Anshuman and Paakhi’s Unforgettable Love Story! On Tumhari Paakhi


Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole



it is said that the ones whose story resembles ours are characters like Dhola And Maru.

They meet in childhood and then, get separated,

to meet and get separated again,

but then, they meet once again.

~Anshuman Ratore~


It was an absolutely breath taking ending, their love story took on a semi feel of that old black and white movie, “The Ghost & Mrs. Meir.” As Paakhi began to savor the old memories of her love. While in bed she whispered to Anshuman’s spirit, “I was yours and I’ll remain yours forever, only your Paakhi.” In her heart he will remain, for she has enough loving memories with him to dream about for the rest of her life. So as she dreamed, they were once more standing in the temple praying together. And as usual Anshuman adored her with his sweet boyish charm, he just couldn’t ever take his eyes off his lovely wife, as she always looked absolutely stunning. But again she stands beside him, so beautiful with him once again, as she glowed. It is only true lovers who know what good lovin could do for you.

I was hoping their story would continue on and on. But for me it was too short, but so sweet. At one time I was hoping and dreaming that with Anshuman’s passing, their story would take a spin into the likeness of “The Ghost & Mrs. Meir.” Whereby Paakhi would continue to be romanced by her husband’s spirit forever. Now that would have been charming I’m sure.

It was so adorable to watch as Paakhi softly nudged his face away from her, while they were at the temple, he could not take his eyes off her for one moment, she had to remind him to look ahead and concentrate on his prayers and not on her so much. She laughed and still has such a girlish charm and smile. It’s so amazing to see how delighted she was to be standing by his side at that moment in time. It’s like no feeling in the world when the man you love, loves you back.

I just loved it as she daydreamed while reading all the old love letters she once wrote to him as each page flew in the air and all around their bedroom. It was more than amazing to watch as she reminisced and cherished all the loving moments they shared.

Saying goodbye to such an awesome love story always brings tears to my eyes, it was a bitter sweet moment for me that’s for sure. It’s not everyday that I get a chance to be so emotional over a love story such as theirs but I will surely hold on to having had such an opportunity to witness their chemistry, fireworks, devotion, emotion and romance. Every time you saw them together it just made your heart smile. Their amazing love story will live on in my heart forevermore. Theirs was magic!

For I will always treasure the thought of Anshuman & Paakhi’s love.


English: A red rose with dewdrops Français : U...

English: A red rose with dewdrops Français : Une rose rouge avec des gouttes de rosée (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paakhi Rathore (Shraddha Arya) and Anshuman Rathore (Mohammed Iqbal Khan)



“Tumhari Paakhi Bol Na Dil Se Song”

English: I love growing Roses, hope all enjoy.

English: I love growing Roses, hope all enjoy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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