight Jigar (Vishal Singh) gave Pari a beautiful black dress to wear on a date with him and she looked stunning. I mean Pari was wearing that dress. And so Radha, of course, is always snooping around to see what she can overhear in the Modi family conversations. I never can understand why they never close their doors so the witch cannot hear what they are talking about, they leave their doors wide open all the time knowing full well that crazy Radha is creeping around corners, getting all the information she needs to conspire against them all the time.

Well, tonight the fool stole Pari’s glorious date night. I tell you Radha is like having a wet blanket for a friend. She’s such a horrible person. So today she got to ruin Jigar and Pari’s date night. I was so disappointed with them too. Radha is so jealous that Jigar is falling more and more in love with Pari.

I tell you, I wonder how much longer will “that Radha” character be allowed to remain a “thorn in the sides” of the Modi family because her drama is getting quite old. I will be more than happy to see her long gone. This girl is really just a big pain in the “B-U-T-T! I never could understand why they keep bringing her to the show. I guess she must be bringing huge ratings or something, or I hope it’s not the best they can do to bring drama to the show for the time being. But to tell the truth, her schemes are just plain stupid and annoying. She is such a little bitty thing and has so much strength. I never did believe the times she manhandled Kokila or Urmilla (Vandana Vithlani) because those two are some big-boned women.

And another thing I cannot believe that she is pregnant by the handsome, good looking and amazing Jigar. I tell you I feel sorry for their baby. Just imagine for a minute, how that baby may come out, I hope to God she/he don’t come out as ugly as she is. LOL! No serious! LOL! Only joking! Ha, ha, ha. But thank goodness for Jigar’s good looks, the child may be spared. LOL!

Anyway, as much as they try to dress Radha up, I am sorry but this sister will always be ugly in my book. My thing is, when your attitude and spirit is nasty, you can dress up all you want, it will not help at all. So Radha be gone! Be gone I say Radha, be gone! LOL!

So as a Harry Potter fan, I wish these words I write will come true.

Silencio! Incarcerous (be tied up in ropes)

Furnuculus (be covered with boils)

Evanesco! Confringo!

Expecto Patronum!


Radha be gone!

Go far, far away!

Kaput or kapoot.


si-o-na-ra, goodbye

and be long gone.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (soundtrack)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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18 Responses to Kokila Says: Take Radha With You! On Saath Nibaana Saathiya

  1. Just love this post!:)Thank you for posting this?Have you been enjoying Saathiya lately?:)And don’t worry,Radha will get punished very soon for her evil deeds as she will exit from the show very soon as she will be sent to jail OR have miscarriage.Anyway,I know you must be happy to see Radha’s leave from the show,and if I wasn’t in the show,then I would’ve been soooo happy trust me.:))LOL!But honestly,I just really don’t want Bhavini to leave as I have grown so close to her and we are veer good friends offscreen.:)She is an amazing person and we laugh lots and lots and have so much fun with each other!:)We fool around,chit-chat,and laugh all the time!:)I just hope she gets to make an entry once again in Saathiya,and this time in a positive role so the audience can enjoy seeing her entry too!:)Anyway,so as you saw recently,Jigar said I love you to Paridhi.And there was kind of an intense hug scene.Gosh,I am telling you,it’s so hard to shoot a love scene,and I actually had to retake it many times,but Vishal actually seemed very comfortable.He’s such a good actor!:)I have no idea what I’m going to do once the upcoming steamy romance will be there.Oh god!But I am such good friends with Vishal offscreen and he is honestly one of my best friends as we enjoy chitchatting,laughing,and doing tons of masti(fun)on the sets!:)So have you checked out the two posts I was telling you about,how did you like them?:))I also replied to our previous discussions on my other posts!:)

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