We belong together

and you know that I’m right,

why do you play with my heart,

why do you play with my life?

~Gladys Knight & Boys 2 Men~

End Of The Road”


The Emperor (Rajat Tokas) believes he has fallen out of love with Queen Jodha (Paridhi Sharma.) He believes he is now in love with a songstress who happens to be a married woman.

What is so astonishing about all of this is he is a very religious man and does not care about his religious rules about all of this anymore. Why he is the powerful Emperor, who can stop him from pursuing this relationship?

One of his main advisers Atgah Khan (Lokendra Rajawat) has spoken to him about this. But he told him whenever he hears her sing he becomes spellbound. He said he is aware that he is not doing the right thing and betraying his other wives including Queen Jodha. He knows he should have been with her on the hunting trip instead of bringing Atifa, but it’s not just her singing that draws him in, it’s his thoughts of her that is making him so restless. He never thought he could love anyone other than Queen Jodha but he is so attracted to Atifa and feels totally out of control.

For she is a damsel in distress and Emperor Jalal in all of his manhood feels the need to rescue Atifa from her abusive husband. He wants her to feel safe, protected and loved by him. He wants to have her all for himself.

It was bold to have taken her along with him on the hunting trip making all kinds of excuses to Queen Jodha as to why he didn’t want her to tag along with him this time. He even has a painting of Atifa in his private chamber and has fallen for her immensely.

So is it love he feels for Atifa or is it just infatuation? Has the Emperor and Queen Jodha come to the end of the road of their relationship or no?



~The Emperor Express His Feelings For Atifa~

A rose can say I love you and want you to be m...

A rose can say I love you and want you to be mine, A rose can say I thank you for being so very kind, A rose can say congratulations, whatever the occasion may be, A rose can say I miss you and wish you were here with me, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[Atifa] Your Majesty, what are you doing here so late at night?

[Emperor Jalal] I don’t know why I am here. I felt like coming to see you and that is why I am here. (Atifa takes his hand to go behind the curtain so her husband who is sleeping on the bed will not see them.)

[Atifa] you should not have come here, your Majesty.

[Emperor Jalal] Atifa

[Atifa] shhhhh, your Majesty, please don’t say anything. For God’s sake.

[Emperor Jalal] I will not say anything but what about the restlessness I feel? How can I suppress my feelings? I am not able to stop myself from coming to hear you. Atifa, I cannot stay away from you any longer. Atifa, there is a conflict between what my mind says and what my heart wants. You are a songstress. You sing songs of love. Then tell me, does a man fall in love only once in life? Doesn’t he have the right to fall in love again?

[Atifa] Your Majesty, why are you asking me this question?

[Emperor Jalal] that is because I have always felt that love did not exist in the world. I had never thought that I would fall in love. But when I fell in love, I felt that I would never feel such a strong emotion again. But now I think…..I’m in love again, Atifa.

(Atifa is shocked by what the Emperor says and is also fearful that her husband will wake up and catch her talking to him)

[Emperor Jalal] Atifa, I think that there is something that connects us. Whenever you are not with me I feel restless. And I find solace only after I’m with you. (they are gazing in each other’s eyes for a moment and then the Emperor takes her to a secluded spot close by where they can be alone for a few more minutes)

[Emperor Jalal] everything has changed Atifa. Nothing has remained the same. Do you know that Queen Jodha and I had an argument today? Earlier I used to be sad to see her upset but today it was not the same after I fought with her. I used to love her a lot.

[Atifa] and now… don’t you love her anymore?

[Emperor Jalal] I don’t know. Queen Jodha and I had differences earlier as well. But today I experienced something that I had never felt before. I feel as if I don’t love Queen Jodha anymore. (they embrace)


~& The Hunting Trip~

A red rose is often used as a symbol of social...

A red rose is often used as a symbol of social democracy, mostly adopted in the period after World War II. Tament Library: About Our Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[Emperor Jalal] Do you always cover your face?

[Atifa] no your majesty. My husband always wants me to cover my face.

[Atifa] but your husband is not here right now. And you are safe amongst the few of the most efficient guards of the Mughal empire. There’s nothing to worry about. This place is beautiful. Why don’t you look at the scenic beauty and let everyone get a glimpse of your beautiful face?

(she smiles as she pulls back her veil from her face and the emperor smiles with pleasure at the gesture)

It seems like Atifa’s attraction to Emperor Jalal is getting stronger by the day for she has found in him, someone who makes her feel loved and safe.

Two Lovers and Other Great Hits

Two Lovers and Other Great Hits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



“I’ve Got Two Loves”


Well, I’ve got two lovers and I ain’t ashamed

Two lovers and I love them both the same


Let me tell you ’bout my first lover,

he’s sweet and kind and he’s mine all mine

he treats me good like a lover should

and makes me love him

I really, really love him. Oh, I love him so

and I’ll do everything I can to let him know


But I’ve got two lovers and I ain’t ashamed

Two lovers and I love them both the same


Let me tell you ’bout my other lover,

well, you know, he treats me bad, makes me sad

makes me cry, but still, I can’t deny

that I love him, I really, really love him, Oh, I love him so

and I ‘ll do everything I can to let him know


Darlin’, well, don’t you know that I can tell

whenever I look at you that you think that I’m untrue?

‘Cause I say I love two but I really, really do.

‘Cause you’re a split personality

and in reality, both of them are you, baby, they are


Well I’ve got two lovers and I ain’t ashamed

two lovers and I love them both the same

two lovers and I ain’t ashamed








I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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