Souled Out (album)

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“Every Praise Is To Our God”


I pray a Happy, Blessed and Safe Weekend to Everyone of You!

I just want to share that today as I was spending time in worship, prayer and praising God, and as I was singing along with this song by Hezekiah Walker called “Every Praise is To Our God” I was truly being blessed with God’s strong Presence. I tell you it’s so amazing to feel God’s anointing and amazing presence in the room as you pray. I tell you I could feel His wonderful loving grace in the room and His mercy.

And so as I just kept right on giving God praise! Because He is worthy to be praised you know. I was thanking Him for every good thing, every bad thing, every situation, every trial and test in my life.

You know God loves it when we praise Him. I am so very aware that scripture says

“And we know that, for those who love God, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 (for those the called of God and of Jesus Christ.)

So it’s not just some things but in ALL things in a Christian’s life.

And so sometimes when situations appear to be hopeless, and life as we all know, if we live long enough, life can present hopeless situations. I know for myself that the same hopeless situation is only a test and an opportunity for me to exercise my spiritual muscles once again.

You see, some times things won’t always run smooth and things may not go exactly as you plan, or you’d like it to be, (someone could put a monkey wrench in your way) but it is not the time to give up! Oh no! It’s time as my mama used to say…..to hold on to the “horns of the altar” it’s time to continue to bow down pray and lay before our mighty God.

So whatever is going on in life, the fact still remains, God is worthy to be praised!

Things in this life can sometimes be extra heavy, hard and a heavy load to carry. So that’s when prayer to the almighty God is needed. He is a mighty and great big God who can handle anything we want to give over to Him. So I learned how to give every burden, every heavy load and every concern all over to Him.

Everything in this life is temporary, nothing is solid. Only God is solid. I remember this song we used to sing in church back in the day. It goes like this…. “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. All other ground is sinking sand. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness, I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly lean on Jesus name.” That song speaks volumes.

The truth is that we are all under His watchful eye and very much everything may not appear to be under his control, because it sometimes look like evil is winning. But evil is prevalent, but it is not winning, God is winning all of the time, because everything is under His control for He has us in the palms of His great big hands.

I am assured that there is nothing in my life, that can happen to me, that He is not aware of before hand and there is not one thing too hard for him to handle.

So if God chooses to fix circumstances or situations or not to fix them. I learned to continue to give Him all the Praise! If He doesn’t fix things the way I want it to go, well He is still God, and I praise Him. He knows what’s best for you and me. He is working anyway in spite of the situation or circumstance. For He is worthy of Praise!

I tell you I learn to let go and let God!

I know He is big enough, mighty and great enough to handle everything! You know, I say to myself whenever I pray about a thing that is too hard for me to bear or handle, I say…… He’s got this! God’s Got This! LOL!

So I encourage anyone and everyone to not let worry, fretting or fear be your guide or to cripple you. Stop concerning yourself over things you have no power over anyway. Mind your own business and trust Him anyway.

You may be going thru a job loss, just can’t find a job, money is low, sickness in your body, worried about the state of affairs for this country, worried about the world, afraid of EBOLA! wars, rumors of wars, relationship issues, family issues, whatever it is! If you could just have the “faith of a mustard seed” that God can handle anything when you turn it over to Him. Then the victory is sure!

So I like to trust Him, to turn over to Him all of my concerns, worries, and fears to Him. He is a big enough God to handle you, me and everything else.

And if by chance He doesn’t change a thing, or situation or circumstance, its most certainly is not that He can’t, because He can do anything He so wills to do, but what ever His will is that’s just the way it’s going to be and you, me and everyone is going to have to accept it. He knows what’s best. He is in charge.

So turning your life over to Him, sets you free to accept what ever His answer is going to be too. So just let it be. Trust Him, believe in Him. Have faith that He knows what He is doing. He’s God. All Praises To my God!

God My Savior!

God is my healer!

God is my Deliverer!

Every Praise!

Every Praise!

Every Praise!

Is to My God!



“Every Praise Is To Our God”


(I Love this video, talk about a flash mob, LOL!)

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