The Power of Love… Queen Jodha Bai is Back from Amer: Jodha Akbar



with Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

“I Hope That We Could Be Together Soon”


It was so beautiful to watch how it all transpired…

The Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Muhammed Akbar (Rajat Tokas) and his Regal Queen Jodha Bai (Paridhi Sharma) greeted and met each other’s glance at the palace entranceway. There aren’t enough words to describe their strong love and growing devotion. They were at that moment in their own world, a world where feelings are raw, passion is thick, longing is so feverish… I’m so missing you, babe…

They had a falling out and Queen Jodha had left the palace once again. Emperor Jalal went after her once more to bring her back but this time failed. Well, today she was returning home to him because as hard as it was for her to admit it, she was weak for him and he had stolen her heart away from her.

You could feel the loving vibes passing between the two lovers as they stared each other down. The chemistry between them is amazing! So as the passion sparks began to fly so strongly… Do I have a witness… did you see the fireworks between the two at that entryway? You had to be blind to miss this amazing sight because I sure did not miss one minute of it all!

But all their haters couldn’t stand to see it… to be an unwilling witness to the power of love’s shine and glow… the glare was almost blinding. Did you see how their haters couldn’t linger there for not a moment longer or their passion and love being so strong the entire atmosphere would have burned fire into their souls. So they were forced to leave their presence, they had to leave their loving space.


I tell you that I am so in love with love…

In love with their lovely palace, the beautiful rooms are absolutely awesome. Such rich deep, lush and amazing hues and colors. I especially did fall in love with Queen Jodha’s newly decorated chamber that Emperor Jalal ordered to be exquisitely prepared just in time for her return.

Ah! Such lovely amber glowing candles, crystal lamps, colorful bedding, beautifully carved headboard, plush chairs, plush cushions, soft pillows, dangling jewels, soft sheers and fresh colorful flowers everywhere.

Her chamber helped to set the mood… because the Emperor could hardly keep his hands to himself, he couldn’t refrain himself from holding his Queen so tightly. For the woman he loves has returned to him after such a long time. It was the happiest moment of his life. Queen Jodha couldn’t help but respond to his delicious form of worship and affection as he poured himself on to her at this sweet moment in time. She couldn’t help but to reach out and touch him too. It’s been rumored that the Emperor will never fall in love because he has no heart.

But as for today…

Queen Jodha has won her husband’s love, his devotion, his heart, his soul… all of the man, the Emperor to herself.

Emperor Jalal is content to have his Queen back in his arms where she belongs.




SHARON PAIGE (years later and older)

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes (the group years later and older)

“I Hope That We Could Be Together Soon”


“I Hope That We Could Be Together Soon”


When I’m away from you… boy

all I see me do is cry

and then when I see you… boy

my how the time does fly

I don’t know if you need and love me the way I love and need you

I hope that we… can be together soon

I hope that we… can be together soon

I hope that we… can be together soon

real soon

can you make it real soon


when I think about you girl

ah, chills run up and down my spine

girl but if my wish could come true, girl

I swear I’d be with you all the time


although I’m getting by

I’m gonna miss you

oh my lonely heart seems to be


I hope that we can be together soon

I hope that we can be together soon

I hope that we can be together soon

will you make it real soon

can you make it real soon


ah, baby, baby, baby,

everyday my love grows stronger

and I, I can’t wait any longer

I Love you baby and

I’d like to make it real soon



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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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