Paridhi Mehta (Loveleen Kaur Sasan): Saath Nibaana Saathiya’s Fresh and New Inviting Face

Welcome aboard Ms. Paridhi Mehta (Loveleen Kaur Sasan) for she is the newest addition on Saath Nibaana Saathiya. And right off the bat, you could feel her amazing energy! She’s young, a modern girl with an adorable innocent smile and sweet personality. She immediately steps on the scene at her Aunt Urmilla’s (Vandana Vithlani) home and letting everyone know that she’s on assignment, working on a school project on joint families. Her innocence while doing this is what is hilarious, cute and so, so funny. I mean I was in stitches laughing at how she just stepped up to people with her adorable smile and camera phone just taking photos and video recording everyone within her sight, asking a trillion and one question’s, just one question after another question.

English: Two flowers of the same family: Crown...

English: Two flowers of the same family: Crown Daisy (Glebionis coronaria) and Coleostephum miconis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, meanwhile Paridhi is walking about the neighborhood troubling everyone with her questions and inquiries and she has even barged in on one of the families living in Urmilla’s rental apartments. And once she let out that she hasn’t found an exciting family to cover just yet, that they were all boring people so far. LOL! The family she was questioning was even further offended and so ready to throw her out the door of their home. Poor Ms. Sarla was not in the mood to be interviewed at the spur of the moment anyway. The lady was in a very cranky mood and had just finished scolding her very own daughter in law when Paridhi walked right up into their business. LOL! Right away she asked, “Do you all share the same room without any privacy?” And so with that question, it was obvious she hit a nerve and so they were just showing her the door when Urmilla walked up. Urmilla started yelling out to Ms. Sarla about how dare she insult her niece. Next Urmilla threatened to toss Ms. Sarla and her family to the curb and out of their rental apartment. She let poor Ms. Sarla know in so many words that she would have no problem replacing tenants like her in a snap.

But what was even funnier to me was when Paridhi was out exploring the neighborhood videotaping people at random, she walks up on a group of women at the public tap as they were hard at work hand washing their laundry. The stares and looks these older worn and tired woman gave Paridhi was so hilarious, because not only was Paridhi oblivious to their drudgery, she was ecstatic to just be there witnessing the woman washing their laundry. So she asked “Is this the way you wash your clothes every day?” as two women sat on the ground pounding and beating their bunch of clothes clean and three others were in line with buckets for water from the public tap.

So Paridhi was actually walking around in all her innocence almost as if she was a Disney character! LOL! Maybe I should say she was a true princess! And having a good time at it, observing the real world, you know acting as if she was just born! LOL!


Cover of

Cover of Enchanted (Widescreen Edition)

I tell you, I just love and adore a good fairy tale and so in that sense Paridhi reminds me of the wonderful amazing magical scene when Draupadi (Pooja Sharma) of “Mahabharat” was just born, for Draupadi was a full-grown woman who was totally innocent and was yet like a newborn baby walking around in the world at first, so could you just imagine that one! She was so innocent and all. Gosh, I really loved that scene! And also I am reminded of Amy Adams who played Princess Giselle in the movie “Enchanted” and how she stepped out into the real world of New York City from the world of make-believe. And that movie was so magical and amazing too. So Paridhi’s character kind of gives the feel of those two characters. But I may be wrong.

But anyway back to what I was saying about Paridhi and the women doing laundry at the public tap….. so those few women had tired and annoyed expressions on their faces and gave Paridihi a look that said: “go away from here girl before we make you go away.” LOL! And so Paridihi meekly apologizes for interrupting them, smiles and waves baa bye. (ha….ha…ha..ha!) I swear that it was so funny! She is hilarious! It was just so funny to see this innocent, happy go lucky girl move about.

Flowers 1

Flowers 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But anyway after Urmilla had to rescue Paridhi from an embarrassing situation with the neighbor downstairs named Ms. Sarla who was showing Paridhi the door. Finally, as they were heading back home, Urmilla listens as Paridhi says she needs help finding a good and big family for her joint family project who has a huge nice house just like the ones in the movies. She says she needs a family with a grumpy mother-in-law, a timid and scared daughter in law and that the other daughter in law should be exactly the opposite of the timid and scared daughter in law. Well, Urmilla thought what family fits this description better than the Modi family. So as Paridhi was talking and describing the family she needed Urmilla was having visions of Kokila (Rupal Patel,) Rashi (Rucha Hasbnis) and Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) as she shouted “I found it! There’s a family like that.”

So lucky for Paridhi, Urmilla is ready to get her over to see her cousin Rashi’s family and to join up and meet all of the members of the Modi family right away. And I cannot wait to see Paridhi as she interacts with the Modi family on this one. I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot of fun having her as a new addition to the show now.

Paridhi is like a breath of fresh air! She’s adorable, upbeat, bubbly and has the cutest little smile! I have a feeling we are all gonna fall in love with her on the show.

~Saath Nibaana Saathiya~

Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee)

Rashi (Rucha Hasabnis)

 Paridhi Mehta Modi/Jigar’s 2nd wife, Rashi’s cousin (Loveleen Kaur Sasan)

Kokila (Rupal Patel)

Urmila (Vandana Vithlani)



Disney Princess Tea Party

Disney Princess Tea Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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  4. deepika says:

    I have many pics and I follow u from your last shows …like -:) anamika by chance etc.etc

  5. deepika says:

    Lovely I m the biggest fan …..of paridhi

  6. priya says:

    you are to good i relly like to see on this show

  7. priya says:

    you are awsm and so cute and handsome

  8. Hey this serial is fantastic I love paridhi n its role I want to work in this serial in any role plz help

  9. gkomarniski says:

    I really like the changes that are about to take place in Saath Nibhana Saathiya, especially that Kokila will help in locating Paridhi. 🙂

  10. I love your role as Paridhi! She looks so sweet and nice. I hope you continue your role of Paridhi till the end of Saathiya. I find Paridhis antics quite enjoyable to watch and hope she will rmain with Jigar. 🙂

    • Thank you so very much!Such lovely things to say.I am so happy you like my role!😄

      • You are most welcome! I had read in Wikipedia that you also had a role in the horror series Anamika and when I read the article on that show, i was surprised that your character was not listed. At first I thought you were in that role and when I watched Anamika online and saw another lady, Simran Kaur in the role of Anamika, I wondered who it was you were playing the role of and when I saw your character in that show, I wondered what her name was as I do not recall hearing her name in the Anamika series.

      • That’s good:)I know sometimes I get the itches in my traditional clothes but I’m just used to it anytime.So the writers are having a hard time whether or not they should make Jigar rescue Paridhi.

    • Well,my role was very small,I only appeared once and my character’s name was Koyal.I am not sure if they introduced that to the audience as it wasn’t ever decided and it was only once when I appeared,so they it really wasn’t anything major at all.But yes,I played that college girl and one of Jeet’s friends.And I really appreciate you asking me:),😄👍

      • Thank you!

        One more question, since as of late, we are seeing Paridhis ex-boyfriend, played by Shreshth Kumar on Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.

        When Vivaan came onto the show, Paridhis reaction to Vivaan was that of shock, displeasure etc. What was it Vivaan did for Paridhi to dump him? While Shreshth Kumar looks like he is a very nice guy, his character does not.

      • Oh I would really want to answer this question but first we have to actually shoot the scene because we actors find out only when the script comes.Therefore,I don’t really know anything as of now,only that the writers have decided on the upcoming storyline idea of Paridhi being the one to break up with Vivaan right when he was proposing to her.That is all I can say for now.Sorry,but I will promise to tell you once we film it.If you want to know all of the upcoming storylines early(once I film them) I can upload a whole post about them on my blog.So you can always go check out OfficialD

      • Okay. Thank you. I would appreciate that! 🙂

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        I have saved your blog in my favourites and also I am on some of your community pages, fan clubs etc on Facebook. I find those quite enjoyable. I am the same Greg Komarniski who comments on your pics and also asked about printing out one of your pics and hanging it on my wall. All your pics are so beautiful that I chose three that I really like and I printed those out. 😀

        I love Indian culture and Indian people so much and I hope that in the end, Paridhi will remain with Jigar. I am so sad for Paridhi. Something was forming between herself and “Jigs” and this happened to her. 😦

      • Oh really?You are the same person?Well,yes,I want to let you know once again I really appreciate you printing some of my pics.And I can tell you really do enjoy my character Paridhi which is great as I am really putting my best work in this role.Hope everyone will get to like it soon.😄

      • Yes, that is me. I hope that we will see a positive change in the current track soon. I really want your character Paridhi to continue on Saathiya for a long time and would love tp see her remain with “Jigs” and be a mother figure to his children.

      • I love many things about Indian culture and I am a Hindu as you can see from my Facebook profile picture. Also, I adopted some Sikh pratices as well, example: I wear a pagg whenever I visit one Gurdwara in my local area and wear dhoti when I go to the mandir. Also I adopted much of the Indian culture. I am an Indian at heart. 🙂

        I love Indian food, esp, Punjabi food, Bengali food and South Indian food. I also like tarditional Indian music, especially sitar or veena music.

      • Oh really?Well,that’s great.My dad is Sikh and my mom is Hindu.That is great though.I see you are very traditional.It’s a good thing you love and respect your culture though I do have a bit more taste for modern,I really do appreciate my culture as well.You just have to sometimes I guess.LOL!

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        While I dress traditionally when visiting mandir and gurdwara and prefer many of the traditional things of Indian culture, I am also quite liberal and open minded as well. I basically adapted to Indian culture and find it very welcoming and Indian culture has taught me to be open minded to many other cultures and to new ideas. I also know and sing “Jana Gana Mana”! 😀 And while Indian food is my most favourite cuisine, I do enjoy many Western foods as well as some Chinese, Japanese and some other food since I am born and living in Canada. I believe I lived in India in my last life, but, for some strange reason wanted to get born in a western country. I hope that in my next life, I will be born again in India. 😉

        Some of my favourite Indian foods are parauntha and yogurt or mashed vegetables and palak, rice and kadhi, chapatti and daal, chole bhature, samosa, pakora, idli and sambhar, puri, Bengali style tomato chutney, kheer and several different savoury rice dishes.

    • That’s good.I love U.S and anything about it.And how is it in Canada?I heard it is always snowing and cold there which is something I really do enjoy as I love the wintertime.I love snowfall as well.Glad to see you like India a lot!And yes,Indians at heart,proud to be Indian!Jai Hind!Ha ha!:)😄👍

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        Canada is nice. During winter it does snow more or less. I don’t mind winter if it is not too cold or icy. If it is too cold, icy, slippery and snowy, I don’t like it. Then I wish I was in India. 😀 I never visited India, but, would love too. I like warm, sunny weather, clear blue skies etc. 🙂 I never travelled outside Canada. Aside from India, I would also like to visit, other parts of Canada as well as Ireland, Scotland, England, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Hawai’i and Japan. 🙂

        In India, I want to visit Amritsar Golden Temple, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Vrindavan, Mathura, Varanasi, Vaishno Devi, Hemkunt Sahib, Hazoor Sahib, Chidambaram, Kanchipuram and other religious places. I also want to visit all the historical places and fun spots in India. What is Mumbai like? Is it fun there? 🙂 (y)

    • Yes,Mumbai is very hot even during winter.It is always humid but at least when we get the chance to just have one small little wind that is not as hot is something special for us.LOL!:)It really is hot here but it has many tourist attractions that I think you will get to like.But I have to say,I really get bored sometimes of the continuos jot weather and humidity.But overall,I love Mumbai as it is my hometown.And I love traveling.I have been to America many times but never in Canada.

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        That is great! I had visited a few places in my life, all in Canada. Vancouver, Victoria, (in British Columbia) Lloydminster, Vermillion, Amisk, Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer (all in Alberta), I lived most of my life in Edmonton and also lived in Winnipeg (in Manitoba) and in Lamont, a small town near Edmonton and in Wainwright near the Alberta-Saskatchewan border. I was born and am currently living in Edmonton as you will see in my Facebook profile. 🙂 In Canada, I would like to visit all the major cities such as Toronto, Ottawa (the capital of Canada), Halifax, Winnipeg, and would like to visit Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary again. And would like to visit some American cities as well such as New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Fransisco etc.

        I love Edmonton because it has so many things to do and enjoy here. Edmonton is a very beautiful city in central Alberta and people from all over the world live here, including many Indians, mostly Punjabis. 🙂 I love the Punjabi people. I find you all so kind and welcoming! 🙂 I can speak a fair bit of Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil as well as read and write in Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil, I can read Sanskrit and know and understand many Sanskrit words. I love Sansjrit chanting as well as the Sikh banis.

        What are some fun things I might enjoy in Mumbai? I have seen pictures of Mumbai and it looks like I would really like it over there. I know that many people from all over India live in Mumbai. Are there many Canadians and Americans living in Mumbai? I know one Canadian man here who stayed in India for 5 years. He loved it there! I hope that one day, I will have the opportunity to visit India.

    • Oh really?Maybe there are many Canadians here,I haven’t really seen any until now.Is there any way to tell if someone is Canadian?And you seem like you are a very full person,as in you really want to accomplish many things in life.That’s great👍

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        As far as I know, there are Canadians living and working in India and as for how to tell if someone is Canadian, I really don’t know. I will have to ask someone and get back to you. As far as I know, many Canadians say, or are noted for saying “eh?” at the end of there sentences. Example: India is a nice country, eh? As for a Canadian accent, you may have hear it from some Western visitors to India or someone in America. There may be videos on YouTube that demonstrate what a Canadian accent sounds like. 🙂

        Since the last few days, I have been seeing a lot of troubles for Paridhi and par the current track, Paridhi will be kidnapped by Vivan in the next couple episodes. I cried when I read that and saw the spoiler video. I don’t want to see Paridhi go out from Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. If there will be a leap in early 2015, I want to see Paridhi still on Saath Nibhaana Saathiya and that she escaped from Vivan. 😦

    • That’s interesting……and familiar as to how they say “eh” at the end of their sentences.I didn’t know that.I found out my cousin’s friend’s brother is half Canadian.Maybe when I will meet him I will be able to take it up as an example of recognizing Canadians.:)As to how far the Paridhi track in Saathiya is going right now,do not worry because she will somehow escape from Vivaan.Jigar will come to save her and the director has informed us that besides Gopi’s coma or possible death(do you know that spoiler yet?).I figured you would as I see you know Pari will get kidnapped and spoilers do go out pretty soon I guess,a tragedy will happen.So basically that night will be full of drama and tons of tragedies.

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        Yes, I know the spoiler. Oh thank God! Paridhi will be there and she will escape from Vivaan and Jigar will rescue her. I know that Jigar does love Paridhi in spite of what happened in todays episode and through that same love, he will trust Paridhi. I would love to see Jigar slap Vivaan for bothering Paridhi and even get him arrested and once that is over, declare his true love for Paridhi and marry her. But too bad for Gopi, though. I want Ahem to get a jolt and realize his wife was not wrong in trusting Paridhi.

        But thank you for reassuring me that my favourite character, Paridhi, will be on Saathiya beyond January 1st, 2015. I was so worried. 😀 LOL!

        Sometimes, these Indian serials, like many shows, seem to depict real life situations but in an over the top, exaggerated way! I have seen many shows which depicts the many issues which women face in their day to day lives.

    • I see the audience(including you)really indulges in the show.Us actors live it,and you see it by living it too.Huh,I just thought about that.LOL!:)When I was offered the role of Pari,I was told she will be a permanent character so no need to worry.Any more questions?:)

      • That’s true.I have followed a couple daily soaps and I can always say that daily soaps( especially saas-bahu ones such as SNS)have a lot more drama than needed and can get unrealistic and goes over the top sometimes.

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        Thank you for uploading my pic on your FB page! I am happy you did that. It is muchly appreciated. Glad to know that Paridhi is a permanent character. 🙂

        It seems to me that deep down, Paridhi is a good person and although she does wrong things, her intentions are always good and that her wrong actions are just a cry for help. Was she intended to be introduced as being a good person, but just misunderstood due to her actions? Unfortunately, I got flamed/trolled a few times on India Forums for liking/supporting Paridhi. 😦 Thus I stay away from anti-Paridhi or Paridhi bashing discussions. 🙂

        Interestingly I knew a few people who were similar in some way or another to Paridhi. I love Paridhis background music. Is that a real song or just a piece of music composed for Paridhis character? I have seen quite a few people on you FB page address you as Paridhi, Paridhi Di etc. It is so funny and cute!

    • It’s my pleasure.I am happy you liked my gesture of posting the pic on my FB:)And why yes,I always knew Paridhi is something a little more than a grey shade.Her character can be really confusing at times as sometimes she is hard to understand and whenever she does something negative,she does it with innocence as she doesn’t really realize that what she is doing is wrong.But now she has received a lot of change.I really do appreciate you trying to defend me on forums.:)You know even though I don’t have an account I check India Forums as all the other actors do too and I have noticed that some people are not really accepting Pari yet.But that is okay with me as criticism is expected when they really are sad because of Rucha’s sudden quit from the show.But I know slowly they will get used to Paridhi and accept me.Devoleena had advised me that to as she was before also recieving criticism when she first replaced Giaa Manek as Gopi.But now people love her:).So I am not worried about that at all.I can understand them missing Rucha in the show.As long as they don’t go overboard,I honestly have no problem with their criticism.:))And about Paridhi,after the leap(which is getting extremely close)she will not be considered mother of Tolu Molu but more like Masi,you know?So yes that is the situation as far as the leap goes.And there is only one piece done specially for Paridhi when her tune comes on:)

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        You are most welcome. I really enjoy seeing Paridhi on Saathiya and look forward to seeing her again in the year ahead. Only I want that Paridhi should escape from Vivaan and Jigar comes to rescue her before the leap happens. Right now I am not watching Saath Nibhaana Saathiya because of the Vivaan track, but, will start watching again soon. 🙂 When I will hear that Paridhi escaped from Vivaan and Jigar came and rescued her, which I am hoping will happen pre-leap, I will start watching Saath Nibhaana Saathiya from that point only. 😉

        How many years ahead will the leap go? 8 years? 15 years? I am happy that the children of Modi Bhavan have accepted Paridhi and that also Paridhi grew fond of them as well. I hope we will continue seeing that friendship between them.

        I also wonder what will happen with Radha per the supposed pregnancy. Will we see her actually having a kid after the leap or no kid? I am wondering what will happen there.

      • For the leap,we are starting shooting for it about tomorrow I think so they really didn’t confirm if to the actors yet about how many years the leap will be.So as of now,I can’t really say anything about that.As far as Radha’s child goes,yes,the writers are considering having Radha’s child in the leap as well but they have to decide whether or not for her to have miscarriage or not,but they aren more fond of the idea of having Radha’s child in the leap and have also a posititve turn in her.Either options are possible.:))And yes,Jigar will rescue Pari before the leap to happen.Because as Gopi’s accident happens,Vivaan will escape with Pari in the rickshaw(you know the rickshaw thing right?).So he gets away with kidnapping Paridhi and takes her to an old wriched place(I can’t really find the right words to explain it)LOL!and Jigar reaches there and saves her.There will be some very intense scenes as well.So yes that will happen pre-leap.:)And meanwhile,Koki will get arrested for Gopi’s accident.

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        I think you mean Vivaan will take Paridhi to an old, run down place, like an old storage or warehouse. I can hardly wait to see what Jigar will do to Vivaan when he comes to know Vivaans reality and rescues Paridhi. Will Vivaan be there post leap? I hope not. Unless he changes and becomes a good person and never troubles Paridhi again.

        All this while I was wondering how Vivaan knew where Paridhi was living. Did someone tell her? Or did Paridhi tell him on her own? That is really scary. 😦

        I like the idea of Radhas child being there after the leap and Radha becoming more positive. She looks so scary now. 😦 I would love to see Radha with a much more positive aura and expression. And if Vivaan turns positive, we can have him paired with Radha. 🙂

        As for Kokila getting arrested for Gopis accident, who will be the one to get her arrested? Ahem? Madhu? Kinjal? Urmila? I am happy that finally someone will take a stand against Kokilas high handed behaviour. While it is good to be in a position of authority, a person should not let it go to their head and abuse it.

      • Yeah,Vivaan won’t be there post leap at least I think at the beginning but maybe later on he could make an appearance once again.And the show will go on for a pretty long time now,it’s still going to be on air for a long time as confirmed by the director.Oh well,I’m glad to be a part of Saathiya for a long time,I really do enjoy acting in this show and everyone is so nice as they treat me like family.:)😄We do lots of masti on the sets!:)It’s so much fun!I think you should start waiting again starting from tomorrow as since Paridhi is thrown out of the house,the whole drama will start with her kidnapping,Gopi’s accident,Koki’s arrest,may things.:)

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        I will start watching from today itself as the episode of Paridhi being locked out because of Vivaan has already passed and I want to see how Jigar will handle Vivaan and Kokila getting arrested etc. That will be exciting to see.

        Who will get Kokila arrested? I hope Madhu, Radha and Gopis mother, will be the one who does that. I am glad to know Vivaan won’t be there post leap, at least for now. I imagine that Kokila will be very different post leap. Meaning, she will not be the abusive, controlling person she is now. I hope she will be changed after her arrest ordeal! 🙂

      • Okay good:)The writers have been discussing about Radha being the one to arrest her or Urmila.But it’s not final for now.

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        Personally, I would like Madhu-ben (Radha’s and Gopi’s mother) to be the one to get Kokila arrested. But it seems to me Urmila will be the one who has Kokila arrested as Urmila will be at the scene when the accident of Gopi occurs.

        I have watch all the videos of the mast and mazaa at the set of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. Those videos are so funny! I really liked the one with the rat. I laughed so hard at that video.

        I remember a funny story one Punjabi man told me back in 2008. It was so funny. I still laugh when I remember that. Basically what happened was that one day he was at a park in Mumbai with a friend when he was visiting over there. When they were walking in the park, some hooligan came up to him and his friend and wanted to fight with them. The Punjabi man showed his fist to the hooligan and looking that hooligan straight in the eye, he asked very calmly, but sternly,, “Do you know I am a Punjabi?”. The hooligan replied nervously, “No. Why?”. He came a bit closer to the hooligan, still staring him in the eye, showed his fist and said, “Because I am a Punjabi. If you mess with me again, I will punch you in the nose!” and that hooligan ran away so fast.

        His moral of the story was “Punjabi people are very nice people. Someone messes with them, he will be in big trouble!”.

    • I’m glad you like the masti and fun we have on sets.Hum sab bahot achi doost hai.We all are very good friends.Now,I never knew the rat one was posted on the web?Is it possible to give me a link,as I want to send it to my parents because they love seeing any vids related to set:)LOL!:))😄👍💁🙈And have you seen the jail one with me and Bhavini(Radha)?I also posted it on my blog if you haven’t taken a look already.:)As for the arresting thing,they are not 100% sure whether to bring that track in or not,but they are more fond of bringing it in as they think it will be bring in a good twist.:)))We have tons of fun on set,and Bhavini and I get along best.:)

      • Ha ha,that ‘s so funny.I will make sure to keep that joke in mind whenever I see a Punjabi person.LOL!:))

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        That is great to know. I enjoy seeing you all together enjoying and having fun in each others company on the sets. 🙂 The video was posted on India Forums. I will have to find that video and once I do, I will post it here. I have seen the jail one with you and Bhavini Ji on India Forums. I found that video quite amusing.

        I think it would be great if they bring in the Kokila getting arrested track as it will give a very interesting twist to the story.

        I am glad you enjoyed the story I told you about that Punjabi man. It was a very funny story. I told some of my Punjabi friends about that and they got a good laugh out of it. I love Punjabi people. They seem so full of life and so passionate people. I enjoy having a good laugh with my Punjabi friends. One day I said HOOOOOWWWWAH trying to imitate that sound the Punjabi guys make when singing or dancing and the person who I was with laughed so hard when I did that. I try to get it at the right pitch and speed and it does not come exactly as it should sound. But it is close enough. I will see if I can upload an audio of myself making that sound on Facebook. I will also upload my pictures of me wearing my paggs as well. 🙂

      • Ok,thank you.:)I will make sure to go on IF:)And yeah,I have many Punjabi friends as well and they are always so full of life and enthusiastic!:)I also know a bit of Punjabi dance from my Punjabi friends but it always turns out weird whenever I try to dance it and we laugh so hard watching me “dance”!Ha ha!LOL:)!In fact,my best friend from college is Punjabi:))On our first day of college,in my brand new car,the two of us played the Punjabi music on the radio so loud,everyone was looking at us!:)Ha ha!I will never forget that moment of the first day of college!:))

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        You are most welcome. I had just uploaded a pic of myself wearing a yellow pagg on Facebook to see how it turns out and it turned out really nice! I also messaged that same pic to you on Facebook as well. You will see I am also with a beard and moustache as well! 🙂 Will upload more pagg photos in the coming days. 🙂

      • Okay,thank you for the photo.It’s lovely:))

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        You are most welcome. I am happy you like it! 🙂

        When I first started wearing pagg, I found it extremely difficult to put on and was always needing help to wrap it and at first it was very uncomfortable and itchy to wear. After two or three weeks, I got used to having pagg on my head and within two months, I had it completely down pat how to put on a pagg. Now I can wear a pagg and hardly experience any itching. I have a few different coloured paggs and enjoy wearing them when I visit the Gurdwara.

      • That’s good.:)I know sometimes I get the itches in my traditional clothes too:)But I’m just used to it.So the writers are having kind of a hard time deciding whether or not to make. Jigar rescue Paridhi.Therefore,it’s still not final.Offo,these writers,can never decide:))😄LOL!

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        Oh, God … Then how will Paridhi escape from Vivaan if Jigar doesn’t rescue her?! LOL Will Urmila-ben be the one to rescue Paridhi or will she escape on her own?! xD

        I hope the directors make up their minds soon! When will the leap happen? For some reason I am thinking the leap will happen either later this week or next week! ^_^

        One of the members of India Forums was telling me that she and other viewers want to stage a protest against the track of Gopi being in a coma and not being there after the leap. They are wishing that Gopi come back after leap a much stronger women.

      • I think we start shooting the leap pretty soon but I can’t seem to get the exact date.I have to check with our writers.:)Anyways,so they want to stage a protest against that?Hmm,well all I can say is that that’s not about to change the writer’s mind.They have it all planned already.But yes,she will indeed be a stronger woman especially after the leap.

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        LOL! That is also what I was saying too! 😀 Anyways, I am glad that Gopi will be much stronger post-leap. I hope she will not be in a coma for long. I want to see her not taking crap from neither Ahem or her crazy, over-the-top mother-in-law, Kokila. 🙂

        I want to hear her even go as far as calling Kokila “Koko”! I would laugh so hard if she did that. That would be too hilarious! Can you imagine the look on Kokilas face after Gopi insolently calls her Koko? 😀

      • Please keep chatting……… but I have to say I love that idea. Imagine that. Gopi calling her Koko. You are too funny. LOL!

      • Yeah,that would really be funny to see!But I’m pretty sure not strong in that term,but as in the term of very consioucious of what she says and does and always cautioned.:)

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        Someone on India Forums was saying they saw a preview of the first post-leap episode in which we will see the residents of Modi Bhavan celebrating Rashi achar as the secret to longevity due to which Baa is still alive post-leap. I think now she must be 100 or around that mark. If that is the case, then Baa will be ancient post-leap! The person who said they saw the preview also said something about Baa being 100+ and I thought Baa will be ancient post leap if she is 100+! 😀

      • LOL!:)Well like I said,they sometimes keep the actors in the dark so as of now,we have no idea about her leap but I don’t think Baa will out of the story.There were no such discussions with her.

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        😀 I remember you telling me that. I am looking forward to seeing Paridhi after the leap. Some on India Forums imagined her as being more matured, wearing saris and bonding with Urmila-ben like Rashi had done previously. That will be interesting to see. I also hope she will still be bonding and enjoying with Tolu, Molu, Meera, Vidya and Pappu. I have a picture in my mind of how Baa might look post-leap. It is pretty funny!

      • Ha ha who knows!Maybe they’re right!:)

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        I hope so! That would be lovely to see. When I videos of you from India Forums or Telly Buzz talking, it seems to me you have some of Paridhis personality. I remember watching a video in which Rupal Patel Ji was talking and she said that in some ways, she is like her character, Kokila.

        Which languages do you speak?

        I can speak, read and write Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil. Can speak and understand Urdu through Hindi, but can read Urdu only a little bit. I know some words from Gujarati, Bengali and Telugu and can read Gujarati, Bengali and Telugu scripts.

        I can also read Sanskrit and understand many Sanskrit words and I can read Sinhala, the official language of Sri Lanka and know some of the Sinhala words as well.

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        *Oops! I meant when I watch videos.

      • Oh wow!You speak many languages and can ready many of them as well.That’s great:)!I can speak Hindi,Sikh,Gujarati,I can understand Sanskrit pretty well.I also speak some Turkish,I don’t have any connection with Turkey but I just took some classes and learnt and now I speak fluently with my Turkish friends.Some words in Turkish are very similar to Hindi so it was very easy for me to learn.:))And I can read Gujarati,Hindi,Sikh,Turkish,and a little bit of Sanskrit,not that much,I need to learn more.LOL!:))Yeah,I really can relate to Paridhi in many ways,I have the whole bubbly personality as well so I can say I really am pretty similar to her as well.:)

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        Sikh? Don’t you mean Punjabi in this context? LOL 😀

        I can read the Sanskrit really well and love chanting in Sanskrit. I also enjoy the Sikh Banis and read my Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Diyan Sainchi Sahibs quite regularly. I recall you mentioning in the video about your ventures in the glamour industry that you had to learn Hariyanvi for another show you previously acted in. I forgot the name. I know that Turkish has many words in common with Hindi as I had seen Turkish written down and also read many of the words.

        I am glad to know that you are very similar to Paridhi. Same smile, same laughter, same bubbly personality. I do not mind what the anti-Paridhi crowd on India Forum says as I love your character very much. Because of the unreasonable attitude of the above, I avoid any discussion with them as much as possible and do not join their threads. I have a friend who is also very similar to Paridhi. She is so nice and so sweet!

        I enjoy Paridhis antics and find her so amusing and I am happy that I joined your fan club and your other page on Facebook. I really enjoy looking at your pics and shared a few of them on my wall. All my Facebook friends would be asking me, “Who is that lady” or “She looks so nice” or they would just hit the like button and I tell them who are you and they are happy that I am a fan or yours.

      • Oh yeah I mean Punjabi sorry,I usually call it Sikh,I don’t know why.LOL!I wish I knew how to read Sanskrit.:)So sorry I have been taking a while to reply,but these days we have just started shooting the leap so we have kind of a hectic schedule.:)

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        Oh, that’s great! So, how does Paridhi escape from Vivaan? Did Jigar come and rescue her?

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        I had heard on India Forums that Vishal Ji and Devoleena Ji are dating. Is that true? I doubt it as I do not take hearsay to be true unless I know the facts. 🙂

      • Oh no,not at all!They are very good friends and just that nothing else.Though we all know that rumours had gone around for them dating but it was clarified by them themselves that they are nothing else but friends.So no,it’s just a rumour.Though sometimes we do make fun of them in a friendly way and joke around about them dating but that is just the masti we do,and I think the rumours erupted from that.

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        Thank you. I had figured that was just a rumour. I have been taught not to believe rumours unless I know they are true. People like to spread all kinds of crap about others just for the sake of juicy gossip. As I said previously, I really enjoy your masti videos. They are quite fun and interesting to watch! 😀 I laugh every time I watch them! 😀

      • Yeah no one should believe in a rumour unless there is clear proof.But I am surprised such rumour is by India Forums news.All actors check India Forums all the time and India Forums never writes articles about unclear rumours…..

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        I have seen such stories floating around on India Forums and Telly Buzz. It was a forum member who asked me about Vishal Ji and Devoleena Ji.

        I also enjoy good laughs and masti with other members of India Forums. It’s funny. As of late, I was laughing with some members about the episode in which Paridhi wanted to massage Jigar and the few times Paridhi exploded on Kokila.

        I said Paridhi looks so nice when she gets angry! 😀 It was too funny!

      • Greg Komarniski aka Skanthavelu Nadarajah Singh says:

        Namaste and Sat Shri Akaal! How are you? Now I am watching Saath Nibhana Saathiya and eagerly awaiting when Jigar will rescue Paridhi from Vivaan and when the leap will happen. 🙂

  11. Sandeep says:

    Hiiii..I jus love ur role…so lively. ..funny. ….naughtiness. …coz im bit same. ……..keep it up… ya😊👍👏

  12. pintu says:

    hi lovely sasan falaq……i mean divya …u r so swt

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  14. Divya says:

    OMG!Thank you so much.This is such a lovely post.And about my name,it’s Lovey Sasan Falaq”Divya”.Sasan being my last name😄.Thank you so much.

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