Thank Heavens: This World Is Not My Final And Only Home

Tramaine Hawkins & Walter Hawkins

“The Potter’s House”


When I look around at all that is wrong in the world, I tend to lose all my hope in mankind, then I ask all sorts of questions in which I already know the answers. I become dismayed and wonder when is man going to change? When will there be peace in this place? Will good overpower the wicked and win? Will this earth be totally destroyed by the wickedness of mankind or finally by God like he did with the flood but by fire this time?

I generally am a positive person and I try to be. But even a person like me tends to wonder and have questions especially when you see all of what’s is going on in the world. So that’s when I know it’s time for me to spend more time with God, and continue to cultivate inner peace despite the going on’s in the world. I turn in and read even more of my Bible and the scriptures which encourages me to run on and consoles me, thank goodness or I would just about become a basket case you know. If it had not been for the Lord in my life I don’t know where or what I would be.

One of the best things I have done is decided to cut my cable channels down a bit, and when I say down, I mean down to the very basic. I was more than happy to especially cut out those negative news channels that tend to foster racism and hate. Why should I continue to pay to watch and much less listen to lies and all of what the wicked have to say? All that fear-mongering, hate, lust, dislike, disapproval, murder, violence, and disgust. I cannot tolerate listening and watching any longer, much less paying to do so. And I don’t remember the last time I purchased or even read a newspaper. I just don’t and it’s been years. I tell you “WHO” care’s what the darkness has to write about. I don’t care to know. Because it’s usually the same ole thing, just a different day.

The first time I heard my pastor say “This World Is Not My Home” and he would say things like “Wear This World Like A Loose Garment.” At first, I was puzzled as to what he could possibly mean by telling us all of this. I wondered how in the world do you wear the world like a loose garment? How in the world can you say this world is not your home? It is your home because you are here right?

Well, this is just a few of such powerful messages he’d say all the time. Basically, he was reminding us to walk through this life threading lightly, not to love this world or the things of this world, or not to get too much into what it has to offer, not putting too much of our hope and faith in it or in the material things. He let us know that we are all spirit beings, we have a soul and that the fleshly body is only a temporary place for now. That once in the spirit (when we die) our souls will live forever in heaven if we live right. Forever seems like a long time. He would remind us that we will never feel totally at home here because we are now as pilgrims in a strange land because heaven is our rightful home.

He’d say to us that this world with all of its craziness, wickedness and all of its treasures are all temporal. That we should be more so interested in laying up treasures in heaven where the moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal.

Just about everyone that believes in heaven knows there will be no death, no crying, no suffering, no pain and no more sin or wickedness there.

So how do we lay up our treasures in heaven? We do it by living sacrificially for Jesus Christ. We serve Christ by serving the body of Christ, which is the church (using your talents to minister in whatever way the Most High gives to you to do.

Sounds simple right. So it is so good to know that on days when I am so discouraged with what I see is going on in the world, I have a hope and that hope is in the Most High and just as long as I spend my life serving him in the best possible way, living right, following his lead, I know I will be all right.

English: Richard Smallwood at

English: Richard Smallwood at “Journey” recording with Bishop Walter Hawkins, Lynette Hawkins-Stephens, Tramaine Hawkins-Richardson and Chaka Khan. Photo taken by Jared Sawyers on August 24, 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tramaine Hawkins

“Goin Up Yonder”


Tramaine Hawkins

“What Shall I Do”


Tramaine Hawkins


A Wonderful Change Has Come Over Me

The Potter’s House


In case you have fallen by the wayside of life, dreams and visions shattered, You’re all broken inside, you don’t have to stay in the shape that you’re in, the potter wants to put you back together again

in case your situation has turned upside down, and all that you’ve accomplished is now on the ground, you don’t have to stay in the shape that you’re in because the Potter

wants to put you back together again. you who are broken, stop by, the potters’ house,

you who need mending, stop by the potters’ house, he’ll heal the fragments of your broken life, my friend

because the potter wants to put you back together again.

If your heart needs mending, stop by the potters’ house, he’ll heal the fragments of your broken life, my friend, stop by the potters’ house.

You’ll find love, in the potters house, if your looking for love, the potter has it, there is salvation, in the potters house, do you believe it tonight, God can change your life, if you need healing for your body, God will heal your body, there is deliverance, in the potters house for any kind of habit there is deliverance.

You’ll find everything you need in the potters’ house. Love, joy, happiness, because the potter wants to put you back together again.


I’m Goin Up Yonder


If you want to know, where I’m goin, soon.

If anybody asks you, where I’m going, where I’m going, soon

Tell them for me, I’m going up yonder

to be with my Lord, Yes I am

Because I can take the pain, the heartaches they bring,

the comforts in knowing, I’ll soon be gone

as God gives me grace, to run this race,

until I see my savior face to face.

Tell them for me, I’m going up yonder

to be with my Lord, Yes I am


I can remember the very first time I heard Tramaine Hawkins sing and I was so enamored by how beautifully she sang. This lady has a set of pipes on her. When I heard her sing for the first time I was just as bright and young as can be. So blessed. So very very blessed. So every time I hear her sing about the Most High I am overjoyed, knowing I am a part of this great big family of many souls all looking forward to seeing and being with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But in the meantime, as we await his arrival I am to remain busy with his work, to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, to grow on a daily basis in him and in learning how to please mostly him. Like my pastor used to say everyone talking about heaven ain’t going. So we have to walk and work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Becoming more like Jesus instead of following the world and it’s wicked and despicable ways. 


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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2 Responses to Thank Heavens: This World Is Not My Final And Only Home

  1. gracedtolive says:

    I’m with you, Betty. I’m so glad heaven is my real home. I gave up television myself about 15 years ago. And I can’t remember the last time I read a newspaper. I keep up with world headlines through family and friends and if I feel I need to read deeper I’ll check a few sources online. Anyway, as times get harder and harder and our days grow shorter and shorter I press on with my eyes on the Jesus. Here’s to living these days on the Kingdom Calendar with His purpose for us in mind! Very nice post.

    • 15 years is a long time, LOL! but I have to admire you. I allowed myself to keep watching all of that depressing me even further, when all I had to do was cut it out of my cable channels. And your right that’s how I get updated online real quick or by word of mouth. Someone will always tell me what is going on. It is so much easier that way instead of watching the horror’s. I prefer to keep my eyes and mind on Jesus and to watch only shows that I really enjoy. Thanks so much for stopping in. It’s so nice to know that there are other people out there who are thinking along the same lines.

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