1. MAAR DALA (Full Song) Devdas

Madhuri Dixit is rocking that song “MAAR DALA” wearing an amazing beautiful green Indian style jeweled dress, veil, hennaed hands, and Indian style Jewelry.

Her performance is something irresistible as she entertains, tapping her fingers, clicking, swaying and rocking her hips with wide-eyed wonder engaging you with her awesome dance moves. She will go down in history for this one for sure! She’s definitely in all of her Glory!

English: Indian actress Madhuri Dixit

English: Indian actress Madhuri Dixit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This amazing one of a kind, drop-dead gorgeous, top Indian film actress and dancer has won several deserving awards for “Best Supporting Actress” for her role as the beautiful Courtesan Chandramukhi alongside Shah Rukh Khan (Devdas) and Aishwarya Rai (Paro) in the prettiest, romantic, cutest, lovely and entertaining movie called Devdas in 2002…. for this woman is SUPERB!

I absolutely have adored and admired her work for many years because she is a one of a kind Hindi Cinema’s finest actresses! Her style is so unique, easy to admire and only can be described in these words as…… excellence, classy, classic, beautiful, talented and amazing!

The film Devdas is timeless and has the most appetizing beautiful amazing music and the most unforgettable lovely background and scenery (even the flooring is pretty, LOL!) and the most elegant sparkling exciting costumes, henna and jewelry that are so mouth-watering….. drop-dead gorgeous, beautiful, feminine, soft, extravagant and awesome.

I confess that I never ever tire of watching this film. It’s definitely a real treat for the “girly girl” in you and me! (and once you get past those short speedy commercials the YouTube videos LINKS are amazing and will definitely engage you.)

So also GET READY TO SEE A HAPPY HAPPY SONG! PLUS SOME happy dancing as Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai do some amazing flashy dancing together to the song “DOLA RE DOLA.”

2. DOLA RE DOLA Song-Devdas:

Cover of "Devdas (Single Disc Edition) Bo...

Cover via Amazon

I also loved her in this particular scene with my favorite actor SRK

3. Devdas- Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit Scene

Although I love to watch the majority of her films these are some of my favorites!






Cover of "Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam"

Cover of Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam



This amazing Bollywood actress and dancer,

Madhuri Dixit was born on May 15, 1968

in Mumbai, India.

See link for more on her life:

~and her website is amazing too~


The movie Devdas won a series of awards see link:


Cute Add On: Check out this lady, (I don’t know who she is) but she is performing so well

to the song Dola Re Dola. I could not resist adding it to the mix

English: Indian actress Madhuri Dixit dancing ...

English: Indian actress Madhuri Dixit dancing on stage for the Unforgettable Tour in 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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  2. Divya says:

    Yes,I know!Her dance moves are absolutely fascinating and I love how she always wears her hair.

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