Paakhi Wins The Challenge But Is Roughed Up By Tanya: TUMHARI PAAKHI


The Winner in Me The Winner in Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Winner In Me”

First of all the good news is that on this week’s show Paakhi (Shraddha Arya) wins the challenge between herself and Tanya Rana (Madhura Naik.) Hooray! Congrats to Paakhi! I always knew Paakhi was to be the winner in all of this. This lady is so amazing and I cannot help but admire her stick-to-it-ness and her amazing endurance and strength when it comes to her husband and family.

And I read that Mohammed Iqbal Khan thinks Paakhi is such a sweetie that she’ll give you diabetes. Oh how cute! LOL! LOVE YOU ANSHUMAN (Mohammed Iqbal Khan)!

But on the other hand the bad news is that Tanya pulls out all the stops to destroy Paakhi and attempts are made to try to kill Paakhi too. I knew it would be on and popping. Well it’s been on…

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