I Whispered Into His Ear…..I Want You To Be My Lover Forever



roses (Photo credit: ** RCB **)

I think about how much………..

I’d laugh at his jokes (I still do)

And the memories we made (although we’re still making them now)

Those Saturday night dates with my husband. Are always kinda special. Quiet, sometimes simply spent at home with no distractions…….. when we’d make the time to be in love……….and make each other feel loved.

I remember and like to think about the very special night when I realized that I had fallen in love with him and him with me………and he asked me all sorts of questions like…..What did I want? Where did I want to go? How did I feel?

Well no man has ever inquired so much about me…… you know those kinds of questions touched my heart.

So I whispered into his ear …………….”I want you to be my lover forever.”

And he replied …………”Whatever You Want, Is Alright With Me.”

So as we danced ever so close, watching the moon on the balcony that night as he romanced me. He started playing one of my favorite songs to me with his saxophone.


Love Songs (Babyface album)

Love Songs (Babyface album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Whip Appeal”


Later years……

…..those Saturday nights when the laundry was done and put away, the house spotless and the kids were away at a sleep over. I’d put on my best nightie and listen to my husband play his sax………

I would dance for him as he played his music…… Yes I did, right there in the middle of our living room floor. Moving and grooving……dancing slowly across the floor………….for I am his greatest fan you know. Sometimes he’d play one of my favorite songs……


Christmas with Babyface

Christmas with Babyface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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