Love Me Some …..Retha!

A Deeper Love: The Best of Aretha Franklin

A Deeper Love: The Best of Aretha Franklin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Love Me Some ……Retha!”

Hay You! How’s your weekend? Well, its been a wonderful weekend for me so far….. been chilling like a villain, listening to some amazing songs by the legend Aretha Franklin. I tell you Aretha’s songs can be down right gritty, I always say! Goes to the bottom of your core, soul, heart and back around the top of your head, ha…ha… I grew up on some of her music and songs that transcend all dimensions. And there are just some songs only Aretha knows how to sing. I have always loved, and still do and adore her music and those great duets with George Michael, George Benson and Micheal McDonald make you want to swoon and fall in love again.

I know for a fact that it’s not only for myself but a lot of woman can sometimes identify with a lot of her songs.

Just like I love it when she sings…..

Oh Me Oh My, I’m A Fool For You Baby” and be honest….. tell me who has not been somebody’s fool at one time or another.

I love it when she sings “Wonderful” and “Jump To It” both are such up beat and amazing songs, that make you want to get up and just dance all night from her tunes! 

And “Day Dreaming” & “Until You Come Back To Me” are again more of my favorites, I do declare I just love, love, love me some Retha……

Her life has been filled in general with many ups and downs and there are a lot of people so, so jealous of her, hating on her and it’s a living shame- that wonderful, beautiful and amazing woman.  And then the disappointments and joys with the men she had in her life. Oh man some of the things she has been thru makes you wonder how she still keeps her head up, but she is one amazing lady, classy, top choice, beautiful, talented woman. And yet and still she always comes out smelling like a rose no matter what…..Retha! Retha! Aretha is such an AMAZING FEMALE ARTIST!

So…. say hay you! Stop in for a while…..

come go with me and take a listen and see why they call her the Queen of Soul.

So these are some of my favorites (thanks to YouTube)……I tell you Aretha’s my # 1 best girl!

Let Retha tell it, “love” is some serious business!




Wonderful” (Remix)


Jump To It”


Day Dreaming and I’m Thinkin of You”


Until You Come Back To Me”(that’s what I’m gonna do)


Oh me, oh my”(I’m a fool for you baby)



Do Right Woman”


When my soul was in the lost and found you came along to claim it…….sing it Retha!

(Oh baby what you done to me!!! you make me feel so good inside! LOVIN IT! RIGHT ABOUT NOW)

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman”




I’m Giving Him Something He Could Feel”



Call Me”



ARETHA & GEORGE MICHAEL- I Knew You Were Waiting For Me


I can’t sleep at night, and I can’t eat a bite!

Ha! Ha! Sing it Retha!

I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You”


Cover of "Who's Zoomin Who"

Who’s Zoomin Who”


Oh another one of her very painful songs, that I adore!

Falling Out of Love”


So Damm Happy”


It Hurts Like Hell”



Ever Changing Times”



….and this one is my most favorite of all!


Love All of The Hurt Away”


Dr. Feel Good”





I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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2 Responses to Love Me Some …..Retha!

  1. Karyl says:

    I love her too. Thanks for all the links!

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