Ahem and Gopi’s Love Is Growing Stronger Day By Day: Saath Nibhana Saathiya


“Risin To The Top”

Finally, the day has come true for Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) to get her husband’s love.

Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) was hurting way deep down in the core of his soul. He was so heartbroken, lonely and churning in agony because of the shock of losing their daughter Meera and then the loss of the marriage relationship he’d come to know and rely on with Gopi. So when Gopi left home for so many years she had not realized that she left him to marinate all alone and how was he supposed to bounce back so easily. Although he had the entire Modi family around him he had checked out a long time ago.

Well you know love takes time to see its effects and the truth is that it’s not good for man to be alone……(the word says.)

Sometimes men just don’t do their emotions very well and sometimes when you see the anger expressed it is nothing more than a thin veil of illusion because underneath all of that angry exterior is a broken heart in misery trying to cover up or to hide all of what is broken, hurt and in pain.

Gopi’s gift is having compassion and understanding others because although she was drowning in her own pain too,  she knew that deep down inside Ahem really did still love her and never ever did stop. All he needed was the right amount of time to face the truth for himself and to allow time to heal so he could feel free to express that love with his wife once again and find a place where all is right in the world… in his and her world.

So in the past few episodes, it was amazing to see as Ahem broke right on down right there in front of Gopi…. letting all his feelings show. What was awesome about it is how far he went with all of this.

So when he held Gopi’s hands and began to strike himself in the face, I could not believe my eyes….. and as he went down on bending knees to seek her forgiveness it was greatly felt in my own heart.

It was so nice to see Ahem finally being honest and to witness his brokenness and exchange with Gopi that brought watery tears to my eyes. I tell you there’s nothing more beautiful in the world as when someone comes to realize the mistakes and hurt they inflicted on another human being and on themselves. Then to have enough compassion for the one you’ve hurt along with the good sense to offer a warm meaningful heartfelt apology. But to also take it much further and take the steps necessary to make the changes within to turn all the wrong behaviors into the right behaviors.

So I thought it was quite loving to see Ahem in the middle of his brokenness as he reached out to apologize to Gopi who has done nothing but try to love him in spite of having her own pain in the situation.

It’s not often that people get second chances and enough time to make amends with someone they felt they have wronged. It’s a God-given opportunity and a blessing.

Also, it’s not just the verbal act of saying “I’m sorry” but the changing of behavior into something more positive, now that is where the real fruit lies.

Flower photo

Flower photo (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Very often some of us allow our own egos to get in the way, preventing our relationships from being the best that they could possibly be, then causing the relationship to suffer a great deal and stunt growth for a very long time as it did between Gopi and Ahem.

We all know how intricate the relationship between a man and a woman can be sometimes, but when there is a growth spurt out of love and through a painful admission of mistakes made in areas due to human frailty, weakness, and strife such as all that has happened between the two of them, only then could their relationship experience a move forward and begin to rise once again.

Quite often you see relationships like theirs. You see a man who is hurt, cold hardhearted and seemingly uncaring and then you see the loving wife sticking by his side allowing time to heal his wounded heart and all the while she is letting her warm glow of kindness, thoughtfulness, gentleness, understanding, and love turn him eventually.

English: Chamomile Flowers For more translatio...

English: Chamomile Flowers For more translations SEE BELOW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes it can really work……… because most of the time a hurt and broken heart only needs the combination of kindness, thoughtfulness, love and time to heal.

I felt so happy for Gopi at that moment because in spite of all the hardships and problems she has had to suffer while promising to love this type of man of hers she did not allow her inner being to become disheartened, stone heart-ed or even worse become a bitter woman.


You see because the truth is that

……………it is “love” that always wins if we only allow it to work its magic.


~Saath Nibaana Saathiya~

Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee)

Ahem (Mohammad Nazim)



“Found A Cure”

(Ooooohhhhh Love ‘ill fix it!)

You're The Best (album)

You’re The Best (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Risen To The Top”


(verse 1)

I know we’re doing

everything that we want to

meanwhile, are we losing?

Because we won’t let go

and yet we go

let’s start thinking what we’re doing

don’t let nothing change your mind

let’s start heading homeward bound

get off the ground

stop losing, yeah losing

keep risen’ to the top

(chorus 1)

(give it all you got)

Let’s keep rising to the top

(give it all you got)

and we won’t let nobody stop us

(give it all you got)

we’ll just keep trying, yeah

(give it all you got)

Ooooh baby

(give it all you got)

(verse 2)

Keep on Believing

All the dreams inside of you

and don’t stop achieving yeah

Let some love shine down

and don’t fight the feeling

keep on dealing

everybody, keep on moving

cause I know we can get it over, so baby

(verse 3)

big time illusions

create a lot of confusion

but the time has finally come

let’s get it done

keep moving, yeah moving

(chorus 3)

let’s keep rising to the top

and don’t let nobody stop us

just keep trying, yeah

keep on giving to each other

(give it all you got)

spread some love a little further

(give it all you got)

keep giving all you got

(give it all you got)

said we’re rising to the top

we won’t let nobody stop

what we’re doing, yeah

(give it all you got)

keep moving your body

(give it all you got)

the feelings getting stronger

(give it all you got)


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  6. Divya says:

    Sorry off the yuo above.Just ignore that.I was trying to write a comment and the phone fell and I guess it came up really weird.LOL.Anyways,so yup I love the couple Gohem(Gopi and Ahem).I think they look so cute together and I’m glad they made up now because I was just about to break the TV screen if I saw more of Ahem’s hate to Gopi.My sister Sakshi loves the idea of the couple..Gopi and Jigar.LOL!I have no idea whatsoever why she likes them that way but I think Rashi and Jigar are perfect and so are Gopi and Ahem.Anyways,now all that’s left is for Kokila to get her memory back and Urmila to get discovered for all nasty and dirty things she did and the way she educated Rashi.Of course Radha and Tripti will get caught which is absolutely the best thing ever!

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