Homemade Spiced Ice Cream


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A few days ago my husband brought home a bunch of bananas and he knows that I love them. I really love them fried in coconut oil or cooked in a crock with butter, almond extract, cinnamon and brown sugar.

My husband suggested we use them to make a frosty treat this time. Yes I know it’s dead of winter and most people won’t eat ice cream in the winter. But for some reason we had a taste for some and it’s been a while.

So anyway, it hit the spot! And one thing about making this at home is that I don’t miss all the preservatives and whatever other ingredients that are put in ice cream these days. I read somewhere they are putting anti freeze in the ice cream. It’s suppose to keep the ice cream soft. Well when I read that I just was hoping it was not true.

But anyway it did not take us more then five minutes to make this and at least we know what was put in our ice cream…….. just natural goodness.

Spiced Ice Cream Recipe


2 peeled, sliced & hard frozen bananas

½ teaspoon of cinnamon

¼ teaspoon of nutmeg

2 Tablespoons of local honey

1 Tablespoon of Ghee (Grass-Fed)

1/4 cup of whole milk, canned milk or cream

1/2 cup homemade plain yogurt

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 maraschino cherries

2 Tablespoons of the cherry liquid

Kitchen Tools:

Food processor

Glass Ice Cream Bowls

Serving Spoon


Put in food processor all the above ingredients, pulse a couple of times to chop up the frozen bananas real good, then let blend for ½ minute or more, till its just creamy but still stiff. Put into serving bowls, drizzle each serving with 1 Tablespoon of the cherry juice and top with one cherry and enjoy.

**** if it comes out a little too creamy, don’t worry just put the ice cream in the glass serving bowls, cover with plastic wrap and put them into the freezer for about 20-30 minutes, you will find the edge and bottom of the bowls a little hard frozen, just scrape the edge and bottom and stir in together, I use a fork for this, then repeat by freezing another 20 minutes, scrape the edge and bottom to blend/stir in together and it should be ready to enjoy after that.*****

It's the picture of Italian ice-cream in a sho...

It’s the picture of Italian ice-cream in a shop of Rome, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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8 Responses to Homemade Spiced Ice Cream

  1. That looks so good!:)I will make sure to make it whenever I get Sunday off!:)

      • Have you seen my replies to your comments on my blog?

      • Oh yeaah! So now I know I have to go back to check.

      • Ok,I have replied too as well.:)And tell me,have you managed to catch up with Saathiya?Have you seen the episodes you missed?😄

      • Finally I will lie in bed to watch tonight a couple of episodes I missed, I tell you I love the holidays but once you get caught up in them it’s kind of hard to settle back down again. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays but it sort of disrupts your routine a bit. My husband finally took down the Christmas tree and put away all of the decorations and lights inside and that were outside the house in the yard. Whew God bless him. He is so good with all of this. One of my friends had a New Years pot luck and so we had to bake a chicken lasagna to take. It’s been a busy holiday. But I love it. I am so happy that your New Years was so amazing too. So I should be caught up by tomorrow and will probably have a lot to say and ask you about the going on’s. I could tell that Pari had been kidnapped though, but I have to see it.

      • Yes,I know.Holidays are an amazing time of year but they can tend to get a bit tiring and stressful at times.And usually it just adds on to the work.LOL!So I have decorated my bedroom window with Christmas lights and decorations and they look so pretty I just can’t bare taking them off.But eventually,I will have to.Yum!Chicken lasagna!You are making me hungry in the middle of the night girl!:)😄And yeah Pari did get kidnapped and trust me,there was so much pressure and drama while shooting that scene!You cannot believe how much I was sweating and actually crying because as I mentioned before,I am one of those actors that don’t use glycerine too much and naturally cryer,I don’t how but it just comes out for me easily!😊I actually got hurt a few times on my arm shooting for the scene so I was actually hurt if you ever saw a tiny bit of real blood there!😄But my co-stars always said that while shooting scenes they got hurt just like me many times!Well,that’s what happens with actors in the television industry several times!LOL!But it’s fine,it really is just something minor.:)

      • Oh no! Sorry to hear that. I always thought they used the double’s or extra’s for dangerous scenes. But it’s good that it was minor. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. And I know a lot of actors/actresses who say they cry easy for some scenes is because they try to think of something sad or a bad memory and the tears flow. But anyway its nice that you decorated your window in your room. I can believe it must look real pretty.

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