Week (4) My Saving Ways: Prepping


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So here we go again! More ways we are saving or planning to save, thanks to prepping.

1. ~~Everyday Items:

Supplementing Our Regular Toilet Paper with Tubeless Toilet Paper

and Man’s and Ladies handkerchiefs

2.~~ Save on Groceries:

Watering Down Fruit Juices

3. ~~Save On Electricity:

To upgrade our appliances to energy saving ones

4. ~~Save On Gas:

Cover Hot Water Heater With A Blanket

and Turn Down The Hot Water Temperature

5. ~~Save on Water

Reduce Laundry Loads, Full Loads, Wash Every Two Weeks and Hand Washing



handkerchiefs (Photo credit: dutch blue)

1. Everyday Items:

Supplementing Our Regular Toilet Paper with Tubeless Toilet Paper

and Man’s and Ladies handkerchiefs

Although we love and are stuck on super soft Charmin toilet paper (for we will buy no other brand, lol!) We always buy our toilet paper in the largest bulk size bags available. But lately we settled for a not so soft brand and it’s tubeless. So I put a roll in each bathroom beside the lovely soft Charmin toilet paper as a supplement. So we alternate between both brands and I have to tell you this tubeless toilet paper seems to last forever. We still have so many rolls of it left and it’s been a year now since we purchased one large bag full. So it extends our use of the Charmin and we are so happy with our savings.

English: A small box of Kleenex.

English: A small box of Kleenex. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember growing up watching how both my parents always carried handkerchiefs. My mother had one in her purse and my father had one in his pocket. And they carried a fresh one everyday. My mother taught us girls to carry one in our purses at all times. Each week in the wash they would go and then my sisters used to iron them with spray starch and place them in everyone’s dresser draws. Even my brothers used to carry one that always hung half way out of their back pockets. It was the coolest thing to do back then. But when you think about it…..the savings is amazing.

We go thru Kleenex tissues like water, especially during the flu season and when you add up the amount of money spent on them it really begins to add up. So I thought why not buy some cotton handkerchiefs for our daily use and save the money. So I went ahead and purchased two dozen cotton handkerchiefs for my husband and two dozen for myself to use at home and to carry when we are out and about. And then we just toss them in the wash, the white ones in the wash with the cloth shower curtains in which I always use bleach. We don’t bother to iron them but instead fold them neatly as soon as they come out of the dryer and put them in our dresser drawers. I think it’s kinda cool to have and mine are so femmie, pretty and delicate. I love that these cloth handkerchiefs are so so soft to your nose and face. But I still have extra boxes of Kleenex tissues that I put in each room for guests and I keep a box in the living room at all times, but when the guest leave, up and away the Kleenex go till the next guest comes. We still use Kleenex when we have a cold or flu but after that we go back to the cotton handkerchiefs. So alternating between the handkerchiefs and the Kleenex really saves a bundle.


Fruit juice mix

Fruit juice mix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Groceries

Watering Down Fruit Juices

We water down all of our juices and any soft drinks because I was advised by my own doctor and dietician to do this and I have been doing it for a very long time. So all of our fruit juices and soft drinks are watered down at least by half before we drink them. Half water or half seltzer and half fruit juice. We do the same with soda’s (but not as much water or the soda will be too flat.) Then I will even fill the glass to the top with plenty of ice to reduce my intake even more, because as the ice melts it’s adding even more water to the drink as you slowly sip on it.

The main thing about doing this is it lowers the intake of calories and the savings. It’s like having two for one and stretches all of your beverages.

Here’s two (2) of my favorite recipes that I just love to sip.

****Grape Juice Fizz Recipe


Welches Grape Juice (or whatever grape juice you prefer)

Plain seltzer or plain Perrier mineral water

Ice cubes

1 large tulip shaped glass or a brandy balloon glass (I pamper myself by using wine glasses with a non alcoholic drink. lol)


Fill the glass to top with ice cubes, then fill only ¼ of the glass with grape juice, then fill glass the rest of way up, almost to top with seltzer or mineral water. Stir and enjoy

*****Cherry Coke Or Sprite Punch Recipe


½ glass of Cherry Coke or Regular Coke or Sprite

2-3 tablespoons of Grenadine

½ glass of Seltzer or Mineral water

2 maraschino cherries

Ice cubes

1 large tulip shaped glass or a brandy balloon glass (I like to pamper myself by using wine glasses with a non alcoholic drink. lol)


Fill glass to the top with ice cubes, fill glass halfway with seltzer or mineral water. Add the grenadine then fill the rest of glass up almost to the top with coke or sprite. Mix with a stirrer, add cheeries and enjoy!


Deep Freeze Adventure 5

Deep Freeze Adventure 5 (Photo credit: Yrmencyn)

3. Electricity

To upgrade our appliances to energy saving ones

We are so happy about the money we have been saving on our electric bill this month and so we are putting the savings in a our little savings box to one day have enough to purchase another deep freezer. We want a smaller one with the energy star on it. Because the old one we have is huge and I am sure is sucking out a lot of juice to run it.


4. Save On Gas Heat

Cover Hot Water Heater With A Blanket

and Turn Down The Hot Water Temperature

We are about to cover the hot water heater with a blanket and turn down the hot water temperature of the heater by a few degrees during the summer months ahead.

I read somewhere that you save so much by doing just these two things.



Laundry (Photo credit: Average Jane)

5. Save on Water

Reduce The Amount of Laundry Loads, Do Full Loads, Wash Every Two Weeks and Hand Washing

We made a few changes to how we do our laundry……instead of doing our laundry separately (because I was the one who always preferred washing my clothes separate from my husbands) we now put all of our clothes together into one wash.  We also have gone from doing laundry every week to every two (2) weeks. So we went from eight(8) to nine(9) loads every week to five (5) to six(6) loads every two (2) weeks. So based on this you could just imagine how much time and water is being saved now due to those few changes.

So sometimes we might hand wash an essential item or two that cannot wait. We wash by hands, a wash board or with our non electric “Laundry Pod” (a small swirling dedicates washer.)

Laundry Pod videos here:



I am so happy to see there are so many tiny mini washers on the market like the “Power Washer” and ‘Wonder Washer” too.

Washing By Hand: We simply let the items soak in soapy water for a few minutes, then scrub then rinse, wring and let the soapy water go down the drain then soak in cool water adding a tiny bit of fabric softener, essential oils or perfume, wring and hang on a hanger to dry then once dry fold and put away or we will break out the wonderful laundry pod which is so easy to use all you do is spin the clothes. It’s kinda fun too.

I remember I had one sister who never did her laundry in a washing machine…..it’s true! She used to wash all of her clothes in her bathroom sink each night when she reached home. Every night she used to wash whatever she wore that day in her sink, rinse (adding a drop of perfume to the rinse water) and hang up to dry and wear again on a different day. She made it seem so simple and easy. She always kept a tin of laundry detergent and perfume bottles underneath her bathroom sink. She chose a different perfume fragrance every other day. I thought wow how cool is this. LOL! If only they made those tiny mini washers back then, I am sure she would have loved having one, it would have been perfect for her.

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  1. Karyl says:

    What an informative and useful post. Thanks for that. I will try some of those kind the handkerchiefs and watering down juice.

  2. These are great tips! Always good to save where you can 🙂

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. I love this post!! Lots of information 🙂 I never thought of watering down juices, hehe thanks for the tip!

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