Anshuman And Paakhi’s Love Scene In The Amazing Singapore Flyer: Tumhari Paakhi

The Singapore Flyer at night with white lighti...

The Singapore Flyer at night with white lighting on the capsules. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Tumhari Paakhi Bol Na Dil Se Song”

It was an absolutely breathtaking moment….. as they stood in the all-glass encapsulated room of the romantically lit Singapore Flyer in the middle of one of the most beautiful cities of the world.  An amazing romantic and lovely scene as Anshuman (Mohammed Iqbal Khan) and Paakhi’s (Shraddha Arya) love tune blared so wonderfully in the background……. for they were getting a chance to spend time together once more….. just the two of them.

Anshuman and Paakhi were in the groove of things…… working on the possibility of bringing healing to their marriage relationship. So the handsome Anshuman Rathore is the type of man who finds no problem with sacrificing his freedom for a while in order to get his love back and he did just that by putting everything on the line in order to win Paakhi’s love once more.

English: A montage of various Singapore images.

English: A montage of various Singapore images. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although Paakhi purposely traveled a long way from home to this beautiful and amazing city of Singapore, she only did it in order to forget about the love of her life and the family she’d left behind. So she agreed to participate in a competition to represent her country alongside her childhood friend Rohan (Indraneil Sengupta) but what she did not realize is that this was only the beginning of an amazing ride and that her life was about to be turned upside down because Anshuman was coming after her with the intention of bringing her back home with him once and for all.

So when Anshuman showed up to get back his love and disrupt everything! Ha!…Ha!..ha!…. I knew there was going to be nothing but even so much more  D-R-A-M-A, excitement, unbelievable and unforgettable amazing romance from that point forward.

So this amazing breathtaking scene of Anshuman and Paakhi standing in the beautifully lit encapsulated room of the Singapore Ferris Wheel with the evening city lights shining all around them was such a beautiful and romantic setting for what was about to transpire between the two.

The truth is that deep down inside Paakhi’s heart she always knew she wanted to return to her husband Anshuman Rathore and so the day came when she decided that she no longer wanted to continue to participate in the competition once she realized Anshuman had taken the full blame on himself for the outbreak of the fire on the complex they were all staying at.  It was when Ayaan (Divyam Dama) told her that his dad had quit smoking for good and as he showed his mom the model he created for a school assignment with Anshuman’s unused cigarettes she begun to realize that Anshuman had lied to the police and took the blame on himself just to save her because in all actuality she was the cause of the fire due to the incense she lit by the window that day.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I tell you the day Anshuman was arrested by the police for the fire and as they were taking Anshuman away in handcuffs, that lady sure did perform! For she was devastated and felt so helpless as she stood there and watched as her man was being taken away in those handcuffs and so she did everything in her power to have him released as quickly as possible and did not mind spending every penny she had left in order to pay the fine to have him released the following day.

So as they sat on the middle of the floor that night, romantic scenery and all with the glowing lights of the Ferris Wheel along with the background music of their famous love tune playing, it was in that moment that Paakhi was excited about spending this time alone with Anshuman once more for she had forgiven Anshuman for every bit of what he’d done wrong to her.

Singapore Flyer Capsule closeup

Singapore Flyer Capsule closeup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So as Anshuman held in his hands the beautiful flowered porcelain jar filled with a bright red powdered vermillion as this is the ritual only a Hindu husband gets to perform on his wife and so as he took a pinch of the vermillion to place a bit of it on Paakhi’s forehead she responded happily and gracefully as she closed her eyes in anticipation of him placing the red powder on her forehead. Paakhi then held up in her right hand the Mangalsutra she’d removed and so she held it out in front of Anshuman as he took hold of it and placed it so lovely back around Paakhi’s graceful neck once more. There they renewed their vows of marriage and so they began loving on each other for they were missing the comfort of each other’s embrace while they had been apart.

So Paakhi responded by laying her head comfortably on her husband’s lap as they spun in a tango of love. They began hugging and holding each other gliding down onto the beautiful black glowing and glistening floor. This is a scene that will always remain special.

English: A view of the financial district of s...

English: A view of the financial district of singapore, from the newly re-opened singapore flyer ferris wheel. Also in the view, typical flyer capsule. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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