PREPPING & HOMESTEADING: Week # (5) Of My Saving Ways

I do declare! I love and enjoy everything about Prepping and Homesteading. It is so much fun! One day I am sure that I will be happy to have my life and preps just the way I desire.

But in the meantime……..

As we are striving to get there, here I go once more sharing just a few simple ways we are saving or planning to save, thanks to the knowledge gained from prepping and homesteading shows on TV, websites, books and magazines. I don’t think I would be thinking anywhere on these terms if I did not steal so many ideas from the prepping and homesteading community in general in all of my saving ways. There are so many smart people out there too who know how to save in so many ways. So I welcome any ideas anyone has out there. Please feel free to comment, I’d love to add more ways to my list. LOL! So here I go again!

1. ~~Saving On Everyday Items:

Fabric Softener

2.~~ Save On Groceries:

Snacks and Beverages

3. ~~Save On Electricity:

Washing Light Garments By Hand

4. ~~Save On Gas:

Making A Tent To Stay Warm and Quilt Making

5. ~~Save on Water

Bird Baths


1. Everyday Items:

Fabric Softener Use

We now save on fabric softener use by using vinegar in the rinse cycle or using homemade fabric softener sheets for the dryer.

1. pouring one (1) cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle (no worries the vinegar smell dissipates in the dryer) and

2. by making my own dryer sheets by pouring two (2) tablespoons of liquid fabric softener on two (2) cotton wash cloths or one (1) large old flannel pillow case. It’s good for many, many cycles. I use them until I can no longer smell or feel the softness of the softener on the clothes.

I have to tell you that I purchased one large bottle of my favorite fabric softener at the beginning of this year and I am still using the same bottle and still have more than over half a bottle left.

This is amazing!

Where has these ideas been all of my life. My family used to run thru fabric softener like crazy before we started using this trick, we used to pour 1 to 2 cups into the rinse cycle of each wash. It was a real waste of money too. Now for pennies I can use the same fabric softener soaked wash cloths for weeks and weeks of drying or pour vinegar in the rinse cycle. Sometimes I do both or alternate.

2. Groceries

A fully-mechanical snack vending machine

A fully-mechanical snack vending machine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snacks and Beverages:

We often buy our snacks and beverages in the grocery stores only when there is a sale. So that’s when I stock up on bags and boxes of snacks we know we love for sure.

But then there are times we like to make our own and that’s a cool way to get to save. So we like to make homemade potato chips, pretzels, peanut butter, sour pickles, all kinds of cookies, trail mixes, ice creams, microwave pop corn or stove top popcorn, iced coffees, sweet iced teas, various kinds of cakes and breakfast muffins sometimes.

English: Plateful of Christmas Cookies

English: Plateful of Christmas Cookies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I cannot tell you how much cheaper it is when we make our own when we are sitting around the house on the weekends. Even using one box of cake mix is so much cheaper then buying a ready made cake from the grocery store. Sometimes the cake mixes are on sale for less then a dollar too. So we are already in the habit of buying “everything we need” in bulk and as cheaply as possible without skimping on quality as well. So that even includes us buying packs of chewing gum, chocolates and hard candies in bulk and store them in the deep freezer.

So we prefer to buy the stores generic no-name brands of popcorn kernels, generic tea and coffee in bulk too. So with this we get to experiment and try to create and make most of our own snacks a little bit healthier then store brought snacks.


So whenever we bake cookies we always mix up an extra few batches to freeze, wrap the mix in wax paper and baggies, so all that’s needed is to do next go-round is to slightly thaw the dough, slice and toss cookies in the oven to bake for a few minutes then munch away!


Popcorn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We also save on making our own microwave popcorn by using the brown paper bags we already have stocked up on by filling one or two of the bags with a cup of the generic popcorn, roll the bag closed and put it in the micro or we use the stove top stainless steel popcorn popper in which we pour coconut oil in the popper, cook then drizzle some more coconut oil on top of the popcorn in a huge bowl when its done on movie night.


Iskaffe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Iced Coffee, Iced Sweet Tea and Soft Drinks:

As far as the sweet iced coffee and iced tea, we have so many thermoses on hand that I have purchased over the years, so all that’s required is to add the ice. We carry with us large thermoses or jars full of iced drinks in the cars and we like to keep two pitchers in the fridge of both to sip on thru out the day. I just dread stopping in the stores to buy iced coffee or iced tea spending money I could keep in my own pocketbook. Also there is good old “koolaid” to drink and we always find a sale going on for packs and packs of it. We jazz it up by adding some fresh lemons and limes to a pitcher full.

We recently picked up the soda machine by Soda Stream or to tell the truth we got it for free with the use of coupons (Hooray for coupons.) So it’s really great with making plain or flavored seltzers, soda’s and fizzy drinks. The best part I like is that it saves on picking up and having to store so many bottles in the house. So there are so many, many ways to save on snacks for kids and adults alike. We are like big kids in our house when it comes to snacking. LOL!

3. Electricity

Washing Light Garments By Hand

Sometimes I never have to use the washing machine….. because I like to wash out whatever I wear each night by hand in the bathroom sink or small basin. Especially since a lot of my clothing is made of very soft and comfy fabric. It is so easy to just let a few items soak in soapy water for a few minutes then to lightly scrub the cloth item between your hands or use a small sized wash board, then rinse, then add a tiny bit of fabric softener to a third rinse or a little essential oils or perfume, soaking once more, then hang the item on a hanger to dry on a line in the bathroom. Iron it the next day or so and put it away for the next times use.

Or what can be even better is to buy a hand held swivel washer for light dedicates instead of running the delicate cycle in the washing machine in which it does not make since to run an entire wash for a few items. So it can save on water use and the electric bill. One of my older sisters taught me how to do this very well. Especially if you only have one or two items that need washing right away between washing machine use. Even sometimes I forget to put an item or two in the wash and I need it the next day so I will hand wash it sometimes or just leave it till next time.

English: Open air museum Kulturen in Lund ( Sw...

English: Open air museum Kulturen in Lund ( Sweden ). Rural life: Canopy bed. Deutsch: Freilichtmuseum Kulturen in Lund ( Schweden ). Bäuerliches Leben: Himmelbett. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Save On Gas Heat

Making A Tent To Stay Warm

I learned to cover up our canopy bed with warm insulated curtains or soft light blankets to keep us warm on really very cold winter nights. And it really does work. You can use some very pretty fabric too. And of course don’t forget to cover the top of the canopy too. So I guess if you don’t have a canopy bed then a tent could still be made somehow to fit over a bed, sort of  like this one on the left. It’s quite interesting too.


Quilt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and Quilt Making

I like that there is a woman’s quilting bee in my area and so I stop in sometimes to learn how to quilt. Quilting is an amazing skill to have because you can never have enough warm covering for beds in the winter. Especially when you have overnight guests.

Also one of my friends told me that her mother never tossed old clothing because she would use the old clothes to cut in pieces to make some beautiful amazing quilts.

So these ladies at the quilting bee in my area told me that they used to grow their own cotton, pick it, gather it to use for batting (batting-goes between the two outer fabrics) to make their quilts. So I never thought of it that way and so found their stories so, so amazing. It’s so strange sometimes because you never really know what all goes into making things sometimes.

So it is my goal in life is to make from one to twenty quilts to have for myself and then a few for family and friends. It’s a huge goal since it takes a long time to make just one quilt.


5. Save on Water

A Crimson Rosella in a bird bath Canberra, Aus...

A Crimson Rosella in a bird bath Canberra, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bird Baths:

Taking daily showers each morning is a must for us, but on the weekends sometimes and at night we like to take bird baths (fill sink or basin with soapy very warm water to wash yourself) especially on the weekends when we have no plans to go anywhere special.

It is really refreshing believe it or not. We fill the basin or sink up twice. Once with soapy water to bathe then once more with clear water to rinse all of the soap off.

So doing this at night or even every other night and on the occasional weekend saves on the water bill a great deal. You would be amazed at how much money is saved by the end of the year. If you add up the gallons and gallons of water saved it could be amazing. So a bird bath here and there could save in the long run.



….and one other way we save is….. I never, never, NO NEVER LOL! ever buy an individual card in the stores unless I see a box set on sale. Most times I buy card stock in the craft store to make a quick and easy card or I use cards I’ve ordered that are really very cute by the way, box sets sold on the web. Some sets have a spiritual theme to them that I prefer and some come with mixed greetings. I feel I save so much because one greeting card in the store can cost from $2 to $5 dollars. That is so crazy right! I can buy a box set for $10 dollars filled with cards of various sizes. The 99 cent stores have some box sets too. And I like that I can always embellish a box set of cards to make them more interesting.

Also post cards are under rated. They are very useful to write a quick note and uses less postage.


Isn’t this is an excellent way to cover a canopy bed like this one in the picture below……it’s really attractive right!

So that’s it from me till next time….. Have a great weekend everyone!

English: A canopy bed seen in a restoration ho...

English: A canopy bed seen in a restoration house in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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