Nihal Singh (Kapil Nirmal) Is Back! Ek Veer KI Ardaas Veera

Veera (Digangana Suryavanshi) has come a long way baby and now she and Baldev (Vishal Vashishtha) are in love. They make such a cute and amazing couple and I am enjoying every bit of their adorable love affair as well as Ranvijay (Shivin Narang) and Gujan’s (Farnaz Shetty) amazing love.

But I must admit and tell you what is overdue! Ratan (Sneha Wagh) and Nihal Singh’s (Kapil Nirmal) love affair and moment of truth.

Everyone witnessed when Veera and Ranvijay were babies how much Nihal loved and cared for them as if they were his very own children. And everyone knows that Nihal loved Ratan with such a deep and amazing strong love. But that love affair was deferred and put on hold because of the anger dwelling in Ranvijay’s heart as a child. He didn’t see that the the accidental death of his father was not Nihal’s fault but was what it was, an accident and nothing of it was intentional. But when your heart aches your mind tends to not make sense of things sometimes.

Well I have to tell you that I just love calling Nihal Singh my hot and spicy jalapeno pepper! because the man is not only fine, but he is so tall, so cool, smooth and he’s just a hunk of love!

I believe no one can love Ratan like Nihal Singh could and the man just loved Ratan’s children but he loved her first. I really feel like Ratan had given up somewhat because she dresses like an old woman because you tend to let yourself go and feel old when your husband is gone from your life and so the man took a part of her with him. And when the truth came out about Nihal’s relationship to her husband it really broke her heart.

So that womanly side of her that needs and deserves to be loved is still in there, but is buried deep within. I tell you women know how to bury themselves and go day after day in the taking care of everyone, and so they bury all their passion, feminine side and forfeit their own happiness at times. It’s almost like being almost dead inside.

So the last time I saw Nihal (Kirpal Nirmal) on cable was when he appeared in a single episode of “Ishq Kills” with Srishty Rode and oh my goodness, the man was better than amazing. Why don’t they give that man more roles because he is one of best actors in India. He is excellent in whatever role he plays and they need to give him his props! He is a very skilled actor.


But now I am not mad at the world anymore because he is back on the show looking as good as ever, a tall good looking hunk in a pair of amazing jeans.

So when Baldev brought him to his parents home to stay for a few days, even Bansari Balwant (Vishavpreet Kaur) was whispering under her breath about how good looking he still is. Bansuri is far from blind, she was checking him out from head to toe even while her husband was in the room and she had no problem with allowing him to stay under her roof…..ha….ha….ha….ha. Bansuri knows a good man when she sees him. Her husband Mr. Balwant (Yajuvendra Singh) is a handsome man and so she already knows how to pick em well. LOL! I wouldn’t be surprised that for the few days the man will be in her home she won’t hesitate to be in hot pursuit once more.

Veera got her wish, Nihal Singh is back to their village and is back in their lives. I vow to stay tuned awaiting Nihal and Ratan’s love affair.



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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10 Responses to Nihal Singh (Kapil Nirmal) Is Back! Ek Veer KI Ardaas Veera

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  2. Telma Vega says:

    I think Nihal Singh will be back very good.

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