Rashi Modi (Rucha Hasbnis) Our Beloved Is Gone Forever: Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Misfortune has visited the Modi family once more. Urmilla (Vandana Vithlani) had been feeling something bad was going to happen the entire time as they searched for Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) and Rashi (Rucha Hasbnis.)

Gopi had been kidnapped by Anurag (Manoj Chandila) the children’s tutor and so Rashi came to Gopi’s rescue.

What sticks with me is how Rashi jokingly told her mom Urmilla that her phone bill might come down during the ambulance ride to the hospital.

I could hardly hold back my tears as Rashi said to Gopi “I did my part as an elder sister today.” Rashi had stepped in the line of fire as the mentally deranged Anurag had swung a metal pipe with the intention to kill Gopi but Rashi was hit with the metal pipe in her head instead.

So Rashi asked Gopi to tie “Rakhi” to her once more and for the next life too and to please take care of the family and how she was aware that Gopi has always taken care of everyone and will continue to do so.

Rashi had the chance to say her goodbyes to everyone riding in the ambulance and she did a wonderful job in doing so.

She apologized to Jiger (Vishal Singh,) saying she couldn’t be a good wife, but that he has always been a very nice husband. She also told her mother in law Hetal (Swati Shah) that she appreciated how she always made her feel like a daughter and then she asked her mom Urmilla to take care of her children Tolu/Sahir (Ishant Bhanushali) and Molu/Samar (Eklavya Ahir.)

All the while each one of them was denying she would leave just yet, that Rashi would recover, but Rashi had a feeling that her life was coming to the end, she kept saying she didn’t think she was going to be alright.

I tell you that Rashi and Urmilla were an amazing mother-daughter pair for they were inseparable. Sadly, I must say I really don’t know how Urmilla will survive after the loss of her only daughter because theirs was not just a mother and daughter relationship but they were like very close friends.

So when the paramedic said Rashi is no more, Jigar in the most excruciating way cried out her name in unbelief and my very own tears began to flow.

Back home in the Modi Mansion, their Baa Janko (Aparna Kanekar) really took the news very hard and so when she fell to the floor in agony and grief, I cried right along with her too.

The loss this family will have to go thru is so painful to watch and everyone was crying out in grief, pain, and distress at the loss of their beloved daughter.

I really feel sorry for Gopi though because her sensitive heart is the one who will take it the hardest and I just hope and pray for her sake she never blames herself for Rashi’s death because it really was not her fault at all. It was the kid’s tutor who is to blame for her death. But I know Urmilla will be just the one to blame Gopi because that’s just how Urmilla is. And in a scene for the next show has Urmilla doing just that.

So I say it’s time out for finger-pointing and trying to use Gopi as the scapegoat all of the time. She is a human being and has feelings just like everyone else. Gopi does not need that kind of guilt put on her right now. She is hurting just as much as everyone else. Actually, I really hope that none of them blame themselves for this tragedy that has hit home once more.

I think it was a good idea for Baa Janko to have Ms. Savitha Ben their next-door neighbor come to take Tolu, Molu, and Vidya (Palak Panchal) to her house and away from all that happened for the time being. It’s amazing how this family is so protective of the children.

Well people, there will never be another Rashi and there will always be a void in the show since Rashi is gone. Tonight’s episode was explosive and it was horrifying to watch as the tutor swung that pipe that killed her and to witness Rashi falling down a flight of stairs.

I tell you I had used my entire box of tissues tonight and then some because I boohooed along with Jigar, Urmilla, Kokila (Rupal Patel,) Baa Janko, Hetal, Kijal (Firoza Khan,)

Grandmother, Madhu (Jaya Ojha,) Ms. Savita Ben, Paridhi, Gopi’s Uncle Jeetu (Urmila’s Husband/Gopi’s uncle,) Ahem Gee (Mohammad Nazim,) Dhaval (Ashish Sharma,) and poor little sweet Meera (Mazel Vyas.)

I just don’t want to believe that Rashi Modi is gone from us forever.


cool flowers

cool flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Entire Cast

Lovey Sasan as Paridhi Mehta

Bhavini Purohit as Radha Kapadia

Jaya Ojha as Madhu Kapadia

Firoza Khan as Kinjal Desai

Ashish Sharma as Dhaval Desai

Vandana Vithlani as Urmila Shah

Jeetu (Rashi’s father/Gopi’s uncle)

Eklavya Ahir as Samar Modi

Bhanushali Ishant as Sahir Modi

Palak as Vidya Modi

Mazel Vyas as Meera Modi

Aparna Kanekar as Janko Modi (“Baa”)

Swati Shah as Hetal Modi

Neeraj Bharadwaj as Chirag Modi

Rupal Patel as Kokila Modi

Manish Arora as Parag Modi

Rucha Hasbnis as Rashi Modi

Vishal Singh as Jigar Modi

Devoleena Bhattacharjee as Gopi Modi

Mohammad Nazim as Ahem Modi

Manoj Chandila as Anurag (teacher/tutor)


Flowers 4

Flowers 4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sanjeev Bhatt as Jayanti Kapadia (2013 -2014)

Giaa Manek as Gopi Modi (2010-2011)

Jyostasana Karyekar as Janko Modi (2010-2011)

Saath Nibhana Saathiya started in May 2010 to present


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  7. ritalove says:

    i love this movie

  8. mistura says:

    lyk seriously I lov diz story frm d beging to did end…ad d actress did vry well…especially my one ad only best frd gopi….I lov her xo much…..

  9. shahuda says:

    I love Gopi
    I love Ahem very very much he doing goooooooooooood in this film wow I like him!

  10. I can’t wait to see your TMI tag.I just love tags and everything!So yeah,we have no idea what might the writers be planning about the Radha track because after hers and Gopi’s conversation with Gopi trying to change Radha.That epi aired today right?Or yesterday?I don’t know,but we filmed it on Monday so yeah.

    • The tragedy of the track where Pari is thrown out of the house and whole family turns against her.Hetal and Gopi start hating her,and thus they throw her out with Kokila.

    • Oh no sorry sorry wrong script.Gopi will leave Modi Bhavan with Paridhi and an accident will happen.Therefore,that tragedy will show the true face of Vivaan in front of everyone and everything will sort out.Oh god,I cannot tell you how dramatic the following sequences will be.There will be so much drama and frustration.

      • Okay so let me explain as this can get confusing as there is a lot of drama!So Jigar realizes his love for Pari and plans a surprise for her as he wants to say I love you to her.He also sets up the whole surprise with balloons,roses,and a special snow globe.Pari thinks Vivaan has set up the surprise and as a thank you,he begs her to hug him at least once.Thus,she hugs him and then Jigar and the rest of the family see everything.Jigar is heartbroken and refuses to listen to Pari.The snow globe falls out of Pari(my)hands in shock.It breaks and she runs after Jigar but Koki holds her hand.Hetal is frustrated and accuses Paridhi for ruining her son’s new life he wanted to start.She starts hating her to the core and she and Kokila throw her out of the house along with Vivaan.Everyone turns against Paridhi.But Gopi still trusts Paridhi and secretly goes to get her back.She comes back to the house with Pari(me)and tells Kokila to let her stay here as she is sure it is all a misunderstanding.But Koki refuses and tells Gopi she has to choose between Paridhi and the family.Gopi chooses Pari and leaves with her.After all that,Koki finds out that Gopi had an accident and therefore,she is extremely worried on hearing that and her health starts deterioting.Okay,……….all I can say is……..you will not resist this drama without 20 boxes of tissues.I know I would fall apart watching all we shot today.We all stayed on set much more later than usual to finish these scenes.I cried a lot today as Paridhi.I am one of those people that as an actor,I feel my character’s hurt.So I just let the tears flow naturally so I don’t need glycerine most of the time.LOL!But yes,so tomorrow will be an even more dramatic day of shot the director has informed us!I wonder what drama we will have to film our way through again.LOL!Who knows!

      • OMG! I cannot wait to catch up and see all of this. Anyway sounds like this guy is really causing a lot of problems.

      • Oh God!I am so tired right now.I have been running,sweating,screaming.Well,here is the track we filmed today:so basically as you know,Gopi chooses Pari and leaves with her.After that,in the night,as Paridhi(me)walks alone on the street,there is a masked guy that is following me(which you can tell who it is……Vivaan).Gopi and Urmila help Paridhi.As the three of them(we)are looking for an auto rickshaw and when they finally find one,Pari goes in and as Gopi and Urmila are about to climb in too,the driver speeds up the rickshaw and therefore drives off with only Paridhi inside.As you can probably tell by now,of course the driver is Vivaan!Doing this as his intention to kidnap Pari.Gopi and Urmila run after the auto trying to save her(me).In the process,Gopi gets run over by!As Pari will still get kidnapped,Jigar will come to save her.We haven’t filmed that sequence yet.As of now,the writers have not decided whether or not to have Gopi in a coma or dead.Either one of those!And then next the drama is not done yet as Paridhi also risks her life.Wow!You really need a huge box of tissues and make sure to not let your eyes fall of while seeing all this drama and despair.I wish you luck!I can’t wait to see how our scenes will come out on TV,again we stayed up extremely late too and you guessed it,we are still here but I am just waiting for my scene to come on.We actors usually don’t get the time to watch our own show but I know I will tonight just for curiosity!

      • Oh no! Please I hope they don’t have Gopi killed!

      • I cannot believe all of this is happening with the show. Where will Pari and Gopi go? Will they be staying at Armilla’s house.

      • And also make sure to check my blog as I have posted several new posts.Just click on my name above over there 👆.On LoveyOfficial and it will take you directly to my blog.😄

      • Kokila will get arrested for Gopi’s accident and Jigar will save Paridhi from Vivaan when he success in kidnapping her!

    • I know,it’s so big you could even write a whole post about it!Of course once you see it.😄👍But yes,so the epi where Jigar sees Pari hugging Vivaan actually aired today as I watched half of it to take a look at my performance even though I barely have the time!😄

  11. Why yes,and he will really annoy Pari and let’s just say he has become insane in her love.He is kind of crazy in her love,even though she knows Paridhi is married.Anyways,so tomorrow is Christmas,yay!Happy Christmas to you!I really do love American holidays,they just seem so fun and amazing.We Indians(only if we want to)can celebrate Christmas with some fake small Christmas trees and gifts from families,friends,or fans.I put a very cute small fake Christmas tree with colorful lights and gorgeous globes.😄

    • Oh wow really, its going to be like that! He will be crazy in love with you…(Pari). I like when a man goes crazy in love for you…LOL! Na I am only kidding. But this should be exciting though. Thank you so much for your Christmas wish too.

      • Yes,you know,life has always something crazy waiting for you.I feel like that is what most soap operas represent( though sometimes they can get unrealistic or too stretched).For example,the annoying neighbors or the funny story with Aunt Mani’s birthday cake I posted on my blog.Something crazy is always awaiting.Ha ha..😄!Anyways,so yes,I see you really do love the holidays,well that is absolutely great.😄I feel like Christmas is very big,and worldwide.You are very lucky to have worldwide,known holidays.Some people may not be familiar with Indian holidays.LOL:)!😄

      • LOL! yeah you are right. LIFE…..but what about Mani’s birthday cake?

      • LOL!My blog has all of the recent crazy stories that happened to me!It’s insane! Haah!😊

      • Ok I am going to check. Any more news about the neighbors?

      • Oh,you have not seen the post with the funny story that happened to me with my aunt’s birthday cake?It is on my blog,so you can go and check.😄:)So yes,life just is always crazy.Look at Paridhi with her ex-boyfriend Vivaan back.Ha ha,LOL!It really is fun shooting those scenes.

      • Yes, just finished reading your funny story. I could not stop laughing. You have a special way of telling a thing. Too bad the man sold your cake to someone else.

      • That would be a pleasure.You are most welcome to my blog anytime:)!😄👍And about the neighbors,I have been considering the idea of just closing the windows and not opening the door anymore whenever I am home alone.But when my parents are home,they will always have someone or themselves open the door.So yes,that is a real bummer,but at least it has gotten less since I can be home alone many times,so Ic an do whatever my heart desires.LOL!That sounded straight out of a kiddie movie:)!😄Ha ha!Anyways,I really do appreciate you asking though.😄And do not worry,they will stop sooner or later.LOL!:))😄👍

      • Thanks so much. Yep I am happy you decided to deal with those neighbors the way you are. It really doesn’t make sense to allow them to continue to aggravate you in any way.

      • Aww…thanks.I’m glad you liked my post.It takes long time to write these,but it’s fun.It does seem like you haven’t noticed many of my posts.LOL!But that is completely fine,you can go and check them out anytime you wish.So tell me,have you seen my preview of interview,rapid fire,and main naa bhoolungi posts?Just wondering,because I am sure you will like them quite much:).😄

      • Yes,one way or another,I will get rid of these neighbor’s constant stalking.:)😄LOL!Anyways,I remember you telling me that you had an annoying neighbor once as well and that you dealt with her somehow.What was your story?Maybe I can get even better ideas from you dealing with her.LOL!

      • So what was your annoying neighbor story?😄

      • It’s a long story, 🙂 but she is annoying and very pushy. I had to fight fire with fire. LOL! I just turned the tables on her and started acting just like she was acting with me. And it worked. She became annoyed and backed off. LOL!

      • OMG!That is such a good idea!I will definetely do that!Thank you very much!Anywyas,so what did you think of yesterday’s epi of Saathiya?Oh and also make sure to go check out the TMI Tag I posted on my blog right now.I just know you will love it!😄

      • So what have you thought of the storyline so far?We just filmed the upcoming storyline where the big tragedy happens and the whole Vivaan track is pretty coiled up.They decided to make it a bit longer than usual.So therefore,Vivaan will be seen in the story for a pretty long time now.😄And do you know what the 50 questions from the TMI tag are so you can do yours?

  12. Yayyyy!I figured out how to do it!If you need help with this then I can help you!Watch my interview post!I just posted it and enjoy!😄👍

    • So basically the next storyline is that Gopi and Koki save the kids but when they get to the temple they are shocked to find out that Radha has already married Jigar legally with a priest in the temple!

      • Oh well,what can we do?I’m pretty sure they will untangle the whole storyline with Radha and end it soon.LOL!BTW,did you see my new posts?

      • LOL! I sure as hell hope they do. I am sure I am not the only one hating on Radha. She is so disgusting. I am serious too. I just never liked her since she became so evil. I just cannot see how they want to hook Jigar up with her.

      • Bhavini is very sweet offscreen but I can tell why you hate her character.BTW,I totally forgot to ask you about that new cable,sorry about that!I just have so many things to do and I’m so busy in set and everything so I forget things now.Anyways,so did you get your new cable yet?How is it?Do they have the Indian channels you had before on your old cable?😄

      • Yep she probably is very sweet no doubt. Oh no problem about the cable, so we did cut our bill in half by downsizing so many channels to very basic and kept the Indian channels. I found It’s cheaper to to keep cable for the Indian channels then to go thru Roku. And you still get the news 4 my husband. But we did get Roku 2 anyway and it’s just something more that’s free and can make up for the channels we gave up. We really don’t miss those channels since we are keeping $100 dollars in our pockets each month instead. I really wish we could not be so dependent on TV. I wish we could go back to the old days when TV was totally free. Anyway we keeping it this way for now. Thanks for asking.

      • Your welcome,and so does that mean you didn’t see Saathiya in the last days?

      • Oh yeah, I am kinda slow keeping up sometimes. But watching these shows are what keep me sane and happy.

      • Aww,that’s such a sweet thing to say.I know how it is when you can never keep up with these shows.Anyways,so did you see my new posts?I’m absolutely sure you’ll love them and make sure you scroll down a lot because I posted many things during my break day!😄

      • Great.BTW,my break day is only on Sundays.Lucky to have at least one break day! Other sets have none!

      • What? You only get one day off a week. Wow! That must be kind of hard on you. And you say other sets have no days off. That is too hard to believe. I always say that the actors and actresses of Indian cinema are the hardest working people in the industry. You are so amazing to do all of this too. It’s such a huge commitment.

      • Thank you!😄And yes we all are very committed to the show.Well,it is hard work,and it’s very tiring but it’s worth it.😄

      • So sorry again for the late reply,but I never forget to keep you updated.Ha ha😄Anyways,so remember the scene where Radha gets slapped by the jail women?Well,let’s just say that by accident,Bhavini actually got slapped by that lady.LOL!It was very funny though and she was fake-crying all along!😄You have no idea how hilarious are bloopers and cut scenes are.Funny memories are always a gift to the heart to remember.😄Anyways,so as you have seen,Rashi achaar is back and Jigar and Paridhi are actually starting to get along.Slowly,maybe even Jigar will realise that he has to move on now,and Paridhi will realise what the meaning of love really is,not just for the money.And so Gopi saved the product of Rashi Achaar before Radha could put her name and photo on there. LOL!😄So have you seen all the videos I posted a while ago?

      • Yes, I was so happy when Gopi exposed Radha trying to put her name over Rashi Pickles (Achaar). So I wonder will the family start refocusing on it’s sale again. I was so happy when those jail woman jumped on Radha. Whoooo it was so good to see her get a taste of her own medicine for a change. No I have not seen your videos but will go see.

      • I’m really happy you liked the storyline so far.Oh and yes,you should go see because I just reached 20 posts yay!😄So make sure to scroll down my blog and I mean a lot!😄There are many stuff and if you haven’t seen the posts I posted a while ago then make sure to check them out,also!😄Anyways,so as you know so far about the whole achaar drama,the upcoming storyline is that Radha’s exposure is coming soon.That is all we got informed about from the writers.We actors,don’t really know that much about upcoming storylines so it’s usually a big surprise for us because we find out while we are actually filming it and doing the script and everything.LOL!😄So the way I was telling you about the upcoming storylines was usually after we shot the sequences.I would say that the episode airs kind of a week after we film it,I think.Lol!😄

      • i didn’t know they keep the actors in the dark. I thought you all get the scrip way ahead of time. But I guess it would be too much to cram in. But I am so happy you tell me the storyline ahead of time, so at least I can be prepared for what’s coming which is so cool. I wish I knew about a lot of my other favorite shows too. Saathiya is my top show and favorite of them all. So Christmas is right around the corner. I wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year! 🙂

      • Merry Christmas to you too!😊🎅🎄So yes it does happen like this and what are your favorite shows because I may know many actors from Star Plus because everyone from Star Plus go to these events for Star Plus(once again,😄)and so basically we are friendly and familiar with all of the actors.I could tell how they are like in real life,or about their shows if it would make you happy.😄So anyways,I am so sorry to bother you asking once again but have you seen my latest posts along with another 3 videos from my interview and of example the post with the funny story and rapid fire or many posts.Sorry,I know I have asked this just a bunch of times but I just want to make sure you haven’t missed anything.So just keep on scrolling down even after the videos and see what you can find that you did not see,LOL!😊:)Anyways,so I’ve been to Christmas celebration in New York once and let me just tell you that I was so fascinated to see the amazing things there during Christmastime.It really is a treat living in America during the holidays!:))😄

      • Thanks so much. And I sure will stop by and check out what’s new on your blog. So since you experienced a NY Christmas then you know how amazing it can be in the city on the holidays.

      • Yes it really is amazing,so what did you think of today’s epi of Saathiya?And I must say that the writers don’t even know who to bring in as Paridhi’s “secret admirer”.Who knows what actor they will choose or who will they bring back.LOL!

      • Your getting a “secret admirer” sounds interesting and will bring a nice twist to the story. I wonder who this tall dark and handsome man will be? I am so excited! anyway kinda caught up with Christmas doings lately….so no time to watch my shows but I do intend to catch up soon.

      • Ok,so it has been finalized from the writers about the upcoming storyline:Shresth Kumar is entering the show and will therefore play Paridhi’s ex-boyfriend.He will enter the Modi house as Ahem’s client for the architecture sketch which Paridhi helped Ahem.Paridhi(I)will be seen falling from the ladder while decorating the house and he will catch me.LOL!In all of this drama,Jigar will get jealous and after a lot of drama,Jigar will eventually realise his love for Pari.

      • Say What! Shresth Kumar who Thakur Digvijay made marry Amoli (Supriya Kumari) from Rishtey TV’s “Bairi Piya” is coming to Saathiya as your “Secret Admirer” Gosh I love that show! For a minute there I thought you was gonna say that hunk Sharad Kelkar (Thakur Digvijay) was to be your “secret admirer” that man is hot, hot, Hot! I love his take charge ways. If he was coming to Saathiya, I knew that was too good to be true. LOL!

      • Oh,so you know him?Well,that’s really impressive how you keep up with Indian television and know all of the latest things,and many actors,while still being American.That really is impressive.Anyways,so yeah,today’s epi aired with his entry.How did you like it?😄

      • OMGosh! I loved it. I like this character/role he is playing much better then when he was in Bairi Piya, and don’t get me wrong he was excellent in Bairi Piya, he seems so versitile because he is so believable.

  13. Well,I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but thank you very much for wishing me on Thanksgiving.Can you tell me more about his holiday?I’m very curious.LOL!😄All I know is that you get to have a huge dinner with turkey.Anyways,happy Thanksgiving to you though!😄👍Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving! We do celebrate Christmas though(not religiously but as in a holiday I guess😊).Anyway,so basically as you know so far in the storyline,Meera and Vidya get kidnapped and so Gopi and Koki save them and rush to stop Jigar and Radha’s marriage( which is legal because Radha threatened Jigar)💁.Anyway,so how is America?I’ve been there twice,once in the summer and once in the winter.😊I can you tell you stuff about India if you are interested.😄

    • Oh and also,may I ask how you upload videos onto WordPress?Because remember the Aunt Esther one which you uploaded.How did you do that?I went on YouTube and looked up a video of me on set and there you go!I want to put that into one of my posts….please help!😄

    • Hi! TG is just a day of thanks. Celebrated with lots of delicious foods. So you do celebrate Christmas, that’s cool. I think most people like Christmas even if it’s not their religious belief because it’s just a warm fuzzy holiday. But I just think it causes a lot of people to over spend and become depressed for one reason or another. I don’t understand the vastness of the holiday and how it swings from one extreme to another. But mostly I love it because it’s our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ birthday celebration. And yeah I am so upset with Radha these days, she is always up to no good. And America is amazing! So many places to go sightseeing. So you came in two seasons that must have been a shock to see the snow in the winter. LOL!

      • Yes indeed…..I really love snowfall.Once,we went to this function and it was winter but it never ever snows in Mumbai,so they made it fake-snow at the function.I has throwing “snow” at my sister and friends.It was really amazing!And I honestly wish there could be a colder season here too.It gets boring just being extremely hot and humid all the time.And in the summer,it gets so hot up to 115 degrees,believe it or not?Anyways,so I am glad you like aloof your holidays.American holidays are fabulous and I terribly wish I could get to celebrate them too.😄And that is so sweet,I love when people respect and love their religion a lot,it makes me feel good inside even though it’s not the same religion.LOL!😄Anyways,so yes,there are food stands all over India where you can eat tons of delicious foods and snacks but I wouldn’t advise you to eat form the street food stands because I am pretty sure you don’t have the stomach for that.Many tourists get sick after eating it,but we Indians are used to it and our stomach has absolutely no problem and we never get sick from them.I’ve always considered it very weird though,because it is the human body and it’s weird how it will work differently according to nationality.LOL!😄And as for sightseeing,there are many places to explore through India so you just don’t know where to start first(at least that’s what tourists say)so get a tour guide!Lol!😄👍💁And make sure to check out my blog.I have many new posts that I think you will like.

      • There are people who live in America who never seen snow. It’s really so pretty and fun. I guessed that the street food would take getting used to. I heard about how some people get sick when they are not used to eating street food.

    • I am always interested in India and wish I could be there like yesterday. Mostly I want to sight see and eat all the delicious foods.

  14. OMG!I am sooo sorry I didn’t reply for such a long time!I’ve had a hectic schedule!Being an actress is more timiring and harder than it looks.LOL!😄Anyways,I am back and I’ll update you one some new stuff in the storyline!😊So what will happen next is that Kokila will break all relations with Gopi for taking Paridhi’s side when Jigar decided he wants to leave the house with her.And also,Radha will try to kill Pari and set it on fire as she will get blamed for setting the temple on fire.

    • Welcome back friend! I could just imagine what it’s like, but it’s all worth it, right, LOL! 🙂 And Radha is going to get enough nerve to kill Pari, I can’t believe it. That Radha makes you want to choke her. But I noticed they have made her look better. Because she was looking awful. I am glad they will know she was the cause of the fire.

      • Yes,I’m glad you understand! LOL!It’s pretty crazy,I don’t even have time for myself.Barely.LOL!😄😄Anyway,so no,Paridhi will get blamed for setting the temple on fire,not Radha.And as Gopi and Koki,Gopi falls to her feet,but Kokila goes very harsh and breaks all replationships with her.And Ahem supports Kokila because of course,he has always been very stupid and let Kokila take over his life and take control of everything.Anyways,so whose side are you on this time,Koki V.S. Gopi?Oh and yeah,Radha finds out about Urmila and kidnaps her.Sorry,there’s just so many updates I forget to tell you them all!LOL!😄

      • Now I know why some people step away from acting for a while after doing the show for years. I am sure it is a lot of hard work. So Paridhi will be blamed instead of crazy Radha. OH NO! Koki and Gopi will have another falling out between them. Yeah Ahem is definate a momma’s boy. But it’s so cool to see how he sticks by his mom like he does. I don’t know if I want to choose sides this time because Pari is being blamed falsely. Cant they see everytime Radha comes around there is trouble. I wish they would kick her out if anyone. Radha is going to kidnap Urmilla. I don’t believe that! Urmilla is too smart for that. LOL! OMG yes there is a lot of updates indeed. But I love it all. LOL! Have a happy Thanksgiving….oops if you follow that holiday, i dont know.

  15. Thank you so much for the lovely support.Next in the storyline,Radha will fake being pregnant but as Pari will save everyone from Radha and therefore,Jigar will accept her as well.😊

    • Now that much I figured she would try. Being pregnant….oh no! It was enough that Jigar must have gotten sick knowing it was her he slept with and not Pari. If Pari can save them from Radha it would be amazing indeed.

      • Yeah and here’s the upcoming storyline:The whole Modi family and Urmila get in favor of Paridhi and they all plan to throw Radha out by staging Urmila’s death which is fake and so they blame the whole thing on Radha.It’s kind of like the Umang thing to teach Radha a lesson.And then everyone will like Pari and even Jigar will eventually accept her for real.Oh and by the way,sorry if I don’t reply right away but I’m very busy with the shooting that I have to do and I literally have to work all day on set!So sorry about that!LOL!😄😊

      • Are you kidding? It’s so nice that you are keeping me updated at all on the show. I appreciate that. There’s no rush ever because I am not going anywhere. LOL! and so this is all good news because I cannot believe they allowed Radha to move back in at all. They are such push overs. I was hoping Pari and Jigar will get closer anyway so I look forward to that. That Urmila is always up to something crazy. She has to be the funniest character of the show. Love her.

  16. An not only intimate,but also he gets married to her.Radha stands by Jigar and so now Jigar and Radha are a couple.Paridhi is leaving the show.The writers gave me the news that they consider Radha and Jigar as a couple better.Oh well,sometimes life just….you know…you gotta do what you gotta do.It was a very amazing experience for me and I wished it could last longer but…that’s not possible.Literally crieing right now.But I’m not showing my sadness to anyone on set.I don’t want to create any drama.I know what you’re thinking that why should I be crieing,I mean,It’s not like I got fired or anything,it’s just that this is just the way they have decided the storyline.Looks like all those scenes for the leap is useless now.

    • OMG! This is the funniest thing…..! I understood completely wrong whatever my director said,he was like,Whaaaatt?Actually,yes,Radha will come in between Paridhi’s and Jigar’s marriage and say that she is Jigar’s wife now,not Paridhi(which is a lie).And pushes Pari away,and stands by Jigar as he takes off her pallu(the scarf where face is covered with,that’s what a pallu is if you didn’t know😄)and then of course now it’s Pari’s mission to save the Modi family from Radha’s dirty revenge as she wants to destroy everyone.So that way,Paridhi will win everybody’s trust and therefore become a permanent character!Yay!So happy right now!LOL! I am so stupid sometimes!😃

      • whew! I was about to say something awful! LOL! If they were going to have Radha marry Jigar I was going to quit the show for a minute. Who wants to see that for the rest of the show. Hell no! LOL! I am glad they are keeping you on. Thank goodness!

      • A pallu is a scarf that covers the entire head and face. Thanks for that information I am excited to learn something new everyday. I am so happy that you will become a permanent character in the show now. But I am kinda sad because I soon might have to give up watching all my favorite serials I love, because we are switching from cable to Roku. In case you didn’t know it’s an entertainment media streaming company. It really cuts high cable bill costs for people. For us it would be almost $200 savings per month. But I am going to miss my shows terribly. My only wish is that Starplus, Zee TV and Lifeok would come over to Roku because so many channels are doing it. We have to buy three boxes first. One Roku 3, and two Roku 2, both boxes and a couple of HD antennas. So I don’t know how much longer it will be before we make the switch but when ready I will let you know. I will have to check in with you from time to time to keep updated. I will let you know once the changes are in place.

      • Oh my goodness,well,that’s a very big bummer,but you know you can also order the channels if they don’t have them.You can add channels,so yeah….tell me when you’re switching so I could give you more advice on it LOL!Anyways,so yes,hopefully so far you have seen what is going on with the Radha track.😊Now you have to wait and watch,which will Jigar choose?😄Oh,and the following storyline is that Paridhi will get accepted by everyone once she saves everyone from Radha.

      • Oh really, well once we get Roku we are going to try it out for a month or two before we let go of the cable all together. That would be great if I could order the channels I want. I will see. Anyway, I will let you know as soon as I get it up and running. Yes I been watching the Radha, ugh! that girl gives me the creeps. I sure hope Jigar chooses the pretty one. He’s not on crack. LOL!

      • Oh and yes,if you couldn’t tell,Radha is not helping Gopi because the writers have decided to change up the script up a bit,so she is here to take her evil revenge!

      • I knew Radha was not going to help Gopi in no shape or form. I hope Radha doesn’t harm them too badly.

      • BTW,I have been checking the web lately about what people think of the show,and I have been seeing that they prefer Radha and Jigar more than Paridhi and Jigar because they hate Paridhi even more than Radha.What is Paridhi doing so wrong that they hate her even more than Radha?That really hurt my feelings,It’s consoling time.😔

      • Oh no! That has to be a big lie. Anyone with a good set of eyes can see that Paridhi (you) and Jigar make a better looking couple. Girl you have style. I loved that royal blue pants and top you were wearing. Blue looks so good on you. and red and yellow….LOL! But Radha, nothing looks good on her. I cannot see Jigar and Radha together. I would quit watching the show myself believe me, go on strike! LOL! if those two were to get together. Even though they been trying to make her face up a bit so she doesn’t look so bad. She still looks bad. LOL! Oh don’t you worry things will shift. Anyone with good sence should know that fact. I felt so sorry for Paridhi (u) when she had to fight to make everyone llivin up at her engagement party. and then had to fall out with everyone because the ring was missing.

      • Tell me how do you give a dog new life. Impossible! Don’t fall for it. I think you are a good catch for Jigar. Looking at you two gives hope for the future. I used to love watching how loving Jigar was to Rashi. He appears to have a soft spot for you too and I can see you and his romance taking off one day in the future. Radha looks like an old ragga muffin. Please let them be mad. It’s only a few saying that but I bet if you took a real poll, nobody wants to see fine looking Jigar with a river rat. LOL!

  17. Yes,so here’s the upcoming storyline:Radha will try to help Paridhiet married to Jigar even though Paridhi doesn’t know it,but actually Radha is secretly helping Gopi!But that will fall extremely bad on Gopi as everyone will get on Paridhi’s side and go against Gopi for getting Radha’s help.

    • This all sounds very confusing. They must be hard up for new ideas and actors because they brought that same ole crazy Radha back on the show. How is she supposed to help Gopi and it cause Gopi problems later. Well I guess I will have to wait and see. Gosh I am so glad there are other shows to watch now since this Radha character is back. I know there has to be more people who don’t like her at all. I am glad they covered up her face though…..LOL! But they are still showing her face underneath the head covering which defeats the purpose. I wish they would just not show her face at all. LOL! Ha….ha…ha…ha…..LOL!

      • What will happen next is Jigar hugs Paridhi when they will be home alone and they will become romantic while Radha takes Paridhi and makes her drink something so she faints and Jigar is also in a kind of uncoinsious state.Radha puts on Rashi’s saree,pretends to be her and comes close to Jigar as Jigar thinks it is Paridhi and becomes intimitive with her.Radha records the whole thing!!

      • Oh no! Jigar gets intimate with ugly Radha! This is horrible. I am about to get sick! Yeah he has to be drugged to go with her. This is bad news……oh this is so horrible.

  18. Okay so upcoming track is that Jigar will get impressed by Paridhi and will accept her as he is starting to like Paridhi.Therefore,Paridhi will hear this and will be happy on hearing this.😄

    • Whooo Hoooo! Yeah! I think that you both will make a good couple anyway! YES….this is good news.

      • And another upcoming track is that as you know,Paridhi isn’t really in love with Jigar and just wants his money.Therefore,here is the point when Radha will come back.Radha will come back in Modi house as a maid who refuses to uncover her face.The maid will be seen secretly talking to Paridhi.But here’s the twist,Paridhi doesn’t know what Radha did to the family before and so Paridhi thinks it’s just someone who has know this family for years and could help her out in getting all the money.😊

      • What! That’s crazy, but just like Rashi,,,,And you say Radha is coming back…OH NO! not again. But thank God she is going to be covered. Yeah that will work!

  19. Okay so the upcoming storyline is…….Paridhi saves Gopi from fire and gets injured.Gopi hugs Paridhi and accepts her,everyone in the family is slowly accepting Paridhi.😄

    • Oh no…actually there’s a little switch the writers decided to make…Gopi will still not accept Paridhi but has to hug her.Gopi is still thinking to kick her out even though Pari this time she didn’t do anything wrong.Gopi is starting to see things in the wrong way….LOL!😄

    • That sounds good! I guess they might as well accept Pari because like Kokila says….she did not want Jigar to wind up becoming like Ahem did without Gopi for all those years. I mean Jigar is really a mess right now. Its to be expected too. I just feel so sorry for him half the time. Poor fellow, he really does miss Rashi. He really did love her a lot.

      • Yup.Anyways,so do you think so far?The writers try to make me look so bad and negative,but Paridhi is really not that way.She’s just a young girl and she doesn’t understand life as much yet.Her only parent was her father who always left her for bussines trips.She’s very confused in life because she just doesn’t know what she wants.LOL!But yeah,everything will be cleared out soon.😄

      • That’s good. I just think your laugh is so cute. LOL! And even though they make you seem bad or negative……it’s not so bad. Because of your upbeat and cheerful ways. They were so smart how they slipped you up in there to replace Rashi. Because if you didn’t tell me what was about to happen half the time I really would have thought it was slick. It would be nice if your father would stop in to visit you there in the Modi mansion. Because I am so curious about him for some reason. anyway I think you are doing a fabulous job. I cannot wait day to day. I just wish they would make the show an hour long. It’s the top show and people just cannot get enough. Zee TV does it all the time with their shows like Tumhari Paakhi although i am upset that they took Anshuman out of the show. And they have hour long show in Gustakhi Dil with Laajo. Also I am so glad that the overall appearance of the shows on Star plus are much clearer and the english subtitles are back to normal where you could read them better. Everybodys clothing looks amazing! I love they way they are dressing you guys up. I loved your dress and sari and Gopi, Kokila and Hetal look so amazing! I love those sari’s.

  20. Oh and one more shocking thing…Gopi will slap Paridhi.Agree with Gopi or not?The promo was Gopi VS Paridhi.LOL!

  21. Pingback: The New Hot Couple: Ahem and Gopi Win As Mr. & Mrs. Rajkot on Saath Nibhaana Saathiya | lovelyseasonscomeandgo

  22. Oh and here’s the upcoming storyline….so Paridhi really doesn’t love Jigar,she was doing all of this so she get the money and property of Modi paarivar just like Rashi once she got married there.Jigar and Paridhi will get officially married during Navratri!😄

    • She doesn’t really love him. OH NO! Well it figures. But I am glad that you two will get officially married. But what is Navratri? What holiday is that. I just cannot keep up with these holidays. One guy told me there is a new holiday every month in India. I wonder how true that is. So she only wants the property and money. It seems like that’s what Radha wanted at first with her dead husband Umang right. And of course Urmilla was happy to get in with the Modi money by marrying Rashi to Jigar at first.

      • Oh,Navratri is a holiday where we celebrate the first day of lunar month.And as for what that guys told you I would say very often but not exactly every month,and there are different such as different cultures like Hindu,Gujarati,Muslim,Marathi,and many more.😊Anyways,so guess what?Did you notice what’s going to happen next in the storyline?Well,now the cat is lost and Paridhi is telling Urmila that if they don’t find out,she should at least get a same looking cat.Remember when Kokila’s mother gave Rashi that puppy and then she lost it.Urmila told her to buy a same looking one.😄

      • that cat is so cute. Ms. Savida loves drama.

  23. Oh and yes,it’s Divya not Diva.LOL!😄

  24. No no,don’t worry!I’m not going anywhere,you didn’t get my joke.😄I know,it was really complicated,Anyways so..:I can stay because the director said I am a really good actress and they need me to keep me the show alive.😄I’m so happy I get to stay…I was getting super nervous to find out the answer though…YAYYYYY!!!!

    • HOORAY!!!!! YAYYYYY! you get to stay. I am so happy for you. I am always laughing at you and the things you do on the show. You are really very funny. I am always laughing. You liven up the show. I guess they are starting to realize it now huh. I am so glad that they do.

      • I know,right?I am so happy too…I didn’t want to stop my time to shine so fast.And guess what?Since they are busy rewriting some scripts they decided…..to not bring Radha back!Many people hate her and people will just stop watching the show if she comes back so they decided that they will bring Radha back at some point but right now is way too early.

      • Hooray! No More Radha. She is just plain UGLY! We don’t want to see her anymore…..not ever….no never….ever again. LOL! If they bring her back get someone to play her role and let her be prettier PLZEEEE! She is an eyesore….lol!

  25. Awww,your soooo sweet!Thank you so much!😄I’m really glad you like me in the show.Anyway,they said tomorrow they will decide whether or not I will still be in the show.I’m getting nervous…..

    • Divya please try to be calm though…..I am trying to understand what they are doing to the fans. Don’t they think we have enough trauma. Rashi is gone and they introduce you into the show and now they want to snatch you away from us. It’s not fair. Why don’t they ever speak to the fans of the show and see how they feel sometimes. I know I am going to be really upset if they take you off the show. Just when I was having so much fun watching you. You were a riot on todays show. I loved your little laugh. Especially when you tricked Jigar into giving you water to break your fast. Then I think Grandma was so cute and funny when you asked her to apply the henna on your hand and when she said “huh” that was so, so, so funny. I cracked up. I even love the music they play when your up to something. It is just such a lovely touch to the show. But I will keep my fingers crossed and pray they let you stay. WE WANT PARIDHI TO STAY! WE WANT PARIDHI TO STAY! LOL!

      • Okay..Guess what?I CAN STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They said I am a really good actress and am doing a great job as Rashi’s fill in!!Horray!!!!No just kidding…I can’t stay.😭

      • Oh No! Really they are going to let you go? I am so sorry to hear this Diva. But don’t feel bad….at least you got a chance to be on this show and that is a really great accomplishment and I am sure it will look good for the next time. Maybe they will even call you back from time to time as they do the others. I am really so sad to hear this. So I will try to enjoy you on the show for as long as you are there. 😦

  26. Yeah..here’s the upcoming storyline!So Paridhi will win Gopi’s trust by outsmarting her!She will fake fasting Teej for Jigar and goes to a night club and party with all of her friends(that would’ve been Rashi’s dream).😄LOL!Anyways,Gopi will get a whiff of the situation and head to get towards her.But Pari will outsmart Gopi and pretends to go to a puja for Teej.Gopi is shocked by seeing this and doesn’t know how to react!!Oh and do you know what puja means?Sorry,LOL!😊It means a religious gathering😄.

    • Oh so that’s what Puja means. I thought it meant prayer. Thanks. So Paridhi goes to a party instead. I really don’t get Paridhi’s behavior sometimes. She leaves me so confused. I am sure I am not the only one. I do like that she is so upbeat but it seems a little abnormal to me. Well I guess you have no say in all of it.

      • Ha ha…don’t worry,she is not abnormal at all.😄It’s just that she is a bit more childish.I guess that’s why it seems that way.😃😊Anyways,so now the upcoming storyline is that Pari will tell Jigar to give her water so she can end her fast but he refuses.She also says that he should at least wear a ring from her.But he throws it out of her hand and she acts like she swallowed the ring and therefore Jigar will give her water and so she ends her fast.😄LOL!

      • I have to give her credit she knows how to get what she wants. I spend more time laughing at her during the show than anyone else. Well I am so happy that you (Pari) have Koko on your (Pari) side now, it seems like she will help you get in good with the rest of the family. I just feel so sorry for Jigar because he seems to be so heart broken. .

      • Plus Koko is looking good lately. More like her normal self. I was starting to wonder what was going on with her. She looks beautiful this week all made up. I love the bindi’s she always wears. She wears them in style. She is one beautiful woman.

      • Yeah…oh well,just found out….😔….I may not be here to stay.The writers and director is still thinking about my upcoming plot….they’re not sure if they should make Pari a permanent character or not.They’re still thinking up.The original plot when I entered the show was with Paridhi being a permanent character,but they erased that plot.But they have to decide whether to still keep me in the show or not.I really hope I get to stay.It’s really not up to me.😢

      • Oh no! I really like you in the show. They have to keep you. I was looking forward to you being Jigars wife. It’s too short. They should get rid of Radha’s character and never bring her back. You are the funniest part of the show now. It sort of gives a boost to the show. I mean you have me cracking up laughing at the things you do. You liven up the show. If you go it will be the same ole dullness. I think them adding you helped with the loss of Rashi leaving. Your young, upbeat and exciting! NO NO please tell them you have fans now and we do not want you to go. Just when I was getting used to seeing you. Tell them to make Pari permanent. Get rid of Radha forever! LOL!

  27. Munni raja says:

    I think Paridhi and Jigar would make a perfect couple.Love you Pari!What do you think?

  28. I guess it because she is being kind of negative like Rashi but cheerful and bubbly at the same time,that’s why seems a bit weird.😊And yeah I know,not just Vidya,but all the kids when Gopi stops her.I felt bad shooting that scene,I was like”Ugh,I don’t want to look like a child murderer…”…..Ha haaaa!LOL!😄Anwyays,be sure to check out my latest post on my blog which is my offscreen pic with cast.I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.And also,thank you for so much encouragement on my way.I still can’t believe I became an actress from a simple small town girl!Lol!😃

  29. Yeah…people already hate me so much(Paridhi)saying that Paridhi is shameless and annoying.But what they are forgetting is Rashi who they loved so much,was a vamp just like Paridhi but they loved her.And now when Paridhi is doing the same thing they hate me.I don’t get it.

    • well they loved hating Rashi. I know I did. then they fell in like with her much later. Plus she was there in the beginning. Koko was all over Rashi. I tell you people don’t know what they want. I think you are doing a great job. It seems like you are acting your age in the show. A young girl who is confused and thinks she fell in love with Jigar. I wonder is he really going to move to the USA. Anyway don’t worry about it too much. You made it to this top show. Your a VIP now. All VIPs are talked about and gossiped about no matter what they do.

      • Thank you so much for the encouragement.They will eventually learn to like me.😄Anyway,so how did you like my trap?😊

      • OMG! You are ingenious! But that was kinda low though. Tricked Jigar into signing that paper when he was sharing with Paridhi (you) about Rashi. It look like Jigar is going to hate you all of his life though for that trick. Unless you are going to win him over some how. But at least you stopped him from going abroad to America. It was kinda funny watching you stand there smiling while the whole Modi family had their mouths wide open with amazement. And what about those nosy ladies. Savita is always in their business.

      • I have to be honest…. Paridhi (u) seem a little more weird and sinister than Rashi. Urmilla is going to get u I’m almost sure for this one. And Kokila is already to kill you herself.

      • Paridhi will try to slap Vidya but Gopi stops her.Gosh,she is just like Rashi at the very beginning of the show.😄

      • But why does she slap little Vidya? Poor Gopi’s girls always being messed over. First Urmilla was making Meera feel bad telling her she was illiterate and will never amount to anything. Now Paridhi (u) gonna slap poor little Vidya. Well nothing surprises me.

  30. Well,to be honest,Jigar really hates Paridhi…I mean really really really really hates Paridhi,like really!😊No but seriously he does not have any kind of love story going on for Paridhi.He’s just really tramautized by Rashi’s death.

  31. Yes.The funeral is quite emotional and as you see Urmila will slap Gopi and blame her for Rashi’s death.Anyway,we are already shooting the leap which is getting extremely close.😊It was indeed a heartbreaking scene between Gopi and Rashi.That’s why I told you needed an extra box of tissues.😄LOL!

    • I don’t know about you but I hate Urmila so I don’t care a bit for her because she will learn how heartbreaking it is when you lose someone because when Gopi lost her parents,she didn’t even shed one tear and treated her like a maid.Rashi is way more good hearted than Urmila.I’m pretty sure if Gopi was in Rashi’s place she didn’t shed one tear while Rashi would cry uncontrollably.Anyways,it’s hard for me to hate Urmila now since now when she’s shooting she’s not Urmila.During the funeral,while you were crying,we were laughing between “crying”.Me,Gopi,Jigar,Urmila,Kinjal,and Ahem…we all burst out laughing!LOL!And it wasn’t Rucha we were shooting they just showed her face close up but really while we were filming the scene,we were filming with a body double.😄LOL!It was awkward.

      • Oh my gosh you have to be kidding. LOL! That is so funny. I guess it is kinda hard for them to keep a straight face when it all an act. But I tell you they are really good at it. I LOVE IT!
        And anyway yeah Urmilla is really cold and too hard on Gopi. So yeah she will get the chance to see how it feels to lose someone you love. I tell you Gopi just can never get a break.

    • I know the funeral will be more of yesterdays show. More emotions flying everywhere. And yeah I used the whole box of tissues!

      I cannot wait to see what happens next in the leap.

      • Yeah,Jigar won’t really accept Paridhi so…you can tell how that will go.😊LOL!Will Paridhi be able to fill in Rashi’s place and at least the Modi family to accept her?😄

      • Jigar is really taking Rashi’s death very hard. But I saw the scene for tomorrow that Paridhi (u) try to get him to forgive you by hugging him and apologizing about showing the video of Rashi singing but everyone knows it was done for the kids. But Jigar is really a good person but when he is bad he is really very bad. LOL! So good luck to Paridhi because she is so sweet trying to help everyone heal but its just too soon. They need more time to mourn before they can move on. But Urmilla is really doing so bad. I felt so sorry for her this show. She crying for Rashi to call her on her cell as they always chit chat. It’s really so sad. I wanted to cry for jigar because he is so down. I hope Paridhi can win him over eventually. Of course he won’t accept her at first because thats natural. But I hope the Modi family accepts her because she is so adorable and kind. But Kokila is a tough nut to crack. If she can win Kokila then she will have it made. I mean you. LOL!

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