When A Man Loves You: Jodha Akbar


 [Queen Jodha] Rahim, why are you looking fixedly here?

[Little Rahim] His Majesty didn’t make any mistake.

[Queen Jodha] I don’t understand what do you mean?

[Little Rahim] His Majesty did everything exactly the way you did. He followed all the rituals and chanted everything perfectly.

[Queen Jodha] Rahim, please tell me clearly what you want to say.

[Little Rahim] why don’t you understand something so simple? When you were not here. His Majesty used to come and water the plant of holy basil. That’s why it did not wither away in this heat.

[Queen Jodha] Rahim, did His Majesty really water the plant?

[Little Rahim] Yes, not just once. He did it every day. When you were not here, he used to look after all your things.

[Queen Jodha] I can’t believe it. His Majesty prayed to the holy basil”

[Little Rahim] you must be wondering how he learnt to do all this. Right? He seems a bit haughty. But he does everything you like.



[Queen Jodha] Rahim, you shouldn’t say such things about your elders.

[Little Rahim] Alright I won’t. Won’t you give me the holy offerings today?

[Queen Jodha] First seek blessings. Now, you can have the holy offerings.

[Little Rahim] I know that now you will go to give His Majesty the holy offerings. Please don’t tell him that I called him haughty.

[Queen Jodha] (Laugh, laugh)… Alright I will not tell him.

[Little Rahim] I shall go now. Have a good day.



~Queen Jodha Bai (Paridhi Sharma)~

~Little Rahim (Rahim of Jodha Akbar)~






Oooh Child”



Ooh-oo child

things are gonna get easier

Ooh-oo child

things’ll get brighter

Ooh- oo child

things are gonna get easier

Ooh-oo child

things’ll get brighter


some day, yeah

we’ll put it together and we’ll

get it all done


when your head is much



someday, yeah

we’ll walk in the rays of a

beautiful sun


when the world is much




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