I just love me some Giaa Manek, she is one of my most favorite Indian T.V. actresses.

Everyone and anyone who watched her performances on Star Plus….in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya as Gopi and on Sab TV’s Jeannie Aur JuJu as Jeannie and loved her knows exactly what I mean.


Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She rose to fame on Saathiya as the sweet, beautiful, religious and submissive Gopi and unfortunately had been replaced after about two years on the show. She won the hearts of her audiences around the world and so many of her fans were so disappointed when she had left the show so abruptly. There were many broken hearts believe me I was one of them.

So it’s ONLY a wish….. but it would be so nice if she were to rejoin Saathiya for some reason. It would be quite a shock and surprise believe me! But if it happened… OMG! I am sure that the ratings of the show would skyrocket to numbers previously unknown and I say this not that the show isn’t doing well right now, because I am still a fan and am a lover of that show since day one, but for Giaa Manek to be back on Saathiya, Oh my goodness….it would be a dream come true for all of her fans I am sure. Well, I guess a girl can only dream right! LOL!

(Saath Nibhaana Saathiya will be famous forever as one of the most loved Hindi serials of all time. Star Plus really hit the nail on the head when they produced this show. It is still such an amazing show with the highest TPR ratings.)

I loved her on Jeannie Aur Juju and now she is no longer on that show, so lately she is no longer being seen on T.V. but fans like me patiently await for her reappearance on the next show…..or

whatever and whenever she will appear next.

But in the meantime…….I found some very interesting videos featuring Giaa on YouTube and fell in love with them. (So be sure if you want to watch these video’s do it now and quickly, not sure how long they will remain available.)

So here’s my shout out to Giaa.

GIAA WE WANT YOU BACK ON T.V. very soon. We Love You!


Happy Gopi


Giaa Manek at Home

(I just wish they would do some of her interviews in English)

(the lighting on the first one is not so great, too much glare so check out the 2nd one)





All her fans want her back and everyone was heartbroken but…

Is It True Giaa Manak Coming Back To Saath Nibaana Saathiya or is it only a rumor?


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4 Responses to I LOVE GIAA MANEK!

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  3. Well,sorry to upset you but…I’ve met her and…she is not the nicest person.I used to really love her too but now she is nothing but a drama queen.Devoleena is much more nicer.OMG,I’m so sorry to be disappointing you but that’s the truth soooo….yeah..

    • Oh really? But they say that some people who can pretend to be very nice sometimes are really the opposite. I mean for instance Hetal seems like such a sweet person thru out the show. I always liked her. She is like the perfect mom. Jigar is like his mom. And Hetal is so pretty too. She always has a sweet smile and personality. But Giaa does come off as a drama queen. I mean you can really tell. But people love this in their favorite actresses sometimes. I think she would be boring then. I love that she has this above ness about her. You know? But Devoleena does seem to be really nice in person for some reason. She seems to be genuine. But I know you know better then us out here because you are there being around them. But tell me, have you ever met Shah Rukh Khan in person? There are rumors that he is a drama king too. I’d like to believe he is a really sweet person. But i may be wrong about him too. But I still love him! LOL!

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